The use of Shaders on sculptures allow you to see a real-time preview of your sculpture with various materials applied. Shaders can be baked into the diffuse color layer of a Retopo Room object if you wish. Primary shader properties can be edited, and altogether new Shaders can be created .

Basic Shaders

The most basic kind of shader has absolutely no custom settings (like the Default Shader). The second kind of Basic Shader does have adjustable parameters as shown in the above dialog – which is obtainable through RMB clicking a Shader icon and choosing one of the Edit Shader commands from the pop-up menu.

Detailed Shaders

These types of Shaders have a number of additional properties that involve the use of image maps, which are not mandatory if you do not wish to use an image. Images can be used for controlling things like Tangent Normal, Bump, Reflection and Cavities. You can also specify colors for some settings, such as a general Color Modulator for the overall color, or for Cavities.

MatCap Shaders

These Shaders are driven from an image file which contain lighting, color, Glossiness, transparency and other shading properties.

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