3DCoat Core API
The 3DCoat API documentation.
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The simplest program - just show the Hello world!

// The simplest program - just show the Hello world!
#include <CoreAPI.h>
//If you need the release build at full speed please change the Debug below to Release
//@config: Debug
// The main() will be called as soon as user will run the script
int main(){
// just show the text in the dialog with the OK button.
// most of 3DCoat functions accesible using the coat namespace
// just type coat:: and seek for the required function
coat::dialog().text("Hello world!").ok().show();
return 0;
the rich dialog. You may customize it, show your custom parameters and custom buttons.
Definition CoreAPI.h:3593
dialog & ok()
add Ok button
int show()
pass the function/lambda that will be called when the button will be pressed. The button index (start...
dialog & text(const char *id)
pass the header text of the dialog