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coat::nut::selflock Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for coat::nut::selflock:
coat::nut::acorn coat::nut::base

Public Member Functions

 selflock ()
 selflock (float d, float h, float h1)
 constructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from coat::nut::acorn
 acorn ()
 acorn (float d, float h, float h1)
 constructor. More...
acornfacetHeight (const float &_h)
 set the facet height. More...
float facetHeight () const
 get the facet height. More...
virtual basecopy (base *p=nullptr)
 copies the acorn object. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from coat::nut::base
 base ()
 base (Type t, float d, float h)
 constructor. More...
basediameter (const float &d)
 set the diameter. More...
float diameter () const
 get the diameter. More...
baseheight (const float &h)
 set the height. More...
float height () const
 get the height. More...
 operator void * () const
 () operator
basetype (int t)
 set the nut type. More...
int type () const
 set the nut type. More...
virtual basecopy (base *p=nullptr)
 copies the object. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ selflock()

coat::nut::selflock::selflock ( float  d,
float  h,
float  h1 


h1facet height

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