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This example demonstrates how to click any item in UI

// This example demonstrates how to click any item in UI
#include <CoreAPI.h>
// In our case we triggered "New scene", then
// created parallelepiped and pressed "Smooth All" in voxels.
// It shows the modal dialog that asks for parameters. We set the smoothing count to 50 and press Ok
//If you need the release build at full speed please change the Debug below to Release
//@config: Debug
int main() {
// Call the "New" command from the menu. We got the $CLEARSCENE identifier from UI, pressed RMB+MMB over "File->New",
// then pasted it there from the clipboard
[] {// This callback just presses Don't save - second button from the left
// get to Sculpt room
// Get to primitives tool. No need lambda because modal dialog never triggers in this case.
// switch to cube primitive
// Now we substitute values into the edit box.
// SizeX = 80, the $CubPrim::%$sa is the identifier of the size X, it got from UI as before.
// If you got something like $CubPrim::%$sa[172] it is better to leave only $CubPrim::%$sa,
// but the program will work correctly in both cases, for $CubPrim::%$sa and for $CubPrim::%$sa[172],
// this recomendation is jus cosmetic stuff.
coat::ui::setEditBoxValue("$CubPrim::%$sa", 30);
// SizeY = 60
coat::ui::setEditBoxValue("$CubPrim::%$sb", 60);
// SizeZ = 40
coat::ui::setEditBoxValue("$CubPrim::%$sc", 90);
// Press Apply
// Now we call the Smooth All dialog. We got the $SmAll identifier from UI, pressed RMB+MMB over "Smooth All"
//in the left tools panel, then paster it there from the clipboard
[] {// this lambda will be called when the modal dialog will appear
// in modal dialog we set the Smoothing steps to 50
coat::ui::setSliderValue("$SmoothParams::SmoothingDegree", 50.0);
// Now press OK
// The execution continues there after we pressed OK in the modal dialog.
// now we got to BaseClay just to avoid yellow cube preview in primitives
return 0;
static void apply()
pess ENTER, acts as Apply usually
static void toRoom(const char *name)
switch to the room
static bool cmd(const char *id, std::function< void()> process_in_modal_dialog=0)
execute some action in UI as if you pressed on some control
static bool setSliderValue(const char *id, float value)
Set the value for the the slider (if exists in UI)
static bool setEditBoxValue(const char *id, const char *value)
set the edit box value