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coat::scripto::SculptLayer Class Reference

Class for work with sculpting layers. More...

Public Member Functions

SculptLayerclear ()
SculptLayerclone ()
SculptLayercloneInstance ()
SculptLayermerge (const std::string &name)
SculptLayerrename (const std::string &name)
SculptLayerselect (const std::string &name)
SculptLayershell ()
SculptLayersubtract (const std::string &name)
SculptLayerresample ()
SculptLayersurface (const bool &v)
bool surface () const
SculptLayertoSurface ()
 surface( true )
SculptLayertoVoxel ()
 surface( false )
SculptLayertoVoxel (int suggestPoly)
SculptLayervisible (const bool &v)
bool visible () const
SculptLayerhide ()
 visible( false )
SculptLayershow ()
 visible( true )

Static Public Member Functions

static SculptLayerinstance ()

Detailed Description

Class for work with sculpting layers.


Member Function Documentation

SculptLayer& coat::scripto::SculptLayer::surface ( const bool &  v)
SculptLayer& coat::scripto::SculptLayer::visible ( const bool &  v)
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