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Manual 4.0 (EN)

  This section will walk you through the different categories of video tutorials. Here you can find Getting Started videos, Tips videos, Features video description, etc.

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Quick Start

  Video series designed to help new and trial users to get up to speed in the application quickly, as well as provide some useful information for intermediate and advanced users.

Painting Tools and Tutorials

Various texturing related aspects are gathered here. Tools, tips, techniques, etc.

Sculpting Tools and Tutorials

In this section you may find various sculpting tools description and usage examples. Also dozens of hints, tips, etc.

Retopo & UV Mapping Tools and Workflows

As the title says this section covers usage of Retopo and UV tools and workflows

Quick Tips

Here you can find various tips and tricks videos covering many aspects of sculpting, painting, retopo-ing, UV mapping, etc.