What is 3DCoat ?

3DCoat is one of the most advanced software applications for creating detailed 3D models. Where other applications in this market segment tend to specialize in one specific task, such as Digital Sculpting or Texture Painting, 3DCoat provides High-End capability across multiple tasks in an asset creation pipeline. These include Sculpting, Retopology, UV Editing, PBR Texture Painting and Rendering. So it can be called a 3D texturing software and 3D texture painting software and 3D sculpting program and Retopology software and UV mapping software and 3D rendering software all combined. All-in-one application for the creation of 3D models! Please find more here.

Is there a manual for 3DCoat in text format?

Yes, it's on the LEARN -> Tutorials section page on the top called Wiki (web) and Manual (PDF).

I’m new to 3DCoat. Where should I start learning?

First of all we invite you to visit our LEARN -> Tutorials section. Straight from the very begining we aimed to make 3DCoat as intuitive as possible but, of course, there's always a learning curve with any sotware.

Do you provide free updates to my permanent license?

Yes, we do. When you purchase a permanent license of 3DCoat 2021 or 3DCoatTextura 2021 (starting from version 2021 and higher), you get 12 months of free program updates (the first year) starting from the date of your purchase. If you wish to continue updating your program after that 12-month period expires, at a moderate fee you can buy the upgrade to the last version of the program and get another 12 months of free updates. Visit the Store and check Upgrades banners for different products in our Store to check on the upgrade pricing. Please see our LICENSE UPGRADES POLICY for more details.


What is the difference between a subscription, rent-to-own and permanent license?

Permanent means that the license never expires and you can use it as long as you wish. For example, once you purchase 3DCoat 2021 Individual permanent license, you can continue using it for many years on without any further payments.

Subscription-based license means you continue using the program as long as your subscription is active. Choose between monthly subscription or 1 year rent plans. Subscription is an effective way to get access to the program when you need it, while saving money on your license. With the subscription-based license, your program is always up-to-date as you receive access to the latest available updates.

Rent-to-own is unique plan providing the benefits of both subscription-based and permanent licenses. This is a subscription plan of 7 continuous monthly payments. With the final 7-th payment you get a permanent license. Each monthly payment from 1st to 6th adds 3 months of license rent to your account. If you cancel your subscription at this time, you lose a chance to get the permanent license, but will retain the remaining months of license rent. For example, if you cancel after N-th payment (N from 1 to 6) you have this month plus 2*N months of rent remaining after the date of the last payment. This means that you just bought the rent of 3DCoat for 3*N months. 

If you have completed your Rent-to-Own plan and have successfully made 7 monthly payments, you will automatically receive the permanent license with the concluding 7th payment. The rest of your rent will be disabled as you will receive a permanent license instead with 12 months of Free Updates included, starting from the date of the final 7th payment. With the final 7th payment you will be given a permanent license , so you can continue using it as long as you wish. That all makes Rent-to-own an excellent choice for those who target to obtain a permanent license, but not ready to pay for it at once. Please, check the license description to find out more information about this option.



How can I upgrade my license?

Depending on your license type, we provide multiple options for upgrading your license.  Please, visit the Store and check Upgrades banners for different products in our Store to check the options available for you. In most cases, your serial key will be required to upgrade. If you forget your license key, please go to your Account on our website. Choose Licenses and check the Product/License you want to upgrade. Then click the Upgrade button to see the Upgrade options available. If you own a 3DCoat V4 (or V2, V3) Serial Key, please click Add my V4 key button. Once your V4 (or V2, V3) license key is displayed in your account, you will see the Upgrade button there. Please see our LICENSE UPGRADES POLICY for more details.

Can I run a copy of 3DCoat on my computer/laptop at the office and at home?

Yes, you can have a copy of 3DCoat on 2 different machines (desktops, laptops, tablets) and you can run it at the office or at home. But you can run only one copy of 3DCoat simultaniously. 

Can I run my subscription license on both PC and Mac?

Yes, 3DCoat 2021 is platform-independent, so you can run it on Windows, Mac OS or Linux. If you run 3DCoat on different computers under the same license (except floating license), make sure you do it at alternative times, otherwise the application's work may get locked.

Do you have a student’s license?

Yes, we provide special licenses for students. Please, visit our Store and check Student license section for details.

How can I cancel my subscribtion?

It is easy. Just login to your account on our website and click on ‘Cancel subscription’. Once confirmed, this action will stop your subscription plan. No further payments (if any), will be charged in relation to that subscription plan thereafter.

I have perpetual license but I want the newest version of 3DCoat. What should I do?

You can get upgraded to the latest version of 3DCoat from an older license of the program at any time. Visit the Store and check Upgrades banners for different products in our Store  to check on the upgrade pricing applicable, if any. In most cases, your serial key will be required to upgrade. You can retrieve it from your account on our website. Please click Add my V4 key button. Once your V4 (or V2, V3) license key is displayed in your account, you will see the Upgrade button there. Please see our LICENSE UPGRADES POLICY for more details.

Can I get a refund on a subscription?

We do not provide refunds on subscriptions, however you can easily manage your subscriptions via your account on our website and cancel any time.

What are the minimum system specs I need to be able to run 3DCoat?

Please, visit the dedicated page for checking if your PC / Laptop / Mac meets the requirements.

Will I have access to the Scanned Smart Materials collection?

Yes, you will have complete access to the full collection of Smart Materials found in our  Free Smart Materials Library. Each month you will have 120 units, which you can spend on smart materials, samples, masks and reliefs. The remaining units do not transfer to the following months. On the first day of each month, you will again receive 120 units for free.

Do I need Internet connection to run 3DCoat?

No, you don’t. After the purchase or subscription you will receive an email with your license there. The same info you can find in your account at the web site. You can copy and paste the license data inside 3DCoat and use it offline.

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