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  • Posts

    • I seem to have needed a re-install, now its fine.  If I can drag this thread on a bit more with a question I've had for some time about multiple imports.  Could I just put the obj files in a certain folder and have them automagically show up in the models window?
    • Hello We was checking this issue and found that it is not related to 3d-coat. It is printer issue.  
    • Hi mentalthink and welcome!
    • Both versions (old and new) will work simultaneously. However, since for a series of data in the program one folder is used in My Documents, various bugs and problems are possible that are not related to the current version itself. Do not rush to remove the old ones, because in the new versions they often fix something that did not work well in the previous version, but completely break down what worked perfectly two versions ago. 
    • I consider update to latest 3D Coat build, but before I'll do, I would like to know how it works. 1/Does it mean that, after download and installation of the latest build I would have both versions of 3D Coat  old and new one on my device?  And going forward with it, 2/could I update on other device? I use iMac license but I have other device with Windows 8.1 OS on it, so 3/can I install and/or update 3D Coat on both devices: one with macOS  and other with Windows 8.1 base on one actual license? For all the answeres thanks in advance Regards
    • Hi there my new Iván J from Spain, I bought 3dCoat a lot of time ago, perhaps more then 5 years, I remind was the 3.7 version for my dead mac mini. Now I begin with Godot engine , some people said will be the new Unity3d (at least more people said is better to use than Unity), and 3dCoat with Blender really works fantastic, I think it the "trio of Ases". In my past I was using 3ds Max , Cinema 4d, Photoshop and all this things of Windows, but someyears ago I will turn only to OpenSource and Software on my economy can permit me. Another personal point, I love the 8 bits machines, I like program in C++ and Arduino experiments. This is a bit from me (and my very bad english), thanks for accept to the forum , and I hope learn a lot of 3d coat. Iván J
    • AbnRanger thanks for your reply. I'm newbie and for now I don't know how works the things... thanks for your time and reply  
    • Hi everyone. I am trying to figure out how to split my mesh in 3d coat where I can control the quad count and edge flow much like grouping using split in zbrush -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cJ4E68UW8A Is it possible in 3d coat without breaking my model into separate objects? Thanks!
    • Yes, I didn't realize my starting obj had the issue from an export. Thanks!
    • I know this video but does this mean that Pinch brush from Voxel Tools is useless and there is no need to use it completely at all?
    • Hello, I don't understand why my pinch brush in voxel sculpting mode acting this way. 1/ Although I increase depth of a brush up to 400% and increase the object resolution few times the pinch is slightly visible (look at attached images). 2/And second if I enable invert it gives kind a clay build effect instead of pinch inside the surface ;/  Do you know what could cause it? and how to fix it? Thanks  
    • Please enable new curves in Preferences.  Then add curve. Use RMB to access curve settings, I recommend show radius. Then apply curve in corresponding tool. On my side it works excellent.
    • Thanks very much Sergyi, very useful information and helps clear up what all the folders are for and where I could install 3D Coat on a linux system. I've decided to stick with installation in the Home folder, its a little cleaner than installing to the Desktop. Messing with environment variables, FServer etc is starting to get a little complicated for a relatively new user to Linux.
    • Pilgway has a hard enough time finding 3rd party developers to keep the major 3D apps up to date. I doubt they are going to support anything more than they already do. The best way to get applink support for smaller apps/engines is for interested 3rd party developers to step forward, and if they want to be compensated for their efforts and time, put the applink on Gumroad, CubeBrush or something like that. I think that even applies to Lightwave and Modo, to be honest. 
    • Even with a major snowstorm last week this stuff got delivered really fast.