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  • Posts

    • Hey, thx for the swift reply. I go via applink. I bring my model from zbrush to Blender first via GoB addon (inofficial Blender Zbrush bridge, works well). I then go to the 3D Coat applink addon in Blender, and choose "Reference Mesh" and hit "Send" (works well).  I have opened 3D Coat in the Background already before doing that. So not using the start menu, jus opened with an empty scene. The model then gets imported into 3D Coat, showing up as paint object. Is there some misstep in this process? Or maybe applink? I love applink, the send back forth from/to blender is flawless for me. Would like to keep this workflow. But I will certainly try the "import heavy meshes".  But, I usually decimate my sculpts for retopo, so I think it might not should be the cause of the problem, as they are not really "heavy". I started this file at the beginning with the full 17 mio tris sculpture though. It worked without flaws. At some point where the tool switch lagging started, I replaced the geo with a decimated version, but the behaviour did not change.  I am thinking maybe it has to do with this, that somehow using the 17mio at first left its marks for some odd reason, even though it got replaced later. Otherwise the program runs quick and snappy, no issues regarding performance at all. On the contrary, even with the 17mio refence in it did not break a swaet in terms of viewport performance. The only thing that happens is the tool switching lag. Otherwise its fluid as butter.  
    • Is there any plans to update the Modo Applink to work with 3dCoat 2022?
    • It is a bug. Have you tried importing a cube with these settings?
    • well ive managed to get it working.... for some unknown reason the low poly mesh was disappearing but if i clicked brush it came back? would be nice if we could rename the sub menus, backspace would default them but be able to write them out to a more clearer description
    • This series does a walkthrough, from Blender (low poly model) to 3DCoat and back to Blender, with Sculpted and texture work done in 3DCoat.  
    • They already are, now. Andrew dropped CUDA, and 3DCoat now uses the GPU to accelerate brushes that were too sluggish using CPU multi-threading. Voxel SMOOTH, GROW and FILL brushes are the 3 for now, that have it. More may be added in the near future...but those were the most problematic ones.
    • guys... ive done two models, a high poly aand a low poly in blender, i want to paint it in 3d coat how ever for the life of me i cant manage to bake properly the uv maps work in paint but not retopo, the mesh keeps disappearing the ui is sooo over complicated to the point where its more work to use this software than it is to use blender or zbrush and zbrush is a mess! if your mesh is too thin the voxels destroy the mesh like 90 percent of the ui in this software could be removed and nobody would miss it... it needs revamping seriously! nothing is straight forward, i want to import a low poly thats already unwrapped and then bake high poly maps onto it... but it just wont... would i like to bake-bake textures-bake normal with flat displacemnt-bake normals with rgb,bake normals with unnormal normals... its ridiculous i just need a baking menu that is simple, my mesh is already on 3d coat , i click bake an a menu comes up, with each material, curvature,AO ,normals etc... i can choose what i want baked , i just locate the high poly , give a texture size and bake... its literally all it needs theres no proper tutorials.. the menus are confusing .... i should have just stayed using it as a sculpting tool and thats it.
    • "Free" Opensource model is not a sustainable business model for 99% of businesses. 3DCoat would be one of those 99%.
    • To perform retopology, did you import it as Import reference or huge reference ? If model polygon density is high, import huge references will give better performance.
    • Something is not right with the move tool. Ignore Back spaces is turned off ?
    • View > Smooth shade It is selected ?
    • Just a rectangular cube imported. auto mapped. locked normals.
    • Forgot to mention: I use shortcuts for almost every tool (mostly a combination of "Alt+some number").  Not sure if it has something to do with it. I experience the same when I just select the tools via the "SPACEBAR" menu though.
    • Also when I choose to make a new doc, select voxel sculpting and then the cube, cube disappears and paint room appears. My second attemp was even with no tools. Please guys instead of adding new features that nobody knows how to use, polish what is already there. I can never be sure if I am the one who is making a mistake or if there is a bug.  
    • Hey, I read this was something that happened in past 3D Coat versions and was supposed to be fixed in some later update in v 4.x , but it happens to me now during retopo. First, as there was only like 1k or 2k or even 4k faces, everything worked fine. But when I got around 7k, now am at 12k faces, quickly switching between tools sometimes lags for a few seconds. It happens seemingly randomly ,at least for me, sometimes everything goes quick, but then, occasionally when I switch for instance to "Add/Split" or "Delete Edges" tool, it hags a bit until it has switched. Not sure whats causing this, this is my first time doing a full character retopo in 3D Coat. I remember int he past that happened to me also during painting in paint room, when I have had a lot of alphas in my brushes folders. The more alphas I had there, the slower it was to switch tools. But there, it was at least predictable and happened every time. So I got rid of the problem by keeping number of alphas reasonable. Not sure if this is related somehow or helps. I would love to see this resolved, as I fell deeply in love with 3D Coats retopo room, it is a dream come true. The occasional lag is a bit distracting though. Not sure if maybe also I am doing something that's causing this, but wouldn't know what really. Here is the file for investigation. You notice when you switch for instance after a longer time of working with one tool, it can happen. I can not see any predictable pattern unfortunately. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lo1ugq43c07cwca/et_retopo_119.3b?dl=0  
    • No. Apparently "Lock Normals" on import is a feature that doesn't play nice in the 3dcoat display.
    • Stuff I noticed today: - Pose tool gizmo looses symmetry if you edit your initial selection. Steps: make a selection, hide gizmo, use ctrl to remeve from selection, unhide gizmo. it appears in the center. - Clay engine brushes are missing the steady stroke on the top bar, even though they have it in tool options. on purpose? - Something is not right with the move tool. In the attached image, I splitted the arms then only used the move tool on them. I dont remember making it surface but when I tried to revert back to voxel this happened. Tried to fix by closing holes etc but no good. Edit: Tried to recreate the problem with the move tool with one of 3dc bases but couldnt. I dont know what else could have happened. Edit2: Pose gizmo definitely loses symm and appears in the center of the selection.
    • Edit Smart Material, camera projection is set to UV-mapping ?
    • Объясните мне не далекому как добавить: От делаю я например зила, и мне нужно добавить приборку, у меня есть фото с инета, и как мне его добавить на развертку чтобы оно было на текстуре? так же со всем. Еще один пример: В целом, как делать текстуры с такими "приборами"?  Explain to me how to add: From what I do, for example, zil, and I need to add a tidy, I have a photo from an Internet, and how can I add it to the scan so that it is on the texture? same with everything. One more example: In general, how to make textures with such 'devices'?
    • yeah you're right, and i try to spread the word as much as possible the devs are good people, I just wanna help out
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