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    • When that happens, save the file (separately) and go to the HELP Menu, where there is a link for you to send it to support. When it completes, email (support@3DCoat.com) to let Andrew know you just sent it and the severity of it. Adding a screen grab/shot would be very helpful, plus what build and OS you are using and details to repeat. That will help everybody. It's when users just get frustrated and don't report it, that a problem continues.
    • Fill voids option is in voxel mode.  So your problem is in surface mode.
    • Can please someone confirm that the pose tool in paint select mode is working properly after 4.8.34-SL version (e.g 4.8.40-SL)? I tried to solve the problem with graphics card drivers update but it is still not working.. problem description: When i select "paint select" in the pose tool drop menu, the brush can't have a continuous stroke, it rather behaves as paint with dabs or totally erratically. I've tried all brushes, even unchecked "use spacing" in brushes but couldn't solve the problem.
    • What version of 3DC are you using.  Are you in Voxel or Surface mode. Which tool or brushes did you use or is it just random.  If in Surface mode did you try any of these tools to fix the problem. Picture supplied.  Can you upload a picture of the problem. If you have a 3DC file that has the problem, share it if you can.
    • Sorry for late reply, notifications went into junk. I didn't see the fill voids option, I'll check that out, but I doubt that's it. It's not related to importing objects, it's just that I'll notice perfectly square holes missing and any attempt to manually fill them will just make more randomly appear. At that point the whole scene is just unusable and I have to revert.
    • Very cool stuff, Mack.
    • Ok, I will try that. Thanks for the input.
    • Ty-Ber 772019. Happy Monday everyone. 
    • 3DCoat scripting language is C++ Some code can be added as plugins using Angelscript. Hope it help.
    • Try to split your model first, perform autoretopo by parts and then join every section manually The model is very complex for the algorithm to give good result.  
    • I just talked with Andrew about the small bumps or indents when importing into Voxel Mode. He said it only happens when the mesh is Open, and voxels do not like open meshes. They are volumetric and as such, need some kind of "container" to fill. So, a model needs to be closed and have some thickness. If you have an open mesh, import it into Surface mode....which doesn't care if there is thickness or not. But, later on, if you want to switch to voxel mode, you will see a dialog with an option to close holes, by default. He said he would add a "Close Holes" option for import dialog.   https://youtu.be/Dtzu0UvVKGw
    • Do you mean small surface indentations? I notice that, too, from time to time. That seems to be something rather recent, because it's only been in the past few months or so, that I've noticed it. In terms of bugs, it's kind of cyclical with me. I can go extended periods with it being relatively stable, and then suddenly have bugs, seemingly all the time. Some of it may have to do with the SL (sculpt layers) version. Try the non-SL versions and see if it happens. If you can get it to repeat, send Andrew a report (support@3dcoat.com).  If you could see the bug fix list for most major 3D applications, then you would see a lot problems you were never aware even existed. In 3DCoat, it's usually because the problems are happening in areas you happen to be using. If Andrew doesn't know about it, he cannot fix it. 
    • Do you mean holes inside voxel mesh?  Try right click on voxel layer and use "fill voids" and "close invisible hulls"
    • Anyone got any tips of how to make it work? I feel like if I knew how to effectively use it,  I can make working on things a little faster. But I can't for the life of me get it to work right. I've used strokes where I think they should go, but it still comes out very ugly. Here is an example with photos. I've put strokes down the blade before, but still comes out ugly. The guard and handle don't always come out right like it did this time. (Steam version)

    • you can also just set the camera behavior to one of the more familiar options like zbrush or maya  - Camara-> Custom Navigation drop down -> Maya