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  • Posts

    • 25.05.20 4.9.45 (beta, close to stable) - Different view modes for the retopo mesh - separate options for wireframe, seams, sharp edges, colored islands preview, smooth mesh view. - Fixed incorrect selection in UV window (slowly mowing gizmo. growing polycount...) - Activation surface presets will not trigger to voxels to surface if this surface mode supported in voxels. - Items sorting in Windows->Popups menu. - Fixed shaders edit problem.
    • PS: Any tips or suggestion on how I would model a pulley belt for the 3DC engine? Cheers & please stay healthy & safe. Kenmo
    • For comparison here is the Ford engine I did about 5 or 6 years ago in Hexagon3D. Quite pleased in the amount of time it took to model engine in 3DC considering I am only a 3DC hack and not near the skill level of most who post their work on this outstanding forum.. However I dislike the thought of having to retopo it. Retopo is a BIG PAIN in the BUTT IMHO... 
    • After this morning's yard work (tearing up dead bushes, raking leaves), visiting my Mother's gravsite and going to the grocery store I was too tired to actually replace the fuel lines on my own antique car. A 1960 Corvette which I restored in 1983 and still own. I decided to kill my afternoon with 3DCoat. Using beta 4.9.44 I thought I would like to model a V8 engine completely in the voxel room. I used no reference images. It is completely from my mind. And influenced by the 1960s Chrysler Hemi and the the Ford Boss 429 of the late 1960s & early 1970s. The previously V8 engine I modeled was doing completely in Hexagon3D. And I used a 1/6 diecast scale model of a 1930s to early 1950s Ford flathead V8 as reference which is sets on a shelf in my computer room among near 80 other diecast models of cars (mostly vintage) of varying scales from 1/24, - 1/8th & 1/6th. I need to add some more details like a fan belt, alternator, starter, spark plug wires & oil filter. This was created in about two hours. Which is about 1/10 the time it took me to model in the Ford flathead V8 in Hexagon3D. But to be honest the Hexagon3D model has a lot more detail.
    • Thank you for your responses. I am just downloading it now. I will see what magic I can make happen.
    • This tools are very new and can be found on latest version. It seems to me that there are no videos showing how it works -it is very recent-, but modifying the values is self-explanatory, it is more trial and error. It is important to move the center of effect to achieve the desired result. We choose a mesh from the Models panel -or create a new one- and then add the warp tool that acts as a geometry modifier.
    • Thank you. Can you recommend a video or some such showing how I would achieve this effect with the warp tool please?
      All the ones I find do more of a radial or helical type effect.
    • https://www.artstation.com/artwork/LagKA  
    • Hi !  I think warp would be the closest tool to what you are looking for
    • I have an SLA printer but I don't think that will work with this. However I have an FDM printer coming in a few weeks so maybe I can help.
    • ...in the 3Dcooat forums, so I came here instead.  It wont let me create a post there.

      Anyway, hi.

      One thing I've been searching for, but have been unable to find is: how do I create a spiral without using the curves tool?

      Posts usually end up talking about helical shapes instead of spirals.

      I wanted to create a snail shell type of thing, but made of overlapping plates, with exposed 'bottom' edges flanged, but I can't even satisfactorily crate a spiral that allows so many of the initial model to be placed along it without them joining into one snake like object, which is what I get if I try curves, plus curves always leave me feeling that it's not good enough as we can't make perfectly circular curves which follow the rules of spirals.

      So please, any help would be very welcome at this point.  Spiral , snail shell, overlapping curved plates, not going to a find point in the centre, following more exact curves than twiddling around with curves tool.
    • source... As part of SIGGRAPH 2020, NVIDIA researchers (in collaboration with the Visual Computing Lab at Dartmouth College) recently released a paper showcasing ReSTIR, a new raytracing algorithm capable of rendering dynamic direct lighting and shadows from millions of light sources in real-time. Our key insight was to reuse information from spatially and temporally adjacent pixels to inform which rays to trace. This idea resembles modern post-process denoising and antialiasing, but while denoising filters the pixel colors directly, we filter probabilities to help guide rays to reduce future noise.    
    • I'm trying to find a way to combine textures from different bakes on an atlas for someone on the discord (something that would be useful for others now and then, I am pretty sure).

      However, I am hitting a problem with 3dc. Not quite a bug maybe, but an annoying behaviour at least.

      That is, apparently you can not alpha out an area of the texture that is not on an island :(((

    • Aukey Eclipse Speaker Review - OverClocked Inside. Logitech G Pro X gaming headset review - PC Gamer. Thanks Phlegm. Mistel MD770 Barocco RGB Keyboard Review - TechPowerUp.
    • It is true!
      A million excuses! Sorry for that mistake about the Split Tool and Cut & Split Tool.
      I totally forgot the properties on the top tool. It was 2.5 in value ....

      Split Tool and Cut & Clone Tools are working correctly without erros... Once again sorry! My mistake!

      thank you @Silas Merlin to correct me!
    • I'm using Win version, latest exp build, or to be more exact : 4.9.44. at first i thought this was a random issue, but then It just started happening all the time, I even installed previous versions , completely deleted prefs and remvoed Coat from my machine and reinstalled and reregistered ..and problem is still here  
    • (edited) Split tool has the same option and you are not seeing it for some reason (it does not show up on your screenshots)

      sorry, your screenshot is for split tool and mine for cut and clone, but both have the same border width parameter.

      Default is 2.5 hence the discrepency unless you change it to 0    
    • EDITED: Split Tool is working correctly! Sorry about my mistake!

      Split Tool (Possible Bug):
      Split Tool's result is very similar to Cut and Clone Tool.
      I used the Ortho view mode to have no problems with the camera perspective and the one on purpose I cut (split) in the same line of the navigation area so that we can have a comparison of the before and after the split of the geometry.

      The result is strange and wrong.

    • EDITED: Cut & Clone is working correctly! Sorry about my mistake!

      Cut And Clone (Possible Bug):

      Result of the Cut:
      The resulting geometry of the Cut and Clone is a cut below the real line that the cut was made.
    • I will try to use Voxels Mode more often.
      In fact, I use voxels just to form a base mesh so that I can sculpt in Surface Mode.
      I know that Voxels also have big problems regarding the performance of the brushes (not all), but some Voxels brushes on my PC (amd Radeon VII) become very slow according also to the Voxels resolution of the Sculpt Tree Layer. Unfortunately, for me with a few million or thousands of TRIS, it becomes very difficult to sculpt in voxels for the reasons I told you above.
      I don't know if this performance problem of sculpting with Voxels (very slow) happens to other users.

      I really like Voxels brushes, but once in a while some problem happens.