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  • Posts

    • I am a concept designer. This is an exercise I'm doing.
    • Another smart material issue when paint room. When I turn off tiling, it seems that the metal layer I set alone would violate this command and still execute the tiling command. No solution has been found yet.
    • Thanks, I think this solution can reduce the workload of retopo when the model is extremely complex, and also get a better topology model.
    • In special places, a higher-precision geometric model is required to be used with normal baking to obtain a high-poly effect
    • The procedure is cumbersome that is why I dislike it, I prefer a mesh centric workflow instead of room centric. Also computer resources are only increasing(more RAM, CPU core, Faster GPU) we'll be able to create more complex/interesting 3D apps.   In this proposal you can still use 3DCoat like you're currently used to, the steps are abit different: 1. You create/add a Sphere(or any polygonal primitive) to the Scene. 2. Add a Voxel modifier(this is literally the Vox Tree in the current version of 3DCoat),  automatically convert the Sphere to Voxel . All new layer, delete, etc.  3. Use all the sculpting(voxel/surface)tools within the Voxel modifier. This is the destructive approach.     Have you tried using Adobe Substance 3D modeler Beta? It very basic but does things very well, we have similar tools in 3DCoat but the workflow is not as great or thought out as Adobe Substance 3D modeler Beta. 
    • ... but have access to the same data...  This is where all the spaghetti started. Unlike all the programs we are used to, which are mesh centric: the major hierarchy is the model and from there modifications are added, 3DC is room centric where the major hierarchy is the Room that has different tools for each task. This design was good when the way of working was linear, and separating the tasks by rooms allowed a better optimization of the computer resources. As the rooms do not allow the addition of tools from other rooms, this design currently has limitations when you need to make modifications at some step of the task. Paint+ tweak+uv use one type of mesh, retopo+modeling another and paint+sculpt (surface or voxel) are separate entities with certain interchangeable characteristics. 3DC solved this by creating bridges that allow interconnecting the different room-meshes, but for the user not used to this workflow the procedure is cumbersome.
    • so i want a square pattern around pot that has to be sharp... so i freeze the area   then i want to smooth it but the freeze just falls apart...
    • I have substance painter, it seems you can have floating windows outside the main window, You can do this in Affinity Design too. Can you explain why you want this feature? Or you want just want floating windows for all the tabs? I don't see why this won't be possible in this proposal or any proposal.  edit: I think it would be useful for floating tabs/window if you have 2 monitors?   Andrew is pretty busy man, I could try to contact him regarding this proposal, however I wanted to create something that's new, which might require a complete rewrite of 3DCoat, so what the current engine allows is of no concern to me. I am also okay with him just using the proposal GUI to make the current version of 3DCoat look better.     Edit: I worked on Voxel modifier, will work on Sculpt Layer next. I would like to add "Sculptri Pro" feature too. 3DCoat_2023_013.afdesign
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