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  • Posts

    • UAV Scout & Armed Variant
    • Game Controller: Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightstick Review - Soaring With Ease - MP1st. Mini PC: Minisforum Venus Series UM690 desktop review- small office PC with Ryzen 9 6900HX and USB4 - NotebookCheck.net Reviews. Thanks Neutronbeam. PSU: be quiet! Dark Power 13 1000W Power Supply Unit Review - Nikk Tech.
    • Which is your name on Discord ?
    • I appreciate your help, but can´t get on to contact you by discord. Don´t know what your last message means. There is no relevant informations when I RMB over your name / Logo in 3DCoat forum. Tried to find "Carlosan" in discord search function, no result Tried to find in "discordhub.com" to find your name, no result. So maybe I´m not able to contact you. Very sorry. Just in case you can afford some more time, please let me know the right way. Thank you.
    • Hi I'm recording a Script: void main() {      Coat coat;     coat.room("Modeling");     Symmetry symm;     symm.Enable(true);     symm.ShowPlane(true);     symm.Type(0);     symm.SetMirror(false,0);     symm.SetMirror(false,1);     symm.SetMirror(false,2);     symm.CoordSystemXYZ(0);     symm.StartPoint(Vec3(0.00,0.00,0.00));     RetopoRoom retopo;     retopo.clear();     PrimitivesTool tool;     coat.room("Modeling");     cmd("$RTP_PRIM");     Step(1);     rGeoSphere rsphere22;     rsphere22 = tool.rsphere();     rsphere22.useDiameter(false);     rsphere22.Position(Vec3(0.00,0.00,0.00));     rsphere22.Radius(10.00);     rsphere22.SubDivision(0);     cmd("$RTP_PRIM");     Step(1);     FreeFormPrim ff32;                             //this is Wrong!!     ff32 = tool.freeform("Blob:Blob2x2");     ff32.AxisX(Vec3(0.00,0.00,0.00));     ff32.AxisY(Vec3(0.00,1.00,0.00));     ff32.AxisZ(Vec3(0.00,0.00,1.00));     ff32.Position(Vec3(0.00,0.00,0.00));     ff32.AxisZ(Vec3(0.00,0.00,0.44));     tool.Apply(0); } In the Retopo/Modelling Room, the 2D Primitives are not properly recorded. In this Case a '2D Plane'. It is recorded as freeform primitive. In Sculptroom, 'Retopo Mesh to Sculpt Mesh' command, would be nice to be recordable. Does this command already exist? Where should I look? Could you maybe add a short reference to the command in the thumbnail description?  Curve Modelling Mode is not scriptable/recordable.  Greetings!
    • It's only working when i Render Frame Sequence - but not when i check Save Lossless Images or Render Sub-Squence - and only when i safe it in the documents/3dcoat folder. At least i got the turntable clip now - but I don't understand why it's only working this one way.
    • Unfortunately, this new version does not take into account the "negative value" used by the "bas-relief" tool. Do you think the next version will include a working tool like the old versions?  
    • Would it be possible to do something about the delay when deleting layers in the Paint Room? 2023-02-04 20-13-45.mp4    
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