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  • Posts

    • Thank you for the quick reply. I tried deleting the file, and reset my computer, but it still doesn't show up for me.
    • Yes, this bug was solved on version 4.9.21 Seems there was one extra file in installation - OpenCL.dll that block 3DC to open. Delete it manually from installation folder.
    • The transform curve option is missing for me in 4.9.17. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? It's been there in the past.
    • I stand half corrected. Thanks.  I never visit that site, only the forum where it is labeled correctly. Thanks for passing that along.
    • Thank you Carlosan. Ill try.
    • This is a problem. Initially, we were sure that 4.9.17 is more stable than 4.9.05. But after several weeks of testing seems that 4.9.05 is more stable. 4.9.17 is generally very different from 4.9.05, a lot, lot of announced functionality included (several months of the job), but it seems it is less stable than 4.9.05. We can't set it back to 4.9.05 (that is a bit more stable) because of scenes compatibility. The only solution that I actually see is to get really stable build as soon as possible. But 4.9.05 is not so much better than 4.9.17. They have some common problems. Some of 4.9.05 problems fixed in 4.9.17. Some new problems appeared in 4.9.17. For example, lack of some UI elements in material editor. For example caching problem present in both of them, it generally exists since the origin of caching. Only now I understood when it happens. And fixed it in 4.9.22.
    • But i'm kinda lost. What was the latest stable release?
    • @druh0o You are right, this misinformation was reported to our web developer. Hope to be solved soon.
    • Excuse me, but
        and     Oh, and 4.9.05 is now marked as beta in this thread?! Really confusing.
    • I don't know if that would be normal behavior. But I think there is a problem.

      When you use geometry from the Retopo Room to the Sculpt Room, the mesh structure of the polygons generated by the Retopo Room is having problems with the appearance of noise in each brush stroke of the Clay Brush.

      After that I tested converting the type of structure of the polygon mesh of Retopo Room by pressing the Enter key, defined the same approximate amount of polygons and the behavior of the Brush brush stroke returned to what I expected it to be, that means that each brush stroke was smooth without any noise.

      In short: Problem with sculpting the structure of the mesh of polygons generated in the Retopo Room that cause strange noise brushstrokes.
    • Try 4.9.21, is working fine  
    • A direct message to you @Andrew Shpagin , please, I ask you... NOT to be "shaken" by random comments (especially when are not constructives).
      Your work is unquestionable and certainly an award winner! I can't get enough of saying, whenever I can...
      how much I admire and congratulate you for the daily MAGIC you do together with your team to be able to provide all of us with a unique and fantastic program that is 3D-Coat!
      Bugs happen in any program!
      Please keep doing your MAGIC! Congratulations!

      Tip of the day:
      --> Please, when working on any project, save interactions (File / Save as ...).
      Anyone would be at great risk in ANY PROGRAM (whether BETA or NOT) if you work on the same file all the time.
    • yes this works but the problem is that my mesh is highpoly. and its really laggy, almost impossible to move anything. :/ Thanks everyone. 
    • Weird artefacts in all modes. Even in render? Any solution? M back in 3dcoat 4.9.05. 4.9.17 is pretty unstable for me .
    • 4.9.21 Thank you so much for the Smart material editor fixes and additions !!!

      A problem remains with drag and drop : the preview on model doesn't appear until you save the smart material.
      It is true for cube mapping too, but here I show it with "from camera" to make it more obvious.

      Also maybe tooltip could indicate that you can actually drag and drop textures, instead of browse. Drag and drop is so useful for many things in 3d-Coat, but I wonder if it is documented anywhere, and are people aware of it ?

    • I didn't say anything about 5 minutes of playing. I've spent hours on the beta versions only for it to crash. But I have lots of beta versions of applications but I don't throw my toys out of the pram if they crash on me which they often do. Beta means just that, expect it to be very unstable and use full releases for production work.
    • IMHO the only true test for a build is to use it all the time, not just playing with it for five minutes doing random stuff.

      You just have to be careful, Never overwrite an old file. Save incrementally, test the saves, and if it is really important, even export parts, or save them to models/retopo objects panels, and test open the incremental saves.
      also test open the auto saves if you want to be extra careful.
      And always wait a few seconds after saving before closing.

      And also when a new build fixes an annoying/crippling bug, you just don't want to go back to an older version that still has it
      And to be fair to the bad tempered people, I can't find any older build that doesn't have one big problem or another. So, it's really a matter of compromise.
    • Agree with Jarvis. Andrews doing an incredible job improving this software and allowing us to beta test new features as they go along. I personally love seeing new versions every week to try out. I wish more companies did this. I don't quite understand why people are trying to use the beta version for any major work. If I have to use 3d coat for work I go back to the release version from months back. I just experiment with the beta versions. Keep up the good work Andrew and team.  
    • You're doing a great job Andrew. Don't let one troll get to you. He's got nothing better to do with his time. Positive vibes and keep on doing what you do best, making rad tools. 
    • Regarding stability and lying. I am trying to get to a stable state day and night, but after so big changes it is not easy. Some builds were marked as stable because there were no obvious problems during testing for several days but in longer-range there were problems... But without all that changes long-term development is impossible. I understand the frustration when some work lost, but I am trying even more than I usually may...
    • We are depending on OpenCL more and more, so testing compatibility of this build is important...