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  • Posts

    • I have the same shading problem in render room. Every time  faceted renders, even though in paint room the object looks smooth. This happens with objects I retopo inside 3DCoat (haven't noticed something with objects I import in paint room for pixel paint and then render). If you'll find a solution please share.. (latest build)
    • Found another critical crash that repros 100% in latest build: 1) Create a new paint uv mapped mesh (per pixel) scene 2) Choose any of the default models (or your own) and set the texture width and height to anything other than a square uv (for example 4096x2048) 3) Attempt to calculate curvature OR occlusion.   The program will crash in the middle of calculation without fail every time from what I have seen so far. I have to have the texture width and height the same exact dimension to avoid the crash.   On a side note, if you have a model with different UV dimensions for width and height in the 2d paint window your brush circle will be very skewed too.
    • Because Voxels have no normals. They are volumetric cubes. Only Polygonal Surfaces (Surface Mode) have normals.
    • Look along normal don't work in voxel mode, but is open to use.
    • I think what happened is some people got in Andrew's ear and  convinced him to create all these different offshoots of 3DCoat, without realizing each one would require it's own resources in training and support. So, it's safe to say that one needs to use the 3DCoat manual that applies to the Sculpt tools.
    • Is there a manual for 3dcPrinting? Or do we just have to go through the 3DCoat manual and find what works or doesn't?
    • https://www.artstation.com/artwork/GXYEd1
    • https://80.lv/articles/sci-fi-weapon-concepting-in-3d-coat/ Maxim Kuharuk showed how he designed and modeled his sci-fi project Shotgun KEL TEK GSK Hakal in 3D Coat.
    • Try here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByesnXO2ExYDS2JrNFZWc2JPR3c
    • Hi, I recently purchased 3DCoat.  I am currently running 4.9.02 on Mac OS.  It was recommended that I use 4.8 instead (for a while until stability improves on 4.9 for Mac OS).  I am interested in doing so.  However, I cannot find the download links for previous versions.  Where are they?
    • I am a Linux user. Like a lot of other people on the forums, I am eagerly (and increasingly impatiently....) awaiting the native Linux builds of 3D Coat to resume. It seems like it has been a really long time now.... In the meantime, I have been running that latest version of 3D Coat via Wine. This isn't ideal, but it works.... OK. One of the big problems I had is that the Blender 2.8 3D Coat Applink add-on (that comes with Blender itself) does not work when 3D Coat is running via Wine. This annoyed me, so I have modified the script to work with 3D Coat via Wine. If any of my fellow Blender/3DCoat/Linux users would also like to use this, please find attached. I assume you will know how to install it but, if not, let me know. Here's hoping that actual Linux builds resume soon.   io_coat3D(Wine).zip
    • Thanks for the reply! Those didn't seem to work for me. I put both additional recommended versions on and cleared the flags in terminal and walked through all the steps, but it still acts the same. It does seem to be graphics-related in my mind. My work iMac Pro has the Radeon Pro Vega 64, with no onboard, so no graphics switching. When it happens, I can move the window back to the main monitor on the iMac without restarting the app, and the interface reappears, it just will not work on the additional monitors. If I close 3DCoat down on one of the additional monitors and restart it, it will sometimes start up back on the additional monitor and will work fine unless I attempt to resize the window or move it, in which case it will go back to the red screen. If I resize it a little bit, I get a little bit of red, if I resize it a lot, I get a lot of red, but I can never go back to a clean interface. Also, if I move it to another window I cannot get the interface back on the additional monitors (but I can on the main). I would blame it on the main monitor being a 5k retina monitor and the other monitors being lower resolution, but my iMac at home has the same setup and it does work fine on all monitors on that system. There is potential for my art department to switch over to 3DCoat, but I need to make sure it's going to work well for us first. I appreciate your assistance with this!
    • There are several possible reasons for such problem:
      1. Partial quarantine. To check that clear the quarantine flag from the whole "3DCoat" folder:
      $ xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine /Applications/3DCoat-4.9.02
      If you will download latest http://www.pilgway.com/~sergyi/3DCoat/3DCoat-4.9.04.dmg then:
      $ xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine /Applications/3DCoat-4.9.04
      In case you will download more stable http://www.pilgway.com/~sergyi/3DCoat/3DCoat-4.8.40.dmg then:
      $ xattr -dr com.apple.quarantine /Applications/3DCoat-4.8.40
      2. "3DCoat" was unable to load some files. "3DCoat" folder should be placed on disk with case-insensitive file system. See format of your hard disk: Finder > Go > Computer > Macintosh HD > Get Info > Format: ???? "3DCoat" doesn't support case-sensitive file system under macOS. 
      3. Setting files of "3DCoat" have been corrupted. Rename your user data folder "Finder > Go > Home > 3D-CoatV48 (or 49)" into something like "-----3D-CoatV48 (or 49)". Then start "3DCoat" which will create new user data folder "Finder > Go > Home > 3D-CoatV48 (or 49)".
      P. S. Also make sure that "System Preferences > Users & Groups > Current User" has status "Admin". And try to enable dedicated AMD graphics by unchecking System Settings > Energy Saver > [   ] Automatic graphics switching. Only dedicated high-performance graphics support all OpenGL features in hardware.
    • Hello,

      I have problems with the right click menu in the work area. This one disappears when I approach my cursor of the menu. As soon as I move the cursor, the menu disappears.
      There is no problem with this menu in the SculpTree.
      How can the problem be solved?
      Thank you
    • Seems to work perfectly now, it was definitively the folder access rights, for some reasons 3Dcoat needed more rights or smth.  Im just happy i can work again, and i hope this will help you guys in any ways. 
    • I have asked about this about a year ago now with no Linux 3D-coat software updates.  I was told back then that you have Linux Wine software that can provide you with 3D-coat software experience.  It's not the same as 3D-coat Linux software.  The comments that are shown above doesn't show the year of the comment.  I think this has been going on for sometime now
    • Hi, This problem persists still: When using Old School Paint, the color doesn't appear AT ALL, but when going over the same region with a different material the color will then appear around the edges of the stroke. I can't be the only one experiencing this, can I? I've deleted everything and started over with a new install and no change, btw