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  • Posts

    • Throwing my 2 cents in: If I were to go about things I'd focus on the big bugs first (like stop work and fix right now), then finishing up features that were in development already/improvement of features, and lastly adding the extra features wanted. Of those 3 stages listed it could be half a year or longer for just the first stage depending on how bad the bugs are or how much needs fixing but whatever the time period is I feel it would be a necessary pain to get through before jumping the gun and introducing any more new content. I of course love seeing new beta builds with cool new features, however I do understand if we are to get a solid 3D Coat, bugs need to be worked out first before things get more messy. This is not to say with patches new features can come alongside with several bug fixes, just as long as the new stuff is not bringing along with it even more trouble. I don't know how big the 3D Coat team is or if they can hire a few extra hands but feature creep can definitely become a problem. Setting goals into sprints (these sprints could be several months) could definitely help too. Like for one entire sprint the only work done will be bug fixing, then another for completing features that were half finished, improving present features, and then another adding in new features. Maybe the 3D Coat team just need more organization in what should be worked on or prioritized. Having a visual roadmap and focus can really help the program become more solid and also avoid that pressure the team may feel with all the requests and suggestions they get. The customers will know what is being worked on and when they can expect new features to come down the road. I am in no way judging the 3D Coat team, merely throwing out an idea for the current concern most customers have. Another way for them to decide what new feature should come next is have the community vote on it, the more popular concise features voted upon will have a higher chance of getting focused on first. 3D Coat in its current state is still a great tool. I love it a lot since it can get so much done. I pretty much participate in the betas not becasue I'm looking for the next flaw or a chance to just toss more ideas in, I want the program to become the best it can be. Only way to do that is by using it and experiencing first hand through a workflow. I then see what the program is currently doing great while also what is missing/needs improvement.
    • Ignore backfaces doesnt work at v.25 on model thickness 0.8 mm... what is mean? And doesnt working freeze object then I use Clean Clay brush. 
    • I think Andrew does not read this forum at all and he does not know that there are people who are fucking up with the innovations in the program. Again, there is a feeling of complete lack of feedback. The question then is why this forum is at all. With all this, for some reason, a free blender is deprived of a gigantic, enormous heap of problems and departures associated with a particular simple action. There are things that are difficult and difficult to do in Blender, but they are NOT his main features. With the same things that are PRIMARY (namely, polygonal modeling, creating a sweep yv), the blender developers coped with amazing efficiency. Not to mention the huge number of add-ons that make the work in so delightful a program even more convenient and efficient. A 3d koat ... PAID program, with a huge number of user requests just clog. When people write about certain problems, the answer most often is no. When people write for six years about the fact that there is still no normal tool for adding chamfers, then somehow the desire to use the program disappears even after it has already been bought. That is why Blender, max, zbrash, know "everything" (from those who are engaged in three-dimensional graphics). About 3d Coat also knows very few people. All because of pofigizma and otstutsviya adequate feedback and driving to correct errors. Instead of fixing a good old one so that it works absolutely stable, they add an even more buggy new one, as a result, the product turns out to be inadequate even in terms of its small price. In 2010, 3d koat would be breakthrough. Now it is felt at the level of 2010, while the rest of the modeling industry is moving forward every six months. It can be said that I am a whiner, and in general, if everything is so bad, why I am writing here and using this program, however I am writing this in the hope that Andrew will get something going wrong and you need to start listening to users . At least remove a huge pile of old bugs.   p.s. sorry for my "perfect" english please. 
    • I certainly know that. However, these weren't his own ideas. They were initiated by someone selling him on the notion that it would be a GREAT idea to make a special version for this or that. It's important for the rest of us to speak up and say "No, it's not a great idea. It's a bad one....for 3DCoat users. Why? Because all the requests users have been patiently waiting on....for years, in many cases, have been brushed aside in favor of these offshoots, which have proven fruitless thus far. 
    • But in the end this is his product and his company. I think it's not our place to tell him what direction to take with creating other product. Of course we can make feature requests for 3d-coat and report bugs and that's very important part. But in the end it's Andrew that make final decisions, because he owns this company.
    • ...just like someone has convinced Andrew that they need another offshoot of 3DCoat. So, instead of Sculpt Layers being finished and feature complete, it gets put on the back-burner, while pointless development on a Shoe Design version of 3DCoat is being worked on. I do not think all the different versions of 3DCoat is beneficial and I wish people would quit trying to convince Andrew it would be such a great idea if he had a version for 3D Printing, and another for Medical/Dental, and another Game Modding....and now another for shoe design. Good grief. Pilgway is a small company and cannot sustain multiple different versions. Not to mention the fact that it kills actual development of 3DCoat. If we didn't have all these different versions, we would have a more full-featured Sculpt Layers toolset by now. We would have had a revamped Layer Masking system, Improved Retopo tools, Noise Generator w/ extensive Library, etc.
    • Because it zips the file. Someone requested this, to preserve file space, and that is the inevitable consequence. That what is desirable for one person, isn't always helpful for the next person.
    • What is the point of producing a bunch of configuration files? hotkeys, camera settings, settings of the program itself. When I reinstall the program because of the next accumulation of bugs, I have to load these settings every time. Why not make one normal settings tab for everything you can customize, rather than spray it all over the program? 
    • So i deleted this .28 version becouse it so bagged. Try better, Andrew =(    Sh*t. WTF are u doing developments? I saved my project in .28 version but can not open it in .25 version. VERY BIG THANKS - I cant open my file in stable v.25 and want to work in bagged v.28. THANKS. 
    • Clean Clay - does not work "Ignore back faces" option. 
    • I belive I got it fixed. I think the problem was that the scale of my model was too small. Thanks!
    • it is want to Add checkbox in option, "enable\disable dynamic saving". it is very annoying bad innovation in new version. 
    • Alright, I tested it with that version but the problem continues to persist.
    • how can I  continue draw a same curve then I press escape button?   sorry I find it. 
    • I have had some issues too with dynamic save. Usually if I wait for while I'm able save my project. I have been working with my old projects so I dont know if this issue is linked only with old 3b files.