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    • Can I keep talking here about UDIM vs UV set  or may better use mantis or request threads?  " UV set"  and "UV tile" can not mix up. both 2 are for different work-flow. like "Glossy/ specular" or "roughess/metalness" (though there are more variation)   but "material group" (I may use this word as "user custom group to divide shader nodes") so we can use "material group" for both work-flow. But "Material group" is not for texture, I think it mainly for "shader", on the other hands, "UVset" or "UV tile" is for texture. So UVset can not represent "material group". it can not substitue of "Material group". if mateiral group = UV set,  it limit usage as  texture base only.
    • Proposal: IDS & MASKS Map Types Material ID: The Material ID output bakes a unique color for each material assigned to your high poly objects. The color is automatically applied, and the colors are picked so that they are as different as possible from the other colors. If you need specific material ID colors, you can apply the colors to the albedo of your high poly object’s materials, and bake an Albedo map. Group ID: The Group ID output bakes a unique color for each material group. Object ID: The Object ID output bakes a unique color for each material object. UV ID: The UV ID output bakes a unique color for each UV island. Alpha: The Alpha output bakes a map of the holes in the high poly mesh. reference...
    • Not a Modo user but here is a video series on the MODO applink that was re-written a year ago.  Maybe it will help you on manual exporting as well. I have not watched the videos. Link to latest version I believe. Click on the Modo emblem to select the Modo applink for downloading. https://3dcoat.com/download/applinks/    
    • It appears that the "No Shadow" in the Render settings only effects cast shadows but not self shadowing.    That is from my testing a few minutes ago.
    • Good Day All, My name is John Gonzales, I am a MODO User and have decided to use 3D Coat for painting as opposed to the built-in tools in MODO, which are really lacking. What I want to know in order to get started is the proper way to export to 3D Coat. I have been experimenting but the results are looking a bit dicey. I am fairly certain this is a result of my unfamiliarity with 3D Coat. So is there a resource I can refer to to get started?? Or are there any MODO users here that can give me some guidelines to go by?   Thanks in Advance
    • I have check No Shadow at Render Settings but when i use light baking tool, the result is an DirectLightMap with shadow. I don't want Shadow appear on my result because i just need a Smooth Shade like result for my purpose. Do you have any idea about it? Thank you so much for your support
    • A simple example, multiple layers would be more complicate but possible. And this process is better if you have not done any painting work in the paint room or it would be easier that is. Sculpt on a new clone layer in the sculpt room or on original layer. Hide the original layer if you cloned it. Retopo room. Rename the retopo group layers. Create a new uv set  Select and move the renamed retopo group layers to the new uv set.  Bake to the paint room making sure the correct uv set is chosen. You now have two models with two separate uv sets and normal maps. Only one normal map layer is shown in the paint room but 3DC sees two internally according to the uv sets. They will export correctly Use the tweak room tool to move one model so it is not over lapping the other if needed. Now start your painting work. FYI. There are a couple of other ways but this is the easier method. Of course you can duplicate / clone the retopo group layers and move them to the new uv set if you want to keep the original retopo group layers. Icon shown in picture for duplicating. It is at the bottom of the retopo objects panel.  2nd picture.. Creating new uv set and moving selections to a uv set.  
    • Very interesting talk and the use of Unreal 4 in the process. https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/exploring-virtual-production-and-real-time-filmmaking-on-the-pulse?sessionInvalidated=true
    • I wonder, Is the behaviour of the Symmetrical copy tool for translation symmetry the desired behaviour ?

      What it does currently is duplicate all the voxels on the layer on each axis that is set to more than zero clones.
      which means that each time you press the symmetrical copy button, your layer grows in those directions.

      There is probably a use for this behaviour. however, I wonder, are any of you using it, and if yes, what for ?

      In other symmetry types, when you use symmetrical copy, you intentionally choose one section of the layer which you want to duplicate and replace the other side of the symmetry with.
      you thus discard part of the layer.
      I believe this is what is desired. it is how you expect symmetrical copy to work, I believe. Am I mistaken ?

      If this is true, I think it would be expected that when you use it on translation symmetry, only the portion at the center would be duplicated, and everything else would be discarded :
      In this scenario, you could use symmetrical copy an infinite number of times, and the layer would not grow.   ---
      Here is an example to try to explain why I am asking these questions :

      I was experimenting with making a tileable terrain of sorts, and when I exported I discovered that it did not quite tile.
      I thought of using symmetrical copy to ensure that it would indeed tile correctly, but the way the tool currently behaves does not achieve that.
    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Performance In Blender, Octane, V-Ray, & More https://techgage.com/article/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-rendering-performance/
    • ASRock Z490 AQUA Motherboard Review - TechPowerUp. The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 has progressed beyond the need for vowels - The Verge. FNTSTC! GALAX GeForce RTX 3080 SG Graphics Card review - Guru3D. MSI GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING X TRIO Review - TweakTown. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming At 4K, Ultrawide & With RTX On – Techgage. Sennheiser CX 400BT review- Great-sounding mid-range wireless earbuds - Engadget.
    • Thanks I did not know it.  I try again ^^
    • You have to go to mark seams under the UV tab to select multiple uv islands with the spline tools.  Then you can move them to a new retopo group layer.  
    • Then I do not remember, if old version worked or not,, but in Retopo room, if I try to select multiple island with Lasso or rectangle brush option, it not work. I can only select one island click again and again,, eg how you quick select all these peaces without any selection group?   after all I can only select each small island one by one. then can divide them as another retopo group. (but the mesh have been assgined as each part material grouop in paint room,, so I do not know why 3d coat not keep material group. when I "use visible paint mesh as retopo mesh)  It is not complain. just hope to know if it is bug, or current limitation.
    • Yes as you said, it is logicall. But actually I use material group to divide shader . so I can set different shader property but still use same UDIM tile texture. eg I may gather all mouse parts in same UV tile = UV sets (in 3d coat), then I paint them. but I can still divide teeth, innermouse , lips as separate material group. (in blender etc) If you paint or atach smart materials,  for teeth or innner part mouse area,, you may hope to hide un-necessary part carefully. If 3d coat keep material group, I can really easy do it, just select lips hide them, or just select teeth only with material group. Of course 3d coat offer many tools to hide poligons easy, or I can use freeze etc.  but I already set material group for the purpose in another aprication. Then  basically I hope to keep it when import to 3d coat.  Actually if 3d coat can import material group (shader domain group, or material ID etc,, each app may call different name) with keep UDIM tile (Or UV sets) separately,  it enhance workflow mach.  So I request it.   Actually when I import to 3d coat, I needed to change material gorup as UV tile. Though it work. but it means I lost flexibility which I have. (change shader nodes for lips only or teeth only etc)  then I need to re-make it in my render apricaiton again. (I need rigging for most of my hobby work so can not do everything even though 3d coat will enhance more with shader nodes system)
    • British PM Winston Churchill in Egypt on his mission to boost the morale of his beaten troops, August 1942. Drawings not supposed to be cartoonish... Oliver http://www.o5m6.de
    • One more and then I will leave the matter alone as I stated as best I can my case. As always your hard work and the development team is highly thought of.   Blender will import the model as two objects if I spit by groups in the import settings upon import otherwise it will import the model as one. The obj file that is written splits the model into two groups, one for the left and one for the right. I am not talking about the mtl file here but the obj file which can be read by notepad as it is a text file.
    • I can understand that you see no need but let me explain one example.  Example: I bake from the retopo room my sphere example.  I get one material for the uv set but 2 paint objects. Do my work. Export model for Unreal engine as a FBX model The model will import as 2 separate models left half and right half ( my sphere example) with one material one each for each model. Now if I combine the model in the FBX imports settings in Unreal, I will get one model with 2 materials.   Hexagon imports the exported sphere as 2 separate objects "left and right" as well.  Other software could read the exported model as 2 separate models and separate materials as well.  Some software will read it as one model but not all.  The above is most imported reason for the request. Having one model on export with multiple materials is desired but not multiple uv sets.  Please reconsider your final thoughts on the matter. Thank you as always.   
    • Really, agree that UV-set in Coat is actually material in other soft. So I see no actual proposal. Retopo groups are objects. And you may fill objects separately in the fill tool if need. Reading UDIM - do multiple uv-sets and export them as UDIM.
    • Other softwares allow Multiple UVsets on a single objects too.