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    • Unfortunately this was not the solution @Carlosan. It still happens, so it is not the Touch setting on my Wacom. Pity. What I noticed, but could be wrong also, when I use the "Smooth All" function, it sometimes happens right after hitting my hotkey for it, which is "ALT+S". Otherwise, I'm out of ideas and hope this can be addressed. 3D Coat really starts get in into the way of getting stuff done due to this for me, which is sad, as it is usually the opposite. I don't hink recording a video would help here. What happens is just that the camera is offset far away, and once it is, when I hit SHIFT+A, it snaps back. However, from that point on, it will offset again and again, seemingly randomly after a few seconds.
    • OMG, thanks for asking this. I just realized not long ago I enabled "touch" on my Wacom tablet to be able to zoom without mouse in some things like Unity Inspector and Substance Designer graph view. I will disable it now and see if the problem disappears. However, I'm fairly certain it was also there before I started working with touch enabled. But I'm not 100% sure. Crossing fingers. Thanks!
    • Thank you. I looked up the keyboard shortcuts for 'Additive' activation/deactivation It led me to finding the toggle in the upper left hand portion of the screen below  Alphas, Stencils, etc There are two drop down lists to further adjust the brushes One of them offers 'Add Depth', 'Subtract Depth' and 'Max Depth' (with a few other options as well) 'Max Depth' allowed me to paint without build up. =)
    • Strange, do you have a pencil AND a mouse active on a tablet ?
    • Hello, after a random while of sculpting, at some point, the viewport camera constantly gets wide offset the model, without any cause by the user. It was already something I battled with on a daily basis using 3D Coat. Hitting CTRL+A only focuses on the model again for some seconds, before the cam gets offset wide out of focus randomly again, with no means to continue the sculpting session anymore, but having to save an iteration, quit and restart. However, before v30, it happened only occasionally, but kinda frequently, but, a save and reload usually fixed it for some time. Ever since 2023.30, the problem seem to have intensified. I have to close my sculpting session every few minutes , which is unacceptable really. I can't work like this anymore. Could this please get fixed? It is incredible flow breaking. I saw its been reported somewhere already but I can't remember. This is a major usability bug I feel. One that ultimately would have to drive me over to blender for sculpting, which I'd love to avoid, cause I absolutely adore 3D Coats sculpting. I hope it can be addressed soon.
    • Laptop: Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 X3D review (2023 G733PYV model - Ryzen 9 7945HX3D, RTX 4090) - UltrabookReview. Laptop: LG Gram Pro 17 review- a Gram with more gusto - The Verge. Mini PC: ACEMAGIC AM20 Pro (Ryzen 7735H) Mini PC - Guru3D. Mini PC: Raspberry Pi 5 Review- A New Standard for Makers - Tom's Hardware. Thanks Max. RAM: Silicon Power XPOWER Zenith 2x16GB DDR5 5600MHz RGB Memory Kit - Mad Shrimps. SSD: HP P900 1 TB Portable SSD Review - TechPowerUp. SSD: Lexar NM790 2TB - LanOC Reviews. SSD: Samsung 990 Pro 4TB Review- The Best Gets Bigger - Tom's Hardware.
    • Hi Hope this help https://3dcoat.com/wiki/index.php?title=3.2_Depth   Before you’ll find out how each tool works in Paint Mode, you are to know about painting in Depth/Color/Specular channels, and also to know about color picking, and types of drawing. Point the cursor at the purple hued sphere and click. By clicking here you can toggle between turning the depth on or off. If there is an “X” over the sphere, it will be toggled off. More general information about the how the icons on the top bar work is located in section 2.3. Additive drawing option allows activating/deactivating additive application option when drawing lines. If “Additive drawing” is active, two lines are drawn one over another.   Notably, if the option is disabled, cross is made with objects drawn in the current layer only. Red line on the pen cursor displays the depth of relief lying. Press “-” and “+” keys or mouse wheel (under corresponding adjustments in the “Preferences” menu) to see how the depth changes. If the pen is of complex shape, less pressure should be applied to prevent steep overfalls of image height. On a side note, it would make it hard to present the entire object as normal-mapped low polygonal one, heavy geometry distortions will be seen.   With the help of “Smoothing” slider you can change the level of smoothing. By pressing SHIFT key green line will appear on the pen cursor and by pressing SHIFT “+” and “—” keys or MOUSE WHEEL (provided corresponding adjustments have been made in the “Preferences” menu) you can adjust the level of smoothing. Pay attention, on the top panel there are inscriptions “Depth”, Color”, “Specular”. Point the mouse cursor onto one of them. You will see the menu as follows:   Pressing on a the grey “X” sign (first in the list) you will forbid changing the correspondent channel when drawing, be it depth, diffuse or specular. By choosing the second icon in the list, you will enable editing in corresponding channel, however without overlaying additional texture in this channel. You will draw with a pen not distorted by material. If the texture is chosen there are also folder icon and material icon. Pressing the folder icon allows you to set another texture in corresponding channel for the current material. If you set the texture for diffuse channel, bear in mind that the texture alpha-channel is used as additional mask when laying color.   Try choosing the first icon in depth channel and draw a bit, then opt for square with texture and draw. The difference will be obvious. To quick-access such menu press “D” (depth menu), “C” (color menu), “R” (specular menu). Use “~” key to quick-access the semi-transparent panel containing parameters for all the three channels in compact form (you can pin it anywhere on your working space).
    • After studying a few videos I concluded that the alphas I had purchased were not seamless from the get go. Probably why I was able to get a bundle of 400+ for five bucks. Playing around and editing one of those cheap alphas in GIMP I made a seamless copy which, afterwards, works ok simply uploaded to the 'Normal' section of the Smart Brush creator.
    • Sorry for the basic question When painting with depth, if accidentally going over an area which has already been painted the paint piles up in a bloop instead of continuing in an even layer of coat. How do I prevent this?    
    • Animation based carving software, worth learning 链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Q_3Xj5h64NqfiCrcm2nO8g?pwd=4nrt 提取码: 4nrt  https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1vw41117ee/?vd_source=503ea1d24c779620e93e0ca06665cc41 https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV15h4y177TX/?spm_id_from=333.788&vd_source=503ea1d24c779620e93e0ca06665cc41   Mush3D.mp4
    • Just turn off virtual mode and work with normal symmetry. Then click Apply Symmetry in the Mesh tab.   You need to enable this so as not to remove the back faces. It is recommended to enable Snap to Surface. ---------------- 3rd point in the process of correction.
    • This has already been fixed. Please check the latest version.
    • Suggest adding a preset for mirroring, Sometimes changing options can be cumbersome. If you can customize the preset image, achieving the same image effect next time will be very simple and effective, such as 10 world coordinate system mirrors, 20 mirrored B-axis images Next time, I only need to switch between two types of images to achieve this
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