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    • Thanks haikalle I have one request it related with VDM(vector displacement map) in blender with use other  test add on, with  import export blender to 3d coat (and return it) https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/25398-sculpt-with-surface-mode-and-export-with-keep-uv/ I now test  the VDM add on (it mainly offered for daz user, to generate vdm map from daz HD morph file),  it now add option, which can generate VDM from sculpted mesh and non sculpt mesh in blender. (so we only need sculpt mesh, and non sculpted mesh in blender), basically it is designed with multires modifier, but of course it still work, high resolution mesh, and sculpted mesh without multireso modifier.  Then I plan to export high-res mesh to 3d coat  sculpt room>> sculpt with surface mode>> return it to blender  >> generate VDM   to work it,  I need to keep same vertex order when generate VDM.  then I  may only sculpt with surface mode, but 3d coat seems auto change vertex order, when import mesh Sculpt room(trianglulate process I suppose)  and Export it. (without decimate). = keep vertex count. (So at least without app-link auto adjust vertex order, even though I use app-link to import, export, it not matter. Can you contact 3d coat dev, about this issue? I understand usually sculpt mesh not need to keep vertex order (at least current 3d coat not support such case  for high res mesh), but can you contact dev, or you can solve it by your add on importer exporter, if you can?  Of course I only use surface mode sculpt, and not decimate mesh, when return to blender.  About other room , I already confirm, 3d coat can keep vertex order, so import , export by sculpt room seems only matter.   If it work  I may ask the VDM add on author, if I can offer link for 3d coat user.  (at current it is test process, but basically it already work to add detail) . then I happend to find another your old topic which related with VDM, so if you plan to add those future, (sculpt in 3d coat, then return it as VDM with your blender add on exporter, ) for blender,  I may add link of the VDM add on.   ==========
      Though it not directly relate with 3D coat, but if it work (3d coat keep vertex order in sculpt room import-export),  you can sculpt then generate VDM for base mesh, like this   then use VDM for cube (non sculpt) as shader VDM node (adaptive sub-D for this test) You can imagine, if you sculpt (high- reso mesh) in 3d coat, with many your favor brush and tools, then return to blender character, now it can generate VDM map. (and the add on alread offer option, which generate VDM with use Blender displace modifier compatible image,(RGB-XYZ) so Eevee still work. (though at current I do not test it seriously)  As best,, if 3d coat support simple VDM workflow, (it may more useful), but we may often hope to add some detail as Vector disp , for rig- character etc(then only activate VDM for final render),  the test use 1m cube, but it can generate VDM for all UV tile which suclpted.  So I hope if I can sculpt in 3d coat but generate VDM in blender with this test add on..  
    • This 45-minute video explains basic concepts of creating, cutting and unfolding UV coordinates in 3D coat and Maya. It also introduces the basic concept of UDIM texturing in 3D Coat and Maya.
    • Hello Save the project, close it and open it again. Are still invisible ?
    • I accidentally pressed some button and now i can't see any of my polygons. I tried tool 'unhide' but it didn't work (also tried 'hide' then 'unhide') What should I do? I didnt deleted them, cause im still able to select them, but they are invisible.
    • What tests did you do? ... some standard workflow we could reproduce?
    • Case: Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact - Overclockersclub (video). Chair: MSI Mag CH120 I gaming chair review - PC Gamer. Laptop: MSI GP66 Leopard Review- Subtle Powerhouse - Tom's Hardware. Monitor: Alienware AW2721D 27- Gaming Monitor Review - TechSpot. SSD: Patriot Viper VP4100 PCIe 4.0 NVMe Solid State Drive Review - ThinkComputers.org.
    • I don't know if you have already bought new parts and put your new build together, but if you haven't done so, yet, I think I would have to recommend Intel CPU's at the moment, because 3DCoat uses Intel's Thread Building Blocks Library for Multi-threading tasks, and that means it is going to be highly optimized for Intel CPU's...and not  optimized for AMD. AMD sued Intel and won, over this and other coercive Business practices by Intel. Overall, the new generation of AMD CPU's are the best value and best performing, overall...when you consider 3D Rendering, Video Editing, Compositing, etc....and I think the IPC (Instructions Per Clock Cycle) improvements in the latest generation of AMD Ryzen CPU's will likely help it overcome sneaky and dirty software tricks (making Intel compilers work less efficiently with non-Intel CPU's), because I tested the new sculpting brush engine on the 1st Gen ThreadRipper (1950X) I had and on someone's new AMD laptop (with a Ryzen 7 4800H 8-core/16thread CPU) and the new laptop performance was much more lively and robust than the ThreadRipper. It probably has higher IPC than the 1st Gen ThreadRipper, and likely has new instruction sets that overcome the limitations Intel imposed in their Multi-Threading compilers (which many software applications use). So, I think if you can get your hands on something like an AMD 5900X or 5950X, it would be a stellar performer in 3DCoat, just like the Intel 10900k is.
    • Hi Texture UVmap looks as overlapped islands.  Can you share the model (PM) to take a look ? Hide Layer0 to keep transparent textures.  
    • Hm ... I found some videos that shows fabric simulation. Yeah, it‘s not animation, maybe I used the wrong definition, sorry for that. I hope to create clothes and other fabrics directly in 3DCoat. But I‘m not sure if I can export and animate it proberly  in other 3rd party software like Character Creator or Unity.
    • Now I have a bit time for applink dev. Any conserns, issues, bugs or feature requests
    • Artimiano .  I think it depends what you mean by animate clothes. I f you mean have some sort of catwalk model prancing up an down in a flouncy dress, then no in 3dcoat. I think thats what MD is designed for isnt it. I use 3dcoat to "animate" cloth with a simulation but just to get a nice pose. ( did I converse with you about last week? Or was it someone else?) I suppose you could construct clothes and export them though, to  Blender or your favourite 3d package. Thats all beyond me though. 
    • I am doubt what 3dcoat will have animation, As it requires to have animated avatar = bones system
    • Everytime I attempt to export the textures and drop it into Rust, it completely breaks. The texture from the box on the middle bottom slot wipes and transparent textures refuse to be transparent. Other textures like the wrench just bust as well.   Links : https://gyazo.com/c0b0e8ac782e4b8147bedb6d602f5739 https://gyazo.com/e01e466484fd97cbfc6cf2c4fa5997b2 In Game : https://gyazo.com/b431e2f94b5e79046199c2b7332c525b makscyle_DxDiag.txt
    • Hi there, maybe it's a creepy question but let me ask: Is there a way to compare 3DCoat with ZBrush (ZB) and Marvelous Designer (MD) - in certain respects. I am mainly concerned with the upcoming version in 2021. Yes, I know, it isn't released yet. But there are some news out there. While ZB is primarly a sculpting and texturing tool, MD ist tool to create and animate clothes. So ... the news about the upcoming 3DCoat2021 shows some  very interesting features - for both areas - clothes and sculpting (incl. texturing). If I may say so: 3DCoat currently IS a good sculpting tool at this time. But it seems, it's going to be a "Jack of all Trades". This leads me to the question - when 2021 comes out - is there any need to use more than 3DCoat2021? I am aware that the answer depends on the individual scenario but if I can create AND animate clothes, I think I do not need MD. If I can sculpt in a similar way like ZB, I do not need ZB and so on. These are only some thoughts. Maybe someone can "think with me". Cheers
    • I do not know when I use the option.. I directly import mesh without voxelazation in sculpt room as obj, and export it again as obj, but  when triangulate mesh, (for sculpt),  3d coat seems change vertex order. I can confrim it with shape key (I set option for import export always keep vertex order as blender export-import option) , it break mesh.  If I only use retopo room, or texture paint room, it never happen. but I need to sculpt in sculpt room . (so even though I could import export from retopo room, it not matter,  I sculpt mesh and export it , it need to keep vertex order, as same as exported obj to 3d coat. (so I only use non voxelize, and surface sculpt only) Is there work flow, import high-resolution mesh to 3d coat>> sculpt (surface mode only)>> export  mesh non desolve, to blender, then keep same vertex order?   If you know work-flow, I really hope it....    The Vector displacement map generator (blender add on) is beta, but it work really well... (it not lay cast bake, but circulate from verts position then convert as RGB, and generate png (16bit) .  I hoped to describe the work-flow (sculpt in 3d coat, then generate VDM for blender mesh (you can use sub-D modifier, or multiresolution modifier, with adaptive sub-D) , but at current I can not recommend the add on for 3d coat (and blender) user .. ,, it is pity for me..    
    • Hey guess what?  It's March! That means the new 3d Coat will soon be out.   Oh boy.    
    • Русский не понять без видео, -я же говорил об этом. Поэтому вы и не могли понят мой русский. А про то что видео нету никто не говорил, только потом, а потом я его поставил, но на некоторых форумах первое сообщение на которое уже ответили менять нельзя. Привычка не менять была сформирована прошлым форумом www.previousforum.com Если нету видео или другого файла на котором базируться вопрос, то и отвечать не надо, потомучто вы не поймёте вопроса. Надо было просто сделать запрос на видео и больше не уделять внимания этой теме пока не появиться видео. Но меня никкто не уведомил, начали отвечать без видео, - вот из-за этого проблемы. Я же пишу " На видео ивдно что я рисую кистью sphere, но м " Вы пытались понять вопрос без видео????!!!! - Сами виноваты. Скучная тема про видео
    • Thanks Carlosan - i gotcha the solution  -i didn't know about this little window to adjust values of parammeters Yes, i use deepl - but nonetheless it is necessary to repair the text. I used many russian text- paragraphs and choosed not the best occasionally I just began to learn 3d-coat and have no any intuition about 3d-coat interface
    • Hey all, here is my latest WIP, sculpted in 3DC, reconfigured and rendered in blender. Still have some paneling work to go, but pretty happy with the result 
    • In this video I breakdown the awesome process of importing a model into 3D -Coat via the paint UV Map function, and work between photoshop and 3DCoat to paint into the model! A great feature and brilliant for those who prefer to paint in photoshop instead of painting in a 3D modelling package