Photo - 3dcoat 2024.12 - 3DCoat
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3DCoat 2024.12
  • Live Booleans with Voxels Introduced! It includes Add, Subtract and Intersect modes, even with complex child objects, and the performance is surprisingly good 
  • Vector Displacement Brush support was added via a small library of VDM Brushes, provided in various VDM Brush subfolders within the “Alphas” panel. VDM EXR files can be imported into the “Alphas” panel the same way like standard greyscale brushes.
  • Vector Displacement Creation tool, named “Pick & Paste,” was added to allow artists a quick and super convenient way to extract the shape of almost any surface of an existing object in the scene. You don’t have to go through the tedious process of making a plane, then sculpting the desired object from scratch, like in other applications. You can use the Pick & Paste tool to make VDM brushes from whatever models where you have rights.
  • Layers Masks + Clipping Masks have been implemented similar to and compatible with Photoshop’s. It even works with Vertex Paint, VerTexture (Factures) and Voxel Paint!
  • Ongoing & Incremental UI Improvements continue with various efforts to improve the visual appearance (with better Font readability, spacing, and customization), plus helpful new features added to the UI.
  • Python projects with multiple modules supported.
  • The Addons system introduced to connect Python/C++ scripts developers and users. It allows easy sharing of the scripts, providing instructions, and finding information. Some  useful addons included,  for example, the realistic destruction with random cracks - "Break mesh with cracks" addon.
  • Blender 4 support improved via updated AppLink.
  • AI Assistant (3DCoat's specialized Chat GPT) introduced and the UI color scheme toggle placed into the start menu.
  • Long-awaited Scene Scale Master tool implemented for more accurate Scene Scale fidelity between applications upon Import or Export.
  • A new "Edge Flow“ tool in the Modeling Room allows users to add adjustable levels of curvature (to a selected Edge-loop) between surrounding geometry.
  • The View Gizmo introduced. It can be turned off in settings.
  • UV management over Python/C++ substantially improved
  • Export for 3D Printing, for opening in Cura, updated
  • Layers now have a Texture Map preview thumbnail (similar to Photoshop and other applications)
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Photo - 3dcoat 2023.10 - 3DCoat
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3DCoat 2023.10
  • Sketch tool inproved. Enhancements to the Sketch tool make it more robust for quickly creating high-quality Hard Surface objects; including better performance and stability.
  • Multi-level resolution. We introduced a new system for a Multi-Resolution workflow.  It fully supports Sculpt Layers, Displacement and even PBR Textures. The Retopo mesh can be used as the lowest Resolution (Subdivision) level. 3DCoat will automatically create multiple intermediate levels in the process. You can rapidly step up and down the individual Subdivision levels and see your edits stored (throughout all levels) in the selected Sculpt Layer.
  • Tree-Leaves generator. The recently added Trees Generator tool now has the possibility to generate Leaves, also. You can add your own leaf types, sculpt the shape if needed, and export all this as an FBX file.
  • Timelapse recorder. A Time-lapse Screen-Recording tool has been added, which records your work at a specified interval by smoothly moving the camera and then converting it to a video.
  • Auto UV Mapping. The quality of auto-mapping improved substantially, with much fewer islands created, a much lower length of seams, and better fitting over the texture.
  • Surface mode speed improvements. The subdivision of Surface mode meshes has been sped up significantly (5x at least, using the Res+ command). It is possible to subdivide models even to 100-200M.
  • Paint tools. A new tool called Power Smooth has been added. It is a Super-powerful, valence/density independent, screen-based color smoothing tool.  Paint tools were also added into Sculpt room to simplify painting over the surface/voxels.
  • Volumetric color. Volumetric color completely supported everywhere, where the surface painting works, even light baking supported and conditions.
  • Volumetric painting. A revolutionary new technology and first in the industry. It allows the artist to both sculpt and paint with Voxels (true volumetric depth) simultaneously and is compatible with Smart Materials. Using the Vox Hide option allows the artist to hide or restore areas that are cut, trimmed, degraded, etc.
  • Modeling workspace improvements. A new Lattice tool has been added to the Modeling room. Soft Selection/Transform (in Vertex mode) is also introduced in the Retopo/Modeling workspaces.
  • IGES export introduced. The Export of meshes in IGES format has been enabled (this functionality is available temporarily, for testing and then will be released as a separate Extra Module for an additional cost).
  • Import/Export enhancements. The Auto-Export toolset has been improved significantly and offers a really powerful and convenient asset creation workflow. It includes possibility to export assets directly to Blender with PBR textures and better compatibility and optimizations for UE5 game engine and more.


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Photo - 3dcoat 2022.16 - 3DCoat
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3DCoat 2022.16
  • Much Faster Voxel and Surface Sculpting to work with scenes of tens millions of triangles  
  • Auto-Retopo Improved - Better quality for organic and hard-surface models
  • New Voxel Brush Engine Added - New paradigm with voxel brushes
  • New Alphas Collection - More convenient to create complex surfaces and reliefs
  • New Core API - Provides deep access to the 3DCoat's core at the full native C++ speed 
  • Bevel Tool - A new tool to work with edges and corners on the model
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