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3DCoat 2021.02
  • New Brush Engine
  • Low poly Modeling
  • Sculpt Layers
  • Rich Curves Toolset
  • Smart Retopo
  • New GUI
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3DCoat 4.9.65
  • Naming Smart Materials in the materials list
  • Better visualization of the currently selected element
  • Pivot option - rotate around the camera origin
  • A lot of improvements in Brush engine
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3DCoat 4.9.57
  • 3DCoat's Renderer got essential improvements: Screen Space Reflections and Lights have been introduced! So your renders can look way more realistic now. Enable the feature in Beta Tools, and then tick corresponding checkboxes in the Render room.
  • Translation symmetry support introduced! (requires enabling Beta tools as well).
  • Possibility to disable axial translation bars added.
  • Cut&Clone supports symmetry and soft Booleans now.
  • Freeze with empty STL fixed.
  • Correct job of the Sketch tool, correct interaction of Sketch with New Curves.
  • Opacity slider for the color of the Smart Material layer added. It solves the old standing problem when layers with white color become transparent.
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