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Release Notes

What's New in 3DCoat 4.9.49



- Megascans support improvement: New option Edit > Preferences > I/O > Additional Quixel folder (see the first attached screenshot). On startup "3DCoat" checks "Downloads" and "Additional Quixel folder" for new Quixel materials as zip-archives and already extracted folders (see the second attached screenshot).

- Various view modes for the retopo mesh - separate options for wireframe, seams, sharp edges, colored islands preview, smooth mesh view.

3D-printing friendly mode in start thumbnail.

- Baking Curvature improved: the better quality of the smoothed part of the curvature.

- Export dialogue rearranged, streamlined. There is a possibility to set a special folder just for textures in the export dialogue.


- Transform gizmo got the possibility to separate (if needed) scale, rotate, translation using keys (QWER), or droplist.

- Gizmos got some "invisible thickness" for ease of capturing.

- Preferences rearranged. Export Tab. Units for FBX export, important for the correct scene scale!

- New options in preferences for AO/Curvature layers - calculate default values/ask with dialog/skip calculation.

- Occlusion dialog got gamma correction control.

- Smooth, SHIFT, CTRL+SHIFT smoothing options supported in Voxel mode in the surface section.

- Items sorting in the Windows->Popups menu.

Activation surface presets will not trigger voxels to surface if this surface mode supported in voxels.

- After baking, we finish at Layer1, not Layer0.

- Click on Downgrade/Restore will not cache/uncache immediately to avoid unintended action.

- No pen controls in Primitives/Transform/Bas-relief/Undercuts tools (was distracting and unnecessary).

- There are improvements in the export constructor: possibility to swap texture type and UV-set name, the possibility to skip UV-set name if each us-set stored in own folder.

- Modulate/Modulate 2X handles masking by layer correctly.


BETA FEATURES (All of them require enabling beta features in Edit->Preferences->Beta):

- "Factures" renamed to "VerTextures" because it is exactly what factures are - Vertex Texturing.

- Possibility to import Quixel materials as VerTextures.

- Much better quality of "Expand/tie off" for patches and tubes for curves modifiers.

- Catmull-Clark subdivision in retopo room. Two different commands - "Subdivide selected" and "Subdivide the whole group".

Fill Tool expansion area can be limited by the angle between faces:



- Fixed incorrect selection in UV window (slowly mowing gizmo. growing polycount...).

- Fixed shaders edit problem.

- Correct refresh of the Color Swatches window.

- Fixed "Geometry->Weld vertices". Not it does not corrupt meshes even if the mesh structure is wrong. It allows us to use this command as "mesh healer" if the mesh becomes corrupt.

- Speed-up for the "Remove strenching" lag at the end of stroke.

- Fixed brushing in surface mode over transformed volumes.

- Correct displacement painting (in paint room) for transformed volumes.

- Previewing (and other visual) problems of the Tapering tool solved.

- Constructor tool UI problems solved (too big icons).

- Solved problem of jagged line with spline stroke painting.

- Fixed hints issue (over drop-down items)

- The correct job of "Spikes" tool with model profiles. "One segment" and "Embed ends" for the "Spikes" tool.

- Fixed Merge down issue for layers filled with materials with semitransparent dirt. Also, AO layer does not overwrite bottom layers opacity.

- Fixed shadows issue (in voxels mode).

- Textual STL import corrected.

- Freeze+holes problem fixed.

- Fixed lagging after navigation when Incremental render used in the Sculpt room. The Sculpting performance with high-poly meshes (50M+) got improved.

- Modulate/Modulate 2X handles masking by layer correctly now.


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