Academic Program

We are happy to introduce our new Academic license available to Universities, Schools and educational organizations free of charge provided they teach 3D-Coat. The 3D-Coat Academic license does not impose any program limitations (like available number of layers, texture size and such), however it may not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. This Academic license uses  the Floating  license model applicable.

Importantly, the Academic license is offered for organisations, not private persons. For private educational purposes Amateur license with limitations on layers and texture size is offered.
In order to apply for the Academic license we require an official request made on your establishment's letterhead, duly signed and stamped. Please, be sure to mention the number of simultaneous  work places you require for your class.


Universities, Colleges and Schools providing access to 3D-Coat:


Yale University (USA) -

Pennsylvania State University  (USA) –

Drexel University (USA) -

New York Institute of Technology (USA)

Rochester  Institute of Technology (USA) -

Edinboro University (USA) -

University of Edinburg (UK) -

Staffordshire University (UK) -

Teesside University (UK) -

Stockholm University (Sweden) -

New York University (USA) -

Northwestern University (USA) -

Kent State University (USA) -

Purdue University(USA) -

Southern Adventist University (USA) -

Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) -

University of Hertfordshire (UK) -

University of Central Florida (USA) -

Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences (Germany) -

Dresden University of Applied Sciences (Germany) -

Trier University of Applied Science (Germany) -

Clausthal University of Technology (Germany) -

SAE Institute (Germany) -

Zurich University of Arts (Switzerland) -

Capilano University (Canada) -

University of Toronto (Canada) -

British Columbia Institute of Technology (Canada) -

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (Canada) -

Lakehead University (Canada) -

Jacksonville University (USA) -

California State University Chico (USA) -

Western Michigan University (USA) -

Northern Michigan University (USA) -

Full Sail University (USA) -

North Carolina State University (USA) -

Rotterdam University of Applied Science (UK) –

Oklahoma Christian University  (USA) –

University of Huddersfield (UK) -

Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis (USA)  -

University of South Wales (UK) -

Monash University Art Designs & Architecture (Australia) -

University of Creative Arts (UK) -

University of Connecticut (USA) -

Birmingham City University  (UK) -

Dusseldorf University (Germany) -

University of Arkansas (USA) -

Louisiana State University Shreveport  (USA) -

University of Bolton (UK) -

Kingston University London (UK) -

University of Hunnersfield (UK)  -

University of West London (UK) -

Edinburgh Napier University (UK) -

Northumbria University (UK) -

De Montfort University (UK) -

Bournemouth University (UK) -

Angelo State University (USA) -

University of Washington, Medical Center (USA) -

Georgia Health Sciences University (USA) -

Carnegie Mellon University (USA) -

University of Northampton (UK) -

Academy of Art University (USA) -

Minneapolis Media Institute (USA) -

San Jose State University (USA) -

Ferris State University (USA) -

The San Francisco Art Institute (USA) -

Lake Washington Institute of Technology (USA) -

University of North Carolina Wilmington (USA) -

Flinders University (Australia) -

Lund University (Sweden) -

University of Skovde (Sweden) -

University of Utah (USA) -

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (Malaysia) -

UQAT (Canada) -

George Mason University (USA) -

Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design and Arts (Russia) -

Sheffield Hallam University (UK) -

Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Germany ) -

Hedmark University of Applied Sciences (Norway) -

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finland) -

Middlesex University (UK) -

De Montroft University (UK) -

The University of the Arts (USA) -

Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building (Russia) -

SAE Institute (Austria) -

SAE Institute (Netherlands) -

The Qantm Institute (Germany) -

Hacettepe University (Turkey) -

Swiss Federal  Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland) -

Fashion Institute of Technology (USA) -

California Institute of the Arts (USA) -

Toyo Institute of Art & Design (Japan) -

NHTV (Netherlands) -

Pensole Footwear  Design Academy (USA) -

Stadtische Berufsschule fur Industrieelektronik (Germany) -

Norwich University College of the Arts (UK) -

Friesland College (Netherlands) -

CDI College (Canada) -

La Cite college (Canada) -

Emerson College (USA) -

Laguna College of Art + Design (USA) -

Greenfield Community College (USA) -

Becker College (USA) -

Collin College (USA) -

Bart College (Canada) -

K College (UK) -

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague  (Netherlands)  -

Bezalel  Academy of Arts and Design (Israel) -

Mount Ida College (USA) -

Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard (Belgium) -

Champlain College (USA, Canada) -

Hampshire College (USA) -

Ringling College of Art and Design (USA) -

Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg (Germany) -

Burton & South Derbyshire College (UK) -

Kingston College (UK) -

Bradford College (UK) -

West Nottinghamshire College (UK) -

The Art Institute of Salt Lake City (USA) -

Defense Language Institute Foreign Language School, CA (USA)

Norco College (USA) -

Glenfield College (New Zealand) -

Instituto Profesional Arcos (Chile) -

Universitat der Kunster Berlin, College of Architecture, Media and Design (Germany) -

South West College (UK) -

Massachusetts College of Art and Design (USA) -

Indiana School for the Deaf (USA) -

International Academy of Design and Technology (USA) -

The Rydan Workshop -

San Antonio College (USA) -

Palo Alto College (USA) -

Richland College (USA) -

Animation School Hamburg (Germany) -

Keuda Vocational College(Finland) -

Academy of Interactive Entertainment (Australia) -

Pierce College (USA) -

Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology (Canada) –

West Cheshire College (UK) -

South & City College Birmingham (UK) -

Kagoshima Carrier Design College (Japan) -

Fullerton College (USA) -

Centennial College (Canada) -

TUMO Center for Creative Technologies (Armenia) -

MJM Graphics Design (France) -

Royal College of Art (UK) -

Stoke on Trent College (UK) -

Art College of Cambrai (France) -

Lake Tuggeranong College (Australia) -

Saito College (Malaisia) -

CG Academy Visualistica (Colombia) -

Sowela Technical Community College (USA)

VFX Laboratory School (RUSSIA) -

The National Film School of Denmark (Denmark) -

Centre de Formation Professionnel Technique (Switzerland) -

Games Academy (Germany) -

FilmAcademie (Germany) -

Ecole Superieure d'Arts Appliques d'Aquitaine (France) -

Sintlucas (Netherlands) –

The One Academy (Malaysia) -

The Academy of Media Arts and Technology (USA) -

New Brunswick College of Craft & Design (Canada) -

JMC Academy (Australia) -

Think Tank Training Center (Canada) -

Expression College for Digital Arts (Canada) -

Guru Digital Arts College (Canada) -

Art Academy in Breda (Netherlands) -

State Academy of Fine Arts (Germany) -

PlaygroundSquad (Sweden) -

Noroff  Vocational  School (Norway) -

Smoky Hill High School (USA) -

Crestview High School (USA) -

Sherman High School (USA) -

Martin County High School (USA) -

San Angelo Independent School District (USA) -

Waterloo Catholic District School Board (Canada) -

San Angelo Independent School District (USA) -

Waterloo Catholic District School Board (Canada) -

The Banff Centre (Canada) -

School of Visual Arts (USA) -

Warrawong High School (Australia) -

Truemax Academy (Denmark) -

The Animation Workshop (Denmark) -

IFS (Germany ) -

Media Design School  (New Zealand) -

3Dsence Media School (Singapore) -

The Wits School of Arts (South Africa) -

Isart Digital (France) -

Futuregames (Sweden) -

Architecture and Traffic Engineering College at Guilin University of Electronic technology (China) -

National Film and Television School (UK) -

Gnomon (USA) -

SCI-Arc (USA) –

SkillTree (New Zealand) -

All Saints’ Episcopal Day School (USA) –

Syn Studio Art School (Canada) -

Rim of the World High School (USA) –

Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School -

Scream School (Russia) -

Globe Education Network (USA) -

Sataedu (Finland) -

SEA-TECH Skills Center (USA) -

Alpha Channel School  (Brazil ) -

Film School  ESCAC (Spain) -

FX Animation (Spain) -

Lamar County Schools (USA) -

School Idefagskolen (Norway)

Rio Hondo College (USA) 

FAMU (Czech Republic)

Salem Keizer Public School (USA)