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BigDynArray< Elem, CellSize > Class Template Reference


struct  iterator

Public Member Functions

 BigDynArray (const BigDynArray &b)
void EnsureCapacity (int N)
 BigDynArray (int Size, Elem Filling)
int Add (const Elem &V)
int Add (const Elem &V, int NTimes)
template<class array >
void AddRange (array &a)
Elem & operator[] (int pos)
const Elem & operator[] (int pos) const
int Count () const
void Clear ()
void FastClear ()
void Del (int pos, int num)
void uSet (int pos, const Elem &e, const Elem &Default)
Elem uGet (int pos, const Elem &Default)
Elem & ExpandTo (int pos, Elem def)
bool IsEmpty () const
void RemoveAt (const int Index, const int Count=1)
void Insert (const int Index, const Elem &Value, const int Count=1)
template<class array >
void Copy (const array &Src)
template<class array >
void AddRange (const array &Src)
void SetCount (const int Count)
void SetCount (int Count, const Elem &Value)
int IndexOf (const Elem &e)
void RemoveLast ()
const Elem & GetLast () const
Elem & GetLast ()
void FastCopyFrom (const BigDynArray &src)
void FastZeroMem ()
void Reverse ()
template<class Reader >
void FromBS (Reader &BS, int count)
template<class Writer >
void ToBS (Writer &BS)
void moveTo (BigDynArray &to)
iterator begin ()
iterator end ()
void operator= (const BigDynArray &b)
bool operator== (const BigDynArray &b) const

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