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This example demonstrates the power of the dialogs and UI. It describes how to register the elements into the UI.

// This example demonstrates the power of the dialogs and UI. It describes how to register the elements into the UI.
#include <CoreAPI.h>
//If you need the release build at full speed please change the Debug below to Release
//@config: Debug
// This example demonstrates the dialogs power. What we do?
// Try to load previously stored settings, show dialog, save settings if user pressed Ok
// let's define the class. 3DCoat uses class registration system (ClassEngine) to edit and serialize
// the class members. This is the easy demonstration of class registration. Look more at
// UserPrefs/CoreAPI/include/ClassEngine/class_reg.h
class MyClass:public BaseClass {
MyClass() {
Integer = 0;
IntSlider = 0;
Float = 0;
FloatSlider = 0.5;
Checkbox = false;
Radio1 = true;
Radio2 = false;
Droplist = 0;;
String = "text";
Coordinate = coat::vec3(1, 2, 3);
color = 0xFFFF0000;//red
texture = -1;
int Integer;
int IntSlider;
float Float;
float FloatSlider;
bool Checkbox;
bool Radio1;
bool Radio2;
int Droplist;
int texture;
DWORD color;
coat::str String;
coat::str OpenFilepath;
coat::str SaveFilepath;
coat::vec3 Coordinate;
void Button1() {
Coordinate = coat::vec3(0);
void Button2(float parameter) {
Coordinate = coat::vec3(parameter);
void ZeroCoordinate() {
Coordinate = coat::vec3(0);
// this section used for the class serialization and visual presentation in the UI
// pay attention that visualization and serialization may be separated if need.
// NOHASH means that if you change values it does not influence the UI structure in dialug, so it will not be re-made if you change values
// If you don't understand, just skip this notice, it is not so important)
// But if you remove NOHASH dialog may flicker a bit when you change values.
// REG_AUTO used to register the variable automatically to appear in UI
// The slider 0..100 for integer values
SLIDER(IntSlider, "IntSlider", 0, 100);
// registering float number
REG_AUTO(Float, "FloatWithChangedNameInUI");
// registering float slider
FSLIDER(FloatSlider, "FloatSlider", -1, 1, 100, false);
// registering the checkbox
// registering the radio buttons CHK_GROUP(1) identifies that they use group 1
// the droplist, generally second parametr may be dynamic
REG_DROPLIST(Droplist, "Droplist", "Case1|Case2|Case3");
// the text string
// register the texture ID
// color idntified by it's type - DWORD
// open file dialog
FILEPATH(OpenFilepath, "OpenFilepath", "load:*.tif;*.tiff;*.exr;*.tga;*.bmp;*.png");
// save file dialog
FILEPATH(SaveFilepath, "SaveFilepath", "save:*.tif;*.tiff;*.exr;*.tga;*.bmp;*.png");
// 4 proportional columns and one fixed, the numbers used as width proportion for the columns, 5 next items taken into 5 columns
UI_LAYOUT("1 1 1 1 []");
// just some text the * means it is left-aligned
// the coordinates, $ used to hide the name of variable and display only value. But if you serialize the class, $cx will be used as the tag name for this variable
REG_AUTO(Coordinate.x, "$cx");
REG_AUTO(Coordinate.y, "$cy");
REG_AUTO(Coordinate.z, "$cz");
// reguster function as the single icon, icons are referred from the data/material.io/black/
ICON_BUTTON("clear", ZeroCoordinate, "DEL_SOMETHING_HINT");
// end of columns
//2 columns
// call the function when used pressed button
// call function and pass parameters there, the Button2(4.0f) will be called in this case
int main(){
MyClass p;
// try to read the settings from the Documents\3DCoat\data\Temp\MyClass.json
coat::dialog().ok().cancel().params(&p).text("That are the parameters from the class").caption("caption")
.onPress( // there we set the lambda that will be called when user will press Ok button
[&](int button) {
if(button == 1) {//Ok pressed
// save settings to the the Documents\3DCoat\data\Temp\MyClass.json
return 0;
Use this class for build a class for UI or serialization. see class_reg.h for details about the class...
Definition BaseClass.h:91
the rich dialog. You may customize it, show your custom parameters and custom buttons.
Definition CoreAPI.h:3641
dialog & params(BaseClass *params)
The important core feature. BaseClass allows to create the custom controls in the dialog....
dialog & onPress(std::function< void(int)> press)
pass the function/lambda that will be called when the button will be pressed. The button index (start...
dialog & ok()
add Ok button
dialog & cancel()
add Cancel button
dialog & caption(const char *id)
pass the caption of the dialog
dialog & text(const char *id)
pass the header text of the dialog
comms::cVec3 vec3
3D - float vector, see the cVec3
Definition CoreAPI.h:50
comms::cStr str
the string that is compatible with the 3DCoat engine, see the cStr
Definition CoreAPI.h:67