3DCoatScripting  4.8.31β
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coat::scripto::PolyMesh Class Reference

Class for working with the 3DCoat's scene. More...


class  FaceInfo
 Info about face. More...
class  LayerInfo
 Info about layer. More...
class  LayerOnFace
 Represent a layer on face. More...
class  LayerPoint
 Info about layer point. More...
class  RenderTarget
 Represent a render target. More...
class  SubObject
 Represent a subobject. More...
class  SurfacePoint
 Represent a surface point. More...
class  VertexPos
 Represent a vertex position. More...
class  VertexUV
 Represent a vertex of UV. More...

Public Types

enum  FreezeState : BYTE { Not = 0, Mixed, Fully, count }
 State for freeze. More...
enum  UVEdgeMask : BYTE {
  Undefined = 0, Left, Top, Right,
  Bottom, count
 Mask for edge. More...
typedef PolyMesh Parent
typedef ::PolyMesh pm_t

Public Member Functions

const About & about () const
bool hasFaces () const
bool hasFacesInfo () const
bool hasRenderTargets () const
bool hasSubObjects () const
bool hasVerticesPos () const
bool hasVerticesUV () const
int countFaces () const
int countFacesInfo () const
int countRenderTargets () const
int countSubObjects () const
int countVerticesPos () const
int countVerticesUV () const
const ::FaceList & faces () const
PolyMeshinsertFaces (DWORD k, DWORD v)
 Work with faces. More...
PolyMeshbeginFaces ()
 For moving forward by faces. More...
bool endFaces () const
bool nextFaces () const
DWORD currentKeyFaces () const
DWORD currentValueFaces () const
PolyMeshfaceInfo (int i, const PolyMesh::FaceInfo &v)
PolyMesh::FaceInfo faceInfo (int i) const
PolyMeshoperator+= (const PolyMesh::FaceInfo &v)
PolyMeshadd (const PolyMesh::FaceInfo &v)
PolyMeshadd (int i, const PolyMesh::FaceInfo &v)
PolyMeshaddToStart (const PolyMesh::FaceInfo &v)
PolyMeshrenderTarget (int i, const PolyMesh::RenderTarget &v)
PolyMesh::RenderTarget renderTarget (int i) const
PolyMeshoperator+= (const PolyMesh::RenderTarget &v)
PolyMeshadd (const PolyMesh::RenderTarget &v)
PolyMeshadd (int i, const PolyMesh::RenderTarget &v)
PolyMeshaddToStart (const PolyMesh::RenderTarget &v)
PolyMeshsubObject (int i, const PolyMesh::SubObject &v)
PolyMesh::SubObject subObject (int i) const
PolyMeshoperator+= (const PolyMesh::SubObject &v)
PolyMeshadd (const PolyMesh::SubObject &v)
PolyMeshadd (int i, const PolyMesh::SubObject &v)
PolyMeshaddToStart (const PolyMesh::SubObject &v)
PolyMeshvertexPos (int i, const PolyMesh::VertexPos &v)
PolyMesh::VertexPos vertexPos (int i) const
PolyMeshoperator+= (const PolyMesh::VertexPos &v)
PolyMeshadd (const PolyMesh::VertexPos &v)
PolyMeshadd (int i, const PolyMesh::VertexPos &v)
PolyMeshaddToStart (const PolyMesh::VertexPos &v)
PolyMeshvertexUV (int i, const PolyMesh::VertexUV &v)
PolyMesh::VertexUV vertexUV (int i) const
PolyMeshoperator+= (const PolyMesh::VertexUV &v)
PolyMeshadd (const PolyMesh::VertexUV &v)
PolyMeshadd (int i, const PolyMesh::VertexUV &v)
PolyMeshaddToStart (const PolyMesh::VertexUV &v)
PolyMeshclear ()
 Clear the meshes from the 3DCoat's scene. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static PolyMeshinstance ()

Detailed Description

Class for working with the 3DCoat's scene.


Member Enumeration Documentation

State for freeze.

When changed then change freezeStateStr() also.
Debug dbg;
DebugLog log = dbg.log();
log += "PolyMesh::FreezeState";
log += PolyMesh::FreezeState::Mixed;
log += PolyMesh::FreezeState::Fully;

Mask for edge.

Debug dbg;
DebugLog log = dbg.log();
log += "PolyMesh::UVEdgeMask";
log += PolyMesh::UVEdgeMask::Top;
log += PolyMesh::UVEdgeMask::Bottom;

Member Function Documentation

PolyMesh & coat::scripto::PolyMesh::insertFaces ( DWORD  k,

Work with faces.

PolyMesh pm;
pm.insertFaces( 12, 222 );
pm.insertFaces( 13, 333 );
pm.insertFaces( 11, 111 );
for ( pm.beginFaces(); !pm.endFaces(); pm.nextFaces() ) {
const auto fk = pm.currentKeyFaces();
const auto fv = pm.currentValueFaces();
PolyMesh & coat::scripto::PolyMesh::beginFaces ( )

For moving forward by faces.

See Also
bool coat::scripto::PolyMesh::endFaces ( ) const
See Also
bool coat::scripto::PolyMesh::nextFaces ( ) const
See Also
DWORD coat::scripto::PolyMesh::currentKeyFaces ( ) const
See Also
DWORD coat::scripto::PolyMesh::currentValueFaces ( ) const
See Also
PolyMesh& coat::scripto::PolyMesh::renderTarget ( int  i,
const PolyMesh::RenderTarget v 
See Also
Note for FaceInfo above.
PolyMesh& coat::scripto::PolyMesh::subObject ( int  i,
const PolyMesh::SubObject v 
See Also
Note for FaceInfo above.
PolyMesh& coat::scripto::PolyMesh::vertexPos ( int  i,
const PolyMesh::VertexPos v 
See Also
Note for FaceInfo above.
PolyMesh& coat::scripto::PolyMesh::vertexUV ( int  i,
const PolyMesh::VertexUV v 
See Also
Note for FaceInfo above.
PolyMesh& coat::scripto::PolyMesh::clear ( )

Clear the meshes from the 3DCoat's scene.

PolyMesh pm;