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  1. It is true! As you can see in the image below, when I put the mouse over the thumbnail to see the images that appear in the preview rectangular window, the types: Color, Alpha, Depth, Specl and Erase are dark, except for " All "! Maybe... weird! And at the same time I thought that could be normal. So I went to check the alphas in the default folder, and all preview images are clear. Don, you are all right.... that can be a small problem that could be fixed. At the same time, I am glad Andrew has fixed the previous problem quickly. Thank you so much for talking to Andrew about this other problem of Alpha's Thumbnail Previewing (Brush Tip)! Really grateful!
  2. For sure, as always... You are also very welcome! Thank you so much for contacting Andrew! I was very happy with that! Now we can have a great vision to be able to choose alphas with confidence! Thanks again!
  3. I was very worried and finally I can relax! Really, I didn't stop! I have a lot of work to be done! For sure, we are in great hands! The 3DCoat team besides being unique, always surprises us in a more than positive way! My sincere congratulations to all of the fantastic 3dcoat team.
  4. Hi @Allabulle , Thank you so much for telling me! This is great news! I am very happy that now alphas can easily be distinguished in the brushes palette. Really, it's a great relief! My huge thanks again to Andrew @Andrew Shpagin and the 3Dcoat team for solving this issue. I think from the 3DCoat2022 .54 version, for people who use Windows (including myself too! ), We will have this fix as well!
  5. Yes! Amazing times ahead! How could I say ... maybe, just warming up! Many good ideas... I think ... one of them ... may be assets packs.
  6. Certainly! All thanks to @AbnRanger for that! It was epic! Thank you so much Don! And of course... @Andrew Shpagin , thank you very much for fixing this problem in the brushes palette! Perfect!
  7. @Allabulle That was great! I'm laughing so far with what you said! So, it means that my responsibility only increases !!! I didn't forget, okay! Even, I'm going to talk very low, whispering for anyone to listen! Not wanting to tease ... But in these sculpture projects I said, I intend to use them and will be a great test to know if these brushes will be useful for everyone. Maybe... I will have good results in sculptures! Another thing! If you don't say anything nice about it! Then... I won't make the brushes available! Sorry for the jokes! It is always good to smile a little! I hope you enjoy the things that will come! Everything is being done with hard work and dedication.
  8. I have GREAT NEWS for you! YESSSS! In the next version of 3DCoat, this problem of dark preview in alphas - brush tips of the brushes palette will be FIXED!!! So, in the next version of 3DCoat, the preview color will be normalized, that means we'll have a great preview of the alphas inside the brushes palette! In the image below, as you can see, this is exactly how the alphas will be presented in the fixed version of 3dcoat. What do you think? Is not it pretty? One more thing... It is important to say that no one will need to install the brush pack again! Just update 3dcoat (which will have this fix) and the program will regenerate the previews automatically. Perfect!
  9. I have no words to thank all your words. Thank you very much, from the heart! Your encouragement really makes a big difference! Always enrich the subjects with your opinions, suggestions and ideas! Soon, I hope to be able to announce amazing things and one of those things, and I can't hide it from anyone, because it's something that makes me extremely happy just thinking about it... is that I'm going to start making videos about "making of sculptures from characters" aimed at 3d printing. I have other things in mind... but I'm still maturing the ideas. Thank you very much
  10. Really grateful for your words. I'm really glad I could help in some way... Immediately, I'll let everyone know about this "problem". If you don't mind, I'll practically make your words mine for the warning. That way, users won't think they've done something wrong during the package installation process. Just the lack of alphas preview in the brushes palette. Once again... Thank you very much!
  11. Don, I would like to share and show how my brushes palette looks. And as you can see the preview of alphas (brush tips) is like this.
  12. Hi @Allabulle This visualization in the brushes palette I think is not something that I can configure... because of the process of converting an external format to an internal format of 3dcoat, so the preview is created automatically by 3dcoat. But, I'll see what I can do about it to help.
  13. Hi Don, thanks for the explanation! Regarding alphas in 3dcoat, I agree with you! It is very difficult to visualize the alphas in the brushes palette. Every time I create an alpha and open it in the Brushes palette... unfortunately the preview becomes dark to the point where you can't visually identify what kind of "texture" it is, other than the alpha name that appears when you place the mouse over it. I would like the alpha preview in 3dcoat to be large when you hover over it to avoid this kind of problem. Honestly, I don't really know why this kind of thing happens in 3dcoat. The only thing that goes through my head to try to explain this... Maybe it's when alpha is imported into 3dcoat, then the program automatically converts a type of external format (png, tif, etc.) to its own format extension used within 3dcoat. I noticed that this file conversion generates a dark or "washed out" preview of the alpha in the brushes palette. I think the program could make the visualization of the alphas in the palette clearer, but that doesn't happen. One thing I can guarantee you and that is the most important thing. The alphas work correctly and it was exactly these alphas that I used to fully detail all the rhinos, both the adult rhino and the baby rhino and I got great quality. Nothing is being hidden. I'm passing on exactly what I have here to everyone. In case the result of some alpha is "weak" when applied to the surface of the geometry, please try to increase the depth value of the brush so that you get a "stronger" result of the alpha in the geometry. Please also check the amount of triangles as this also affects the quality and the way the detail appears on the surface of the mesh. I already tested it and noticed that if you try to create a stronger alpha in the external program, it may happen that the result of this alpha quality when applied inside 3dcoat is not so good. You could try editing the alphas using the Edit in Ext Editor or Edit as 16-Bit Tif command, but I don't advise using these commands because it's not very intuitive and if you don't know what you're doing you can destroy the alpha. Another important thing to say is that I think these commands are more compatible if you use photoshop. Particularly, I never got a good result with these commands. Since it's been a while since I created these alphas to detail the rhinos... I'll see what I can do about all of that. I am very worried! I wouldn't want to share something with bad quality or problems... In case, all of you want or suggest I can immediately remove this product... so that there are no problems.
  14. I am a little confusing about Gumroad. So it is working properly the sending of emails to users who downloaded the product before changes! Sometimes it is necessary to correct / change something in the product and I was concerned about how to warn these changes to people who have already downloaded the product. Don, thank you so much for letting me know.
  15. Really, I will better understand how Gumroad works. I thought people downloading the product would receive some email warning about any changes to the product downloaded by the user. Thank you very much!
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