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  1. Rygaard

    [Solved] Supports for 3D Printing

    IMO, you're right... Supports tool could already been installed by default in the 3d-coat professional license. Just like any other tool or function. The main reason is that all other programs are "subprograms" of the professional version of 3D-Coat. Another important thing to remember and I do not know if this would have any influence, but when I do this supports.dat file, I have to put it in two different folders due to my installation (coat_data_path file) and honestly I do not know if I will have problems installing a newer version of 3D-Coat. I think every time when I install a newer version of the program, I will have to create the supports.dat file in the Documments / 3dcoatV8 folder. If I had not seen this topic (I thank the creator of this topic a lot, thank you @Omni-Moulage), I would never know that I could have the Supports tool in the 3D-Coat Professional license. Please @Andrew Shpagin and developers, as a matter of common sense, include all the tools and functions by default in the 3D-Coat Professional license. This way, it would prevent users from reporting to you program errors that users might have attempted to place files on the installation to obtain a tool or function from the program. By the way, there's a serious Crash ERROR going on with me. 3D-Coat is behaving strangely. When I try to open a splash screen on the surface and voxels mode or file already saved, 3D-Coat displays an instability warning message and a screen appears to save, then a Crash window appears and the 3d-coat closes.
  2. Rygaard

    [Solved] Supports for 3D Printing

    Great! I put the supports.dat in both directories and the tool appeared. Thanks a lot for the help!
  3. Rygaard

    [Solved] Supports for 3D Printing

    My 3D-Coat installation is based on the coat_data_path File. I tried putting the file that Andrew spoke in MyDocuments/3D-CoatV48/ but it did not work ... Could you instruct me better how can I proceed? Will I have to put the supports.dat that Andrew said in the Directory folder I wrote inside the coat_data_path? Or do I have to put the same file (supports.dat) in both places ( MyDocuments/3D-CoatV48/ ) and (the folder of coat_data_path)? thank you
  4. Rygaard

    [Solved] Supports for 3D Printing

    Creating supports.dat will also work for users who have the Professional license of 3d-Coat like me? Or is this only for 3DC-Printing users? I tried to create this file, but as my version is Professional it did not work ...
  5. Some time ago ( 2017-12-17 23:42 ) I had already added my vote on this task. I thought Andrew had implemented a function similar to Imbed within 3D-Coat during that period ... I reaffirmed my vote on Mantis and I will keep my hope of being able to count on this function one day in 3d-coat.
  6. Hey everyone! I'm trying to use Curve Brush Pressure to try to control the influence of brush deformation on the surface of the mesh, but unfortunately it's not the same thing as the Imbed (ZBrush) or Plane Offset (Blender) function. I can not refine Brush's brushstrokes in the same way I did in the other shows I've talked about. I have also tried to control through the Edit Flatten Curve, but it is intended for another type of function. I used the Normal Sampling function in combination with the Curve Brush Pressure, but I could not have the effect I was wishing to simulate such an Imbed or Plane Offset function. One tip from my experiments is that if you want to have a little better control in Brush you have to use that combination I mentioned above, mostly by editing the Brush Pressure curve for something below the linear graph that comes standard in 3d-coat. Even making those changes, unfortunately, I could not find a function inside the 3d-coat that gave me the option to control my brushstrokes on the surface of the mesh. If anyone knows of a function like Imbed or Plane Offset inside the 3d-coat, please share it with everyone. I will continue to do my tests and if I find out I will share here with you all! thank you
  7. @Carlosan Many thanks for informing me! I installed this new version and the tool is back! I was quickly using Reproject and I do not know if the inner preview and outer shell are working right ... I could not see if the preview is happening. Could you let me know if the preview of the tool is working as it should in your installation? thank you
  8. Hey everyone! I've been sculpting a lot in 3D-Coat, especially in Surface Mode. I tried to find here in the forum the answer to my question, but I did not find an exact answer to that. I would like to know if there is a similar function of Imbed (Zbrush) or Plane Offset (Blender) to control brushes in 3D-Coat? If I am not wrong these 2 functions are similar... (please someone correct me if I am wrong) I would like to have better control on the surface of the mesh inside the 3d-coat, that is, a very refined control in the brushstrokes that I make. Generally, when I used ZBrush, I left the Imbed low when I wanted to refine my brush strokes, thereby fully controlling the influence of the brush's deformation on the surface of the mesh. Just to let you know, I know most of you know these functions, but I will leave the explanation of these Zbrush and Blender brushes functions so some people who do not know can understand. Zbrush: Imbed The Brush Imbed will control the embed of selected brush. Brush Imbed gives a brush a definite control on how a brush will interact with a surface. This will allow slight deformation on the surface or more extreme deformation on the surface. Blender: Plane Offset: Offset for planar brushes (Clay, Fill, Flatten, Scrape), shifts the plane which is found by averaging the faces above or below. I know we have in the 3d-coat the sensitivity curve control button or the intensity of the tablet, but it's not exactly the function I'm looking for, just as we have the Edit Flatten Curve that is not the function I'm looking for either . Any similar function of Imbed or Plane Offset in 3D-Coat? Thank you
  9. Yes... I always let show beta tools ON ... I don't know what happened...
  10. Hey Everone! What happened to the Re-project Tool? I'm using the latest version of 3d-coat .31-SL. I tried to find the tool but it disappeared ... Does this disappearance have to do with this specific beta or something happened to remove this essential tool of the program? *** Please, the developers could return with this important tool (Re-project Tool) to the program? Thank you.
  11. Rygaard

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hi, I'm using the latest version of 3d-coat and I was looking for the new tool: Re-project Tool and I did not find ... I wonder if anything happened in this version? Or what was the reason the developers had to take the Re-project Tool? Could someone tell me what happened to the Re-project Tool? Thank you
  12. Rygaard

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I thank you for your words @haikalle! Thank you for sharing the same feeling about 3D-Coat! I will always be sincere in my opinions and feelings regarding 3D-Coat. I hope people do not distort my words and do not understand differently, in a negative way what I was really meaning to express myself. One thing I've always observed and always kept silent, but now I'll expose my thinking. I got tired of seeing on Youtube, opinions of people who mainly put Zbrush as the best and "only" main program option for production, especially in the Sculpting and Detailing of characters, objects, scenarios. It seems that ZBrush is a divine being, that there is a cult for ZBrush! I got tired of watching videos saying there is no better program than ZBrush. I got tired of trying to find videos talking about 3D-Coat and I ended up listening to most of these people (ZBrush users) use 3D-Coat just to do Retopology or UV aperture. Please, do not get me wrong, I do not want to disparage anyone who uses 3D-Coat just to for a certain task. I just got tired of seeing 3D-Coat being used only to complete a piece of production made entirely in ZBrush and then returning to ZBrush again. And before you say that I'm being sentimental in my opinions about 3D-Coat for the reason that I love this program ... Honestly, I tell you I'm not being passionate, no! I am using reason and my experience of being able to create and sculpt sculptures at a high level within 3D-Coat. It is not possible that these people (youtubes of Zbrushes) do not see 3D-Coat as it deserves to be seen! It's not possible that these peoples do not try to sculpt 3D-Coat and create a beautiful sculpture. Unfortunately, the 3D-coat Sculpt Room for these people is not taken seriously. Sorry for anything, but I'm tired of witnessing Powerful Marketing on ZBrush's behalf, even though I know ZBrush is a great program, but I can not believe that if you do a simple youtube search about 3D-Coat, you will not find many SpeedSculpt videos, turntables, tutorials or anything else as easily as you can find millions of videos in favor of ZBrush. I agree with you! I'm very happy that Andrew is reviewing the 3D-Coat Brushes system and I hope this is just the beginning so he can also review many other tools and functions that already exist within 3D-Coat, and of course, not forgetting Sculpt Layers and other new and essential features. And if somebody says that I suggest functions that exist in ZBrush, I'll keep suggesting it, because in the same way they borrow functions that already existed in 3D-Coat and improve their program, why can not we borrow it too (in a good way)? Again I apologize for any words I have used, but I hope to see 3D-Coat in its proper place and if it depends on me, I will help.
  13. Rygaard

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I do not know what it's like to use ZBrush for a while. Of course I did not forget how things work there! I have also spoken, including one of the topics I created, that is what you have just said about ZB getting "borrowed" tools and features from 3D-Coat and perfecting in some way. I agree that 3D-Coat is unique and has its own identity as the way to have a mesh ready with UVs and then perform the bake of the cake! What I miss, the ease of visualizing the effect of the map displacement map on the mesh to be able to configure the intensity of the displacement and apply in the mesh. This my friend, is very important for anyone who wants to work with 3d Impressions. Since I'm not a programmer, I do not know if there would be a need to redo the 3D-Coat's sculpting platform just to implement this Quad system. Please do not understand that I want the quads system, I just said that this system has its benefits too and that would be welcome if it happened! My opinion is that 3D-Coat needs to reinforce what it already has. Stop to think about the amount of tools and features we already have and that honestly need to be polished, improved and added more important functions in them. An example, in the surface mode, Copy Clay is fantastic and unique (Zbrush does not dream of having), but this tool is "left out" and with errors. That makes me sad! Speaking of brush, the Move Brush and Pose Tool could have options to restrict the area of influence of Brush, this means that we could easily move parts of the mesh without changing others, such as closing or opening the eyes, mouth, model surfaces that are in contact with each other. I've been sculpting a lot in 3D-Coat and I can tell from my experience that the Brushes system is not far behind ZBrush, but of course it could be improved. 3D-coat has an arsenal of tools that ZBrush does not have (I think). These tools like Sphere, Muscle, Spike, Tooth and etc. enable users to have a true clay modeling experience as it does in real life. And of course the Live Clays Brushes that have been on 3D-Coat for years ... Please, do not get me wrong, the problem is that Andrew develops all these tools and features and for some reason are forgotten. It could be different from this reality, could perfect what we already have and add more important functions as I said earlier. That would be fantastic. I would very much like Andrew to further refine the behavior and performance of the Brushes, giving us an even better experience than we already have with some other functions that are important so that we can more accurately control Brush behavior on the mesh surface (who knows one of the functions similar to ZBrush's Imbed). The only thing I would very much like to have and that I would ask a lot is that Andrew could revise the clay-type code of the Surface Mode. I wish the clay could sculpt on the surface of the mesh no matter if the mesh topology (Tris) was stretched, no matter how many polygons (few or millions), no matter what, just sculpted without causing intersection problems or unwanted effects in the mesh. Sorry to comment, but ZBrush's ClayTubes (family clays brushes) are topologically independent, you can sculpt in the mesh, regardless of anything, you always get the desired result without problems. I believe that this refinement of the 3D-Coat Brushes system could be worked out along with the perfection of the Alphas system. Our alpha supports 8 bits, we could have an update to 16 bits, what do you think? And never forgetting ... SCULPT LAYERS always!
  14. Rygaard

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    The only reason for a system of Quads would be for the sculpture at subdivision levels, ie production similar to ZBrush or Blender, where it would be another type of system that accepts UVs directly in the mesh that is being sculpted and preserves throughout the process (if the user wants UVs). This type of system 3D-Coat does not work, because it was designed to make the retopology at the end of its production, opening of UVs and ect ... I know the essence of 3D-Coat is based on the rooms that can still be maintained, but I am in favor of implementing the quads system that will bring us a workflow that everyone is accustomed to do and the benefits of various functions and properties that this type of system allows. For me, the more work options that Andrew can implement in 3D-Coat is completely welcome! I think one thing everyone here must agree is that the only thing that matters being a mesh of Tris or Quads the Brushes need to work perfectly (that's the base), giving the user an optimal experience in the behavior of the brushes to perform the sculpture wonderfully well as the detailing on the surface of the mesh.