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  2. Carlosan

    Hardware Reviews

    Case: Corsair 5000D Airflow Review - Neoseeker. Case: SilentiumPC Armis AR7X EVO TG ARGB Mid-Tower Review - Nikk Tech. Case: Thermaltake The Tower 100 Review - TechPowerUp. Graphics Card: ASUS ROG Strix LC RX 6800 XT OC Review - Vortez. Mouse: HyperX Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse Review - TweakTown. Mouse: LTC MoshPit WHM-01 Review - TechPowerUp. NAS: Asustor Lockerstor 4 (AS6604T) NAS Review - Guru3D. SSD: Sabrent Rocket Q4 2TB with Heatsink - LanOC Reviews. SSD: Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 2TB review - PC Gamer.
  3. Kargall

    3DCoat 2021. It will be shipped within Q1 2021

    I am so impatient. That I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve
  4. Kargall

    [Solved] Where is my ctrl-Z ?

    Excellent! Why didn't I think about it sooner? Thank you Carlosan [Resolved]
  5. Carlosan

    [Solved] Where is my ctrl-Z ?

    Try adding a new key to undo button
  6. Hello, I am amazed to have this problem, I no longer have Ctrl-Z, it no longer works with my keyboard. Ctrl-Z works with all other applications. It’s strange. At first I had to click twice on "z", now nothing; / Do you have any idea of the problem? Thank you
  7. Mack

    Sketchbook Journey

    Exploring some Flora for a piece I am working on.
  8. Carlosan


  9. Carlosan

    Finished Works

    Gallery of finished works by artists using 3DC in their workflow
  10. Carlosan

    Rock Shaders needed.

    Hi The only way is to work with version 3 since in version 4 the entire shader system was changed, unfortunately they were no longer compatible, so it was discontinued.
  11. At some point in the process, did any save get corrupted?
  12. Carlosan

    Move brush bug in Mirror mode

    Try switching this option on/off
  13. Carlosan

    3DCoat Applink to Blender Texture Errors

    Hello Looks as overlaped UVs, what if you paint every object individually ? If you only connect color node in Blender, can you see any difference ?
  14. Hi, can anyone help?! So I've been working on a character for a while and I've just finished texturing it in 3DCoat. I have had to work on it in 3 different 3Dcoat files (Body, Armour and Boot) so my machine can handle it. I've wanted to move it in to blender to start rigging and add hair particles, so I've been using the 3DCoat Blender app link. For the most part it works perfectly accept for some certain objects. As you can see from the photos I've uploaded below in blender, the knuckle guards parts of the skin and the belt have weird texture errors. However when you look at them in 3dCoat there doesn't seem to be any errors. I've uploaded images of my export to blender settings to see if that could be the issue. Can anyone see what's causing this error and how to fix?! Much Appreciated
  15. In Voxel mode with mirror mode enabled, the move brush does not work well on the mirrored side. 3D Coat 4.9.68 Win 10 64 bits Thanks
  16. Seems to have fixed it. The previous baked set is now orientated correctly, but I tried rebaking it just to make sure and it also ends up correct. Thanks Carlosan. Edit: Nope it's broken again. Edit2: Seems to work again after going back to an earlier file.
  17. ggaliens

    Rock Shaders needed.

    3.6 and 3.7 had some natural shaders I like. 4.9 does not seem to have the natural shaders. Am I missing something ? Why discontinue such nice shaders ? How can I find them to use with 4.9 ?
  18. Carlosan

    Texture Import Issues

    Try Texture > import And view > show voxel in paint room = off
  19. Last week
  20. horse0291

    Texture Import Issues

    Yes I know, I'm in the paint room. Sorry should have explained better.
  21. Carlosan

    Texture Import Issues

    Hello and welcome. Sculpt Room does not allow to view or import textures, nor does it recognize UV maps. Please check this videos, helps your current workflow ?
  22. horse0291

    Texture Import Issues

    Hi, I've been trying to use 3Dcoat to clean up a photogrammetry model created from Agisoft Metashape. I am able to clean up the model the issue I'm having is when I try to load the texture from Metashape, its exported as a regular jpg, it says it loads but it doesn't display on the model all I see is the color that's the same brown as when you're in the sculpt view. I've tried flipping through all view types of the model under the texture tab but nothing shows the texture. I feel like its a simple issue but I can't tell what it is. Every tutorial I've seen as soon as someone imports the texture it applies it to the model.
  23. Well, but then the whole Hardops (based on booleans) workflow has absolutely no sense. And such topology in Blender works ok for hard surface and it is shaded perfectly as well in Blender
  24. Try to subdivide model and avoid ngons. I think such problem may occur even in ray tracing render engines
  25. Hello, I wish You could help me as I am out of ideas. I would appreciate a help with my workflow which I would like to be finished in 3DC. Somewhere on forum I read that some people here use Blender with Hardops addon so maybe I will find solution here. I want to texture and paint my object imported from Blender. During my Blender workflow I use mainly HardOps add-on which is based on booleans, bevel etc. The final mesh does't look great, I mean it is not quad mesh, it's bad topology...but In Blender if I use sharp edges, smooth shading etc..the final shading look perfect. No issues (1st screenshot). The problem starts in 3DC. The shading which looks good in Blender does not look good in 3DC (2nd screenshot). This is the first problem. I somehow figure out how to get rid of this shading issues by adding some more geometry ( I diced the whole object) It helped . But then another problems occurred - curvature map calculation produces strange result: artifacts and black lines on the curvature map, which don't correspond with any curvature( black lines are on flat faces). The 3rd photo presents the problem. Last screenshoot is the base mesh from Blender (shading in Blender looks with it as well)
  26. Carlosan


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