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  2. ....to add another thought to this discussion, allow me to submit this bit of information. AMD already has a card that competes directly with the RTX 2070...it's called the Vega 64 and it came out about 18mos ago. The 2070 is basically the same performance as the 1080, and the Vega 64 goes head to head with the 1080. Doesn't have RTX, but RTX isn't being used anywhere, yet and on the one game it does, it is extremely hard to tell any difference. That makes it an expensive gimmick. What is NOT a gimmick is the Radeon V 7 having double the VRAM.
  3. It's NOT a 2070! Anybody making that comparison is either a NVidia fanboy or they don't know what they are talking about. Why? Because not single person has gotten their hands on one to test, except AMD. Furthermore, AMD's CEO Lisa Su just gave a big presentation COMPARING IT DIRECTLY TO A 2080! I haven't bought an AMD card in over a decade, but the way NVidia has been acting lately, I'm ready to give AMD a chance as long as they make it compelling enough. This card appears to do so, at least for GPU rendering. ProRender is aggressively being developed by AMD and is already the default GPU render for C4D, and soon to be for Modo, too. I'm going to try and see if I can convince Andrew to have someone port Pro Render in 3DCoat. It's legit in my tests. Furthermore, Octane, another GPU render that I sometimes use, is supposedly working on a CUDA translator so that AMD cards can be used with Octane. This card has $4000 Nvidia Quadro Workstation card level RAM and compute power and that's not nothing. It's why I'm really getting sick of hearing all the AMD bashing, when at the very worst, this is a 2080 equivalent being sold for $100 less. What's to fuss about that?
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Env style test

    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Hybrid offhand sketch

    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Glovebase mech hand

    Cool work, congrats!:)
  16. ну потихоньку нахожу способ сглаживать. Но приходится сначала переключаться на кисть смуз, а потом с контролом на антибамп по второму кругу проходиться. По шифту он смузит главной кистью, а не смузом. Перфоманс отличный по полигонажу. Но комфорт в одном, избыточные действия в другом. В общем нужно находить оптимальный путь коута, с опытом конечно можно найти хороший путь, но пока в глаза бросается, что он сильно оригинален в плане происхождения своих инструментов. ИХ природу еще прочуствовать надо. Хардсерфейс это круто, но вот органика тут страдает. Так как в руках не глина, а стамеска.
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    Great texture work!
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    Nice details!
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Forester fantasy world

    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Rocket Bot Concept

    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Cool work, congrats!:)
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    Aquatic Hermit Crab

    Cool work, congrats!:)
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