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  2. pickers

    saving measurement units

    Hi, How do i save measurement units to cm instead of mm once for all projects?
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  4. I understand what you mean! Do you know what's beautiful in 3D-Coat? Is that you do not have a workflow set! According to your project, you will have a different workflow that will best suit your goal. Over time, even with different workflows that you can use, you will have your main tools and features at the touch of your finger. I used the ZB ... And honestly, until I figured out what I could do in 3D-Coat took a while. Once you've figured out, things will get easier and you'll surely have the tools you like the most. Since you like "wsad" , you can create 1 to 5 shortcut keys and further increase your shortcut keys by using 1 to 5 + shift combination (for other tools). Do not forget to anabolize your shortcuts using the "quick access" of the space bar with more tools that you may find useful in your work! Another tip, would you create tool presets (both in Voxels and Surface mode) and leave the brushes completely the way you like them and still have something interesting in that which is: If you work in Voxels mode and select a preset made for Surface mode, 3D-Coat will automatically switch from Voxels Mode to Surface without you having to go to TreeVoxels and press the voxels button to surface. Just like Surface for Voxels. I hope I have helped you in some way ( I know it was not too much... but) and that you can help me suggest tools and features that will further enhance our 3D-Coat work! The important thing is not to let the ideas disappear but to register them here! Even though Andrew is very busy, but in the future, maybe he will see these suggestions and develop them..... in the future!
  5. Thank You For Information it help me a lot!!!!
  6. David O'Neil

    How to make crisp, but subtle, seams

  7. Carlosan

    How to make crisp, but subtle, seams

  8. I should use shortcuts more but the space bar menu is just so easy, and I don't have to move my hand away from its usual 'wsad' hover point. Also I haven't hit my stride with what brushes I prefer exactly, still working out my workflow I guess, so the topbar does actually change a bit. Pose is a permanent feature as is scratches 2, but for instance I also have "reconstruct" in there, which can now be done away with because of that video showing the various smooth capabilities, and indeed I have "smooth" in there but it can also go because it's on shift anyways and I've never clicked on it in the top bar position. You are right I should think about what I have in there a bit more carefully and its arrangement putting my top tools in 1-5 would be wiser than my current approach.
  9. Sorda

    How to make crisp, but subtle, seams

    A simple rule. Voxels for the basic form, Boolean operations and other. Surface - for working out details and drawing shapes. Voxels are similar to cubes, which however, have finite dimensions (rests on the performance of the system and / or the engine of the 3d coat itself).
  10. David O'Neil

    How to make crisp, but subtle, seams

    Thanks. I'll continue working it out. In the past, I never got the pinch brush to work the same as ZBrush when in surface mode. (And when I tried live clay, I got a headache because it added density, but then trying to smooth over that density became a complete pain.) Maybe this time will be different. Do you typically bump up the resolution when you take it to surface?
  11. My Wacom tablet creates ragged strokes when using a toothpaste tool, however when using the mouse the stroke is smooth and clear. Any idea what and how to set up?
  12. I understand what you're talking about. Maybe Andrew could see your suggestions. Maybe, if you could email him ... I know you would not want to hear something like that, but at the moment, you could not create shortcuts for your main brushes and access them that way? Would not that be a small solution? I use shortcuts for my top brushes and that way I work fast. I also put in the quick access (space bar) brushes that I do not use so often... not to get them looking at the menu with so many brushes. I think doing these 2 things can be a momentary solution until Andrew can see what he can do about these things. Some time ago, on this same topic, I had suggested some customizations. 1- User's custom menu: In it we could put all the tools and functionalities that we wanted that exists in 3D-Coat. And as soon as a tool is inserted in this customized user menu, it would automatically create a corresponding graphic button with its function and the name of the tool next to it (with the user's option to take the tool name if it wishes). This menu would accept access by shortcut key. 2- 3D-Coat could accept that we could drag tools and features to any part of the 3D-Coat screen. Where the user could customize what tools and features he could access quickly on the 3D-Coat's own screen. There are more suggestions I could say about it, but I will limit myself to those 2 that I believe would be the main ones, as it would facilitate and increase the speed of our work within 3D-Coat. I know Andrew is doing very important things at the moment for us! Of which we have waited many years to have. I'm just posting here these suggestions that, in my opinion, would make our work so much better and besides, 3D-Coat would be much more powerful!
  13. oJAHRASTAo

    How to make crisp, but subtle, seams

    I'd suggest, using voxels for larger points of detail, and switching to Surface mode to add the level of detail you're interested in. You could res+ your voxels, but your results will still be less crisp with the pinch tool or negative depth with a pointed alpha. Working with very high voxels rez starts to tax your system. Play around in surface mode and and brushes, really nice differences in workflow there.
  14. David O'Neil

    How to make crisp, but subtle, seams

    Thanks. That helps a little. I'll figure it out. Right now I'm thinking ZBrush's pinch brush is the thing to use for a final pass, but I'll see if I change my mind. Frustrating!
  15. Carlosan

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hi Send linux support-related questions to Sergii Kryzhanovskyi at support.linux@3dcoat.com Thx
  16. Barracuda

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I can't seem to find the instant mesh retopo since it was added, it doesn't show up in any of the versions I have used. I am currently on 4.8.15D on Linux.
  17. Texture baking is the process of transferring details from one model to another. The baking tool starts a certain distance out from the model (usually a low-resolution model for game use), and casts rays inwards towards another model (usually a high-resolution sculpt). When a ray intersects the 2nd model, it records the surface detail and saves that into a texture map, using the first model's Texture Coordinates. Hard edges and a distance-based raycast (gray areas) cause ray misses (yellow) and ray overlaps (cyan). Image by Diego Castaño. The gray area shows that using all soft edges (or hard edges and a cage-based raycast) will avoid ray-casting errors from split normals. Image by Diego Castaño.
  18. Retopo room > Bake > Bake scan settings Try changing scan depth to keep your model covered form in and out mesh contour values.
  19. Thank you, I will take a look, hope I will get the answers to my questions. I have gone through few tutorials already and they were a bit confusing.
  20. This video demonstration covers a few texture baking improvements/additions as of 3D Coat.
  21. PaulMroczek

    Can't move UV's in the preview UV's window

    Make sure You have Standard Brush selected...
  22. Falconius

    How to make crisp, but subtle, seams

    in the stroke mode panel (above the left side brush menus) you can use curves and vertex curves with most of the brushes. The other option is to use the split tool with the split border width on the top bar set to 0 and then merge the layers back together (but this will cut a seam all the way through the model).
  23. Even with all on his plate I do have a couple of minor suggestions. Both to do with the Spacebar brush menu. The first being that I often end up dragging brushes out of the top dock accidentally, maybe if the functionality was changed so that to drag brushes out of the dock it was ctrl or alt + click. The second much more minor one is that sometimes I get stuck for a bit looking for the odd brush I want, if there was a way to narrow down the brushes al-la zbrush typing in the first letters it might prove helpful.
  24. hansiMuc

    glTF 2.0 Support

    Would the Khronos 3D file format glTF 2.0 eventually be supported in 3D-Coat or are there any considerations to do so ? Kind regards, Hans
  25. Falconius

    [Bug] Vox Layer tool not working

    Yeah that's it, thanks!
  26. So, the shells are "hills and valleys" of the initial sculpted model? The shells are not the initial sculpted model and the retopoed model?
  27. Sure enough, we have to leave Andrew with full priority for Sculpt Layers and the other features! Many years waiting for these great features! Lots of air for Andrew !!! My God! And I suggesting several things! But it's only good intention! Just to register this little suggestion to make us daydreaming! I could not resist suggesting the Rigging / Skinning system! Who knows someday Andrew will have a loving look at that suggestion!
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