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  4. Hello developers, I used 'RGB Curvature' after the update before, and the baking process was broken once. At that time it was solved with Edit-Reset settings. This time, when baking the RGB Curvature, the texture was broken. (On the first try, it baked normally.) I tried Reset settings again this time, but it didn't fix it. The strange thing is that the other example samples from 3DC are baked normally. I thought the scene was broken, so I exported the high-poly and low-poly data and then imported it again in a new scene, but the problem was not solved. Share files by uploading them to Dropbox. Does anyone have the same problem as me? ▼ Dropbox file ▼ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/12vlitxs23lcesl/AAAfULUYoeRPsmGGgjhvd24Xa?dl=0
  5. 我发现除了导航类别的快捷键可以分工区设置,其它快捷键都无法使用工作区区分,stacked ksys对于使用很不方便,很灵敏的,急速重,参考搅拌机的设置方法
  6. 3DCoat 2021 Sculpt Sessions Pt 16View the full article
  7. Hello! There is potential fix, which can speed up working process: Switching to Transform tool(Pose panel)- e.g. from Move to transform cost some time. Than bigger triangles count - than slower switching to Transform. Reverse switching of this tools(from transform to move) - immediatly. May by at this time(when switching from Move to Transform) - calculating some operations like switching to Global or Uniform space, or something like that. Question is "Can it be postponed?(Apply long operations after changing proportions)". User can N times change proportions and than do something else and it woluld be great - if long calculation could be executed 1 time after this manipulations. Example - object 7m triangles. (2-3 sec switching in testing pc) If this possible, please consider. Cheers!
  8. There is a problem with the vertices going to the wrong position when beveling after grabbing 3 edges
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  10. CPU Cooler: MSI MEG CORELIQUID S360 AIO Cooler Review - The FPS Review. Headset: 1MORE ColorBuds 2 In-Ear TWS Earbuds - Mad Shrimps. Headset: Creative Outlier Air V2 Review - APH Networks. Monitor: AOC 16T2 Touchscreen Monitor Review - OCinside. Router: Netduma R2 router review - Guru3D.
  11. I think this would be handy. @Carlosan Thank you for the quick answer carlosan!
  12. Hi You can set parameters on Tool Options Panel Is any control missing or do you need a new one ?
  13. @Andrew Shpagin version .63 - Render Room resets after switching to other rooms. If you change exposure, switch on space reflections and illumination or any other setting, it goes to defaults after you switch to other rooms. Flat shading still doesn't work as it should... visible intersections. It doesn't work correctly in 4.9.72 and all versions of 2021.
  14. Hi It is not possible to export only one object from paint room.
  15. Hello Please try latest version mac OS Big Sur 11.6 https://pilgway.com/~sergyi/3DCoat-2021/3DCoat-2021.61.dmg
  16. Hi! I'm having a hard time solving this issue of crashing. 3DCoat always crashes when I save my adjustments in Photoshop. Do anyone know how do I fix this? Thank you! https://ibb.co/tJMv07h Basic Info: - macOS Big Sur 11.6 - 3DCoat 2021.15 - Photoshop 22.5.1
  17. Hello all! I've created a free resource using 3D Coat (and daz for the humans). I was heavily inspired by the renaissance art movement. Here it is! (because it's kinda big, 1GB, I've hosted on Artstation - but it's free). Download link Have fun!
  18. Hi. I would like to export only visible mesh objects from the paint room. (to trace the error with applink to blender) It is a 300mb coat file. It is always exporting all maps and meshes. How do you export one or selected parts? Thank you!
  19. Last week
  20. I upgraded to .63 and the options were back again (they were missing in .62 for some reason). Thanks
  21. Hi. Is it possible to somehow parametrically set the parameters, such as the thickness of the supports, or make the supports one or two nozzle diameters wide to make them easier to separate?
  22. Hi Issue reported at andrewshpagin@gmail.com Please send an email requesting support to the same address. Thanks
  23. Windows version 2021.63 I still have those options on my end. You do have to setup your own hotkeys for them now I noticed.
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