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  2. digman

    [Bug] Small bug when exporting Color / albedo map

    Windows beta version 4.9.63 I tested exporting a black texture using your method Layer set to Standard, then Emissive just to test. In Affinity, both textures are Red "0" Green "0" Blue "0" and the correct hex number. Not sure what is happening on your end or am I missing a step.
  3. Carlosan

    3DCoat and memory problems

    Hi Does the graphics card have enough VRAM memory ? Send the texture file to support team at andrewshpagin@gmail.com asking for help. Thx
  4. I usually use the "Texture -> Export -> Color / albedo" to export my Emissive maps. I noticed that its impossible to export a perfectly pitch black texture. When opened in photoshop the minimum value is R1G1B1 which will always break emissive maps. This bug has been happening... at least since 4.8 if I remember properly. I looked if someone notified it, but I couldn't find anyone that did. The only other inconsistency I remember when exporting maps, is that using the "store gloss/roughness in metal alpha" will always export a slightly darker map than it does when exporting the maps separately and adding them manually.
  5. digman

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Not sure which room you are in so I will give an answer for both. Sculpt Room. Choose or make a shader that will revel the features underneath the freeze. I included a shader for you. You may change the color as you wish. Paint Room. A white freeze revels the features more but I also choose to show the wireframe which the freeze does not hide. Under the freeze menu choose "Toogle Freeze View" to choose the the freeze view you want. Under the file menu choose to install the extension. Make a feature request for all freeze views to revel the features underneath it if you so desire. Freeze.3dcpack
  6. digman

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    @tokikake Windows Beta Version 4.9.63 Using the single polygon mode. Try the settings shown in the picture for freeze to work correctly. Brush size I choose a very large number. Might not need 40 but it works. Increased opacity to 200 percent (manual typing in the amount). Might not need 200 percent but I play it safe. Choose connective picking. Freezing and Un-Freezing both work. EdIt: I did some more testing. The most import setting is connective picking and brush radius size. Changing the freeze degree beyond 100 percent seems not to effect it as much. Play with those settings but connective picking needs to be chosen and at least 1.0 brush radius or higher but this also would depend I believe upon the scale of your model, for brush radius size. Make the brush radius large enough to fill the inside of the model's polygons completely. Of course you will not see the brush radius yellow cursor when using the single polygon mode. New Test :The Monkey ( not the one shown in the picture.) Connective picking. Brush radius "7.0" Contrast: 100% Freezing degree: 100%
  7. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Thanks you really often update and solve issue everytime. Then I hope one more request, if you can.. about new option (use material group when export mesh from retopo >> paint room) I know it is not default option, but I hope to do same thing, when "use visible paint objects as retopo" That means,,, I import mesh with UVset (material surface group), then when import the paint mesh for retopo room, "use visible paint objects as retopo" I hope 3d coat auto divide them as each retopo object group with UV set (UV tile ) too. At current 3d coat simply gather all material group as one retopo group. so even though I use new option, it can not keep material group which have set when I import mesh for paint room. I hope these steps. 1. import paint room with " Import tiles as UVset". (= material group) 2. use visible mesh in retopo room. (and use new option , which will auto divide each UVtiles (UVset = Material group) as retopo group) 3. edit something 4. bake retopo object ( with use Treat retopo gorups as Object (disable) (so 3d coat use retopo groups as material groups (or UVset) Can I expect it?
  8. OneManGang

    OIP Kopie.jpg

    Tried to do a Pred...satisfied with that..what do you think ?
  9. tokikake

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Someone confirm please,. Freeze with single poligon mode, often miss freeze (only freeze some parts of the selected poligon) or not color as 100 percent freeze. when I set "Single polgion" brush mode, 3d coat stop to change brush alpha. So I suppose it should freeze as 100 percent. (do not use brush alpha) with freeze setting value. but it often can not freeze as 100 persent. (even though I set Freeze degree as 100 percent) And when paint with "single poligon" mode, it seems still try to use brush size.(so I need to set brush size large than poligon) to full paint the poligon. But it not offer brush size as visuall anymore. (so to see brush size, I need to exchange brush mode then cofirm brush size, return "single poligon mode" Same problem happen with Ctrl Freeze (to remove Freeze area) with use "single poligon brush mode", I often use the poligon select mode (brush) then recently it is really annoying to paint freeze or erase area strictly. (it often remain freeze part, or not remove freeze as 0 percent etc) eg 1. set Freeze tool, then select brush mode as "select polgion" , then freeze one poligon. 2. just use Ctrl with Click same area.. it not remove freeze perfectly. then remain as 30 percent etc. So I often need to ctrl click twice or three times. to remove the freeze from poligon.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Up until this afternoon 3DCoat has been working just fine. However, I accidentally attempted to import a texture that was way too large for 3DCoat to deal with.Almost immediately up popped a window that said there was insufficient memory and the application crashed. There seems to be more than enough memory on my Macmini OS 10.14.3 available to run it. I have 31 GB available on my drive. Alas from that point on 3DCoat would not complete startup. I have attached info from my activity monitor. So......I eventually ditched the corrupted file, uninstalled the program and downloaded the latest version. I thought this would clear out any existing problem but even a newly installed version just crashes within a few minutes every time I try to start it.The memory warning does not even show up any more. If memory is still an issue, and due to my ignorance I am not sure how to deal with it, how do I increase it ? Is there a way to designate more memory to just this program or do I have to reduce the number of files on my hard drive and make even more GBs available ? Any help to resolve this issue would be appreciated as I need to texture my model urgently. Thanks Limey
  12. Carlosan

    Hardware Reviews

    ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 3080 OC Review - Vortez. CORSAIR iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX AIO Cooler Review - The FPS Review. HP S750 SSD 1TB review - Guru3D. Lexar SL200 Portable Solid State Drive Review - ThinkComputers.org. Patriot P300 M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x4 1TB SSD Review - Mad Shrimps. You've NEVER seen an ITX Case like this - ROG Z11 Review - Hardware Canucks (video). Thanks Neutronbeam. Sabrent Rocket Q4 NVMe 2TB SSD Review - TweakTown.
  13. Carlosan

    3DC 2021 free for Steam users ?

    Hello Any purchasing related questions or requests, address them to sales@3dcoat.com Thanks
  14. Makoto_Neysi

    3DC 2021 free for Steam users ?

    the announcement says All the 3DCoat Professional type licenses purchased by individuals from August 1, 2020 until the release of 3DCoat 2021 will get a Free Upgrade to 3DCoat 2021 Individual what about Steam users ( purchased after 1 aug 2020 ) ? since it says All the 3DCoat Professional type license will steam users get 2021 individuals as well ? if yes outside steam or inside steam ? aside from steam, will users who upgrade their old 3D Coat Amateur to Professional NOW get 2021 free as well? like i got amateur on dec 2017, can i get 2021 for free if i upgrade it to Professional now ? ( steam user )
  15. john gonzales

    Introduce yourself!

    Ahh, thanks. Yes, MODO does give you the option of .LWO when exporting. I never thought of that I have been using .OBJ and.FBZ, so far it has been a mixed bag it does come across but I an still not clear as to how to set it up in 3D Coat and to get down to painting. I am still not a hundred percent with getting started in 3D Coat. I will have some time next month once this project is passed. I thought I would do what I could to acclimate myself with the process when I had some free time. Thanks for the video, I will have a look and see if that doesn't clear up some of my questions.
  16. tcwik

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Why freez mask is so fkin black?!! is almost as annoying as voxel hide with no preview of hiding part at all,, this is like 'working in the dark'
  17. That worked, thanks a lot Carlosan!
  18. Hi Test if this build it loads successfully https://pilgway.com/files/3dcoat/V4.9/3d-Coat-V4_9-64-64.exe If not send the scene file to support team at andrewshpagin@gmail.com
  19. Hi, I used the pose tool to make changes to an object, accidently pushing its density to about 465 million! It crashed but when I try and load the file again it crashes to desktop. All my previous autosaves are doing the same. Is there any way I can get into the scene again and try to delete the heavy object, or is the scene fully unrecoverable now? Cheers, Jon
  20. Hi Digman, Thanks a lot. I haven’t used the 3d coat in a long time, so forgotten how symmetry work. Radial Symmetry works for me.
  21. digman

    Viewport Projector tool

    Windows Beta Version 4.9.63 GL No problems on extrude with symmetry in the above version. I tested 4.9.57 and the extrude is not working correctly as you pointed out. Things break sometimes from one beta to the next. Not uncommon for betas... Lasted beta version is now 4.9.64. It fixed a rare crash on loading some 3DC files. For the projection icon to appear, go to Preferences/ Beta/ Show Beta tools. There was a bug in beta version 4.9.57 that hid two selection options in the paint room when the activity bar was enabled. I recommend updating to the latest beta. You can install more than one version at time. No need to uninstall a earlier version unless you desire to.
  22. Windows Beta version 4.9.63 Your X axis would be on the opposite side of the cube. Not shown in your video. I tested and it is working as expected. Use Radial Symmetry if you want all 4 sides effected at the same time.
  23. Hi guys, I have version 4.9.57 installed and was trying to do something with viewport projection tool. Couldn't find that option.See attachment.Also there is something wrong with symmetry in sculpting extrude mode , I doesn't work,see attachment.Can you please help me with that ?Thank you
  24. Hello there, My symmetry looks dead to Cube primitive It's looks working in one axis only. I recorded a video to show the problem.
  25. Hello there, My symmetry looks dead just in a Cube primitive It
  26. This video demonstrates some key changes to the UI in 3DCoat 2021
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