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  2. L'Ancien Regime

    3DCoat 2021 Released !

    yeah the password recovery letter I got sent me to a non functioning page on the Pilgway website. But I was able to purchase my update successfully.
  3. L'Ancien Regime

    2021 User manual in PDF..??

    Is it going to just be the same stuff that's online or will it be a more comprehensive manual that actually delves deep into 3D Coat's functionality? The lack of a good manual is really the biggest shortcoming to using 3D coat right now. I mean this to me is how a PDF manual for a program as deep as 3D Coat should look. Imagine if every tool in the new modeling room or all the complex possibilities of the texture baking tab had this kind of vivid instructions in the manual. Rygaard just threw these out in a minute or two in response to one of my questions. A manual encompassing this kind of functionality would really be a huge boon to all the users. Maybe you should pay Rygaard to produce your 3D Coat manual for you.
  4. I've been experimenting with the height, smudge and flatten tools, and none of these tools seem to provide a good method of simply blending/smoothing normals together if I want to remove a kink or edge from them. Is there a method to do this that I'm overlooking, or is this a needed feature that has not yet been provided?
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  6. @gerykats did you tried to change tablet interface in settings?
  7. Hello Carlosan, I tried the 2021.17...same issue...not fixed best regards ps: i don't back up the 2021.11..please can you re-link it or in my accompt...thanks
  8. spacepainter

    3DCoat 2021 Released !

    no password recorvery there
  9. Carlosan

    3DCoat 2021 Released !

    Go to https://3dcoat.com/ And login into your account. Sidenote: If user have an old version they will see them in their account for V4 for V3
  10. gerykats

    2021 User manual in PDF..??

    Thanks kool....
  11. spacepainter

    3DCoat 2021 Released !

    So where do I find my upgraded serial nr?
  12. Carlosan

    Molding special license ?

    Hi Please contact sales@3dcoat.com Thanks
  13. Carlosan

    2021 User manual in PDF..??

    Hi ! We are working on it.
  14. Can we hope to have a user manual in PDF updated for the 2021 version..??
  15. same issue since 2021.12..with mouse..no problems with 2021.11 with mouse and XP-PEN .. I7 and rtx 3070 win 10
  16. Omni-Moulage

    Molding special license ?

    Hello, How can I found the special license requested by "molding tools" ?
  17. This arbitrary scaling in 3dcoat has to be dealt with after years of 3dcoat development. It's as terrible as zbrush. We need a scaling system that is consistent, metric or imperial. It was fine when just painting, Now with poly modelling it needs to be standardized like other apps.
  18. artofcharly

    [Feature] Spine Tool improvements

    Awesome! Thank you!
  19. Juan Carlos Montes

    [Solved] Calculate Occlusion problems

    I figure out, the whole scene was to big so I re import the file an 3d coat scale the whole model.
  20. Doesn't need to be non destructive. I've used 3dmax a long time but I collapse the modifiers at some point. Same with blender. Lightwave, modo, silo are destructive but still very fast modellers because the workflow is good enough. 3dcoat needs to be good.
  21. Hi, I don't know if I broke 3d coat with this model but is not calculating the occlusion right, I did the full sculpt in 3d coat and I just wanted to do a fast paint. I don't have any idea how to fix this problem let me I know if you want me to send the file.
  22. Actually, what you can try Silas is ghosting the layer and changing the pick behaviour to act, but don't pick. That should help in the situations where you draw over existing geo.
  23. nope it does crash you're correct lol i wasn't using alpha
  24. I got up to 40mil and i got bored but... I tried all the stroke tools and they were fine I couldn't replicate it
  25. Carlosan

    Merge ...multiple paint layers at once?

    Hi On Layers Menu at top, or RMB over any layer popups Merge commands
  26. Carlosan


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