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  2. - Search 3dCoat on Udemy, make sure to view the newest. I cant say they are what you are looking for cause I havent seen them But they are there. Also Anton Tenitsky has a mentorship program. - You dont need to donload any brushes. You dont need to download any brushes for Zbr too? But you will need to adjust them for sure. - I tried for you and couldnt figure out the flat shader thing
  3. Today I'm not happy with 3dc. Couldnt make anything useful trying to compose this post - Pose tool: How can I make the curves close the shape and not see the border only? I tried really (see attachment 1) - Pose tool: Gizmo need a "To Center of Selection" aside from the "To Center Mass". Sometimes when I edit a selection gizmo bugs out and resets itself to center loosing normal direction too. Annoying to use the Pick Pivot tool. - Pose tool: Adjust Transition Area; its explanation is promising but couldnt figure out how to use it? (attachment 2) - Pose tool: Still missing sharpen, expand, contract. - Unrelated: I havent noticed before but there is a 99% on the top left next to 3dc logo. Any idea what that may be? I closed and reopened 3dc and it now shows the version as normal (attachment 1 ) - Clay Engine Brushes: Some brushes like Usual Clay or Vox Flatten doesnt have the steady stroke on top but just in the tool options palette. If a user is not experienced and has the tool options closed may get very confused.
  4. It happens with the latest version too and i upgraded from learning to full version. And not only on my PC, but on those in the University too.
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  6. Created a channel and posted something. Hope it works now. Thank you!
  7. Dumb question i know, but is there a straight forward tutorial that explains the best workflow? there are a few things i can't figure out like for starters, i want my Shader to be Flat Grey without a big Light pointing at it "Shining off it" is there a way to do that? ive tried turning the light, but then its too dark to see the sculpt im working on at all.. also are there any brushes that i need to download sorta like how there is in Zbrush? if so could someone give me a link to where to get em? thanks for any help you guys can offer..
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  9. Carlosan

    Finished Works

    Gallery of finished works by artists using 3DC in their workflow
  10. Retopo/PolyModeling Soft SelectionView the full article
  11. Hello Are you using latest verdion 2022.59 ? Your model have UVs and texture applied before export it from paint room. If you are working on Surface mode and the mesh only have polypaint, need to export it from Sculpt room.
  12. Problem with unresponsive dialog box when choosing exports: ( mesh or texture or twice ). ( from paint room ) Bug of the dialog box when trying the texture and object export. When you click on "Export Texture" or "Export Geometry", the tab doesn't expand and you can't choose these export parameters, I can make a screenshot of the problem if you want more precision. This problem prevents me from exporting my assets outside 3DCoat.
  13. Its working properly for me with the latest release. I think I had the first version I ever downloaded. I love the SweptGenr tool and functionality, its an amazing tool. I do think it needs some work on the sculpt side of things (its really confusing how you have to preselct before using the tool. Why cant it work just like the modeling room?) but that s a different issue for another thread.
  14. First you need to post something to be able to Dm.
  15. Thank you for checking for me, my fault! It was the depth value very low!
  16. Hi testing 2022.59 is working fine from my side. Try Snap to surface = ON Do you have any spline model or stencil active ?
  17. Hi, could someone use the Tubes/Muscle tool and telling me if it's funny or it's just me? As you can see in the picture, I draw some strokes, but the results are not as expected, the "muscle" is sinking inside the head, not appearing above that, and there are this strange stripes of voxels as result. I'm following a tutorial where artist use 2022.55 and he has a better result. I've already resetted my preferences and used 2022.55 as well, but still with the same, strange result. Thank you in advance for any help. !!!Silly me!!! It was the depth very low! Sorry for triggering that!
  18. I was customizing my UI, and then I found theses weird bugs: 1. If I hide any buttons in the "Sculpt Tree > Right click menu on the layer", the buttons that I have hidden in the layer Right click menu will disappear and cannot be un-hide in UI customizing mode. 2. If I hide any options in the gizmo modes switching drop-down list for Pose tool, after closing and restarting Customize UI mode, it will disappear and cannot be un-hide. Other buttons in 3DCoat works well and can be easily un-hide. Currently, I can only fix this by restoring my workspace, thank you!
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  20. Game Controller: Turtle Beach VelocityOne Flightstick Review - Soaring With Ease - MP1st. Mini PC: Minisforum Venus Series UM690 desktop review- small office PC with Ryzen 9 6900HX and USB4 - NotebookCheck.net Reviews. Thanks Neutronbeam. PSU: be quiet! Dark Power 13 1000W Power Supply Unit Review - Nikk Tech.
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