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    • @haikalle Thanks for all the tweak nodes in the combined node. Esp the color ramps for the Metallic and Roughness for tweaking them which I set up too when manually setting up the maps without the applink.
    • If you are working with textures, maybe the vRam memory of the graphic board is not enough
    • no I only use GL, I don't know if DX would crash under the same conditions.
      those crashes do not occur with a fresh file, you have to work long hours in one session before it happens.
    • From your error log, you seems install duplicate version in  your user AppData directory. but 3d coat applink  already packed as official, so you should not install this in user AppData directory.  If you test another version, basically you may need to overwrite the one in program directory..  So I may recommend,, once remove 3d coat add on from  your user AppData blender addon  directory.  and from blender property activate default one which already installed in your blender package. (then about this add on, you can not change package folda name (maybe, this folda name is used for valuable etc)  so if you change version (eg test attached version), you may need to overwrite "io_coat3D" perfectly. I usually rename default one, then keep it (but never activate), then install other version in the aprication add on directory (not user directory). then  activate the overwrite version.  
    • Both versions GL & DX crashed ?
    • Thank Carlosan

        Yes WinTab is selected .
    • Things that cause a crash for me but for which I can't seem to be able to produce a file to recreate the crash on another system : -Calculate curvature (separate objects ticked)
      -calculate occlusion (separate objects ticked)
      -painting right after baking
      -fill layer with projection (when the current view is not alligned with the original camera position for the projection (from stencil)

      knowing these things may cause a crash, I always save incrementally before calling the task, and after.
      when reopening my file after such a crash, it is possible to perform the task without crashing.
    • Great article on subtleties of exporting objects to Unity . The author states: Anyone with the knowledge want to update him?  It's great seeing 3DCoat in articles with other tools.... https://medium.com/@bgolus/generating-perfect-normal-maps-for-unity-f929e673fc57#ab02    
    • Hi, Just installed applink for the first time. I was stumped for about half an hour trying to get it to work due to it not finding the exchange folder and then not linking with 3d coat , and visa versa.  And then found this mention.
      It fixed sending to 3d coat but when i try and GetBack in blender (2.9) I`m getting an error.

    • alternatively, to avoid color palette tinting your image, you can also disable (or enable) color palette with RMB click on color palette. Personally I didn't know that your method has the same result!
    • After you paint area (with smart material etc) in the layer,  right click the painted layer, then you may see some option layer menu. There are some ways I suppose, but  I usually use Refill Mateiral.  It only pick area which already colored (non transparent area) of the layer, then FIll again with your current material. (or you can Fill with new color without smart material) or you can use "Freeze -transparent area" >> then Fill with color or smart material ,  should show almost same thing.
    • Yes Thanks. I still do not know why 3d coat link  voxel counts for per unit with Measurement unit ( 3d coat means aprication unit) . Though I understand, 3d coat actually discribe menu as  "Define mesurement units" to set those property, (so unit = measurement units)    but I do not suppose it is related with  measaure tool unit ^^;  I suppose,, I can use Scene scale, as you did to reproduce same procedure. I think change unit scale is somehow strange,, but if it is correct manner for 3d coat, I follow the rule.
    • I added a feature request that the measurement tool does not auto change the Scene Define Measurement Units when changing to different measuring standards for indeed that is what is does. A 2 meter cube would measure 200 cm if you changed to cm measurements. 
    • I finally find better way (not best, becaue I do not think 3d coat words usage about each property is reasonable,,)  to set unit and voxel counts as I need. eg  Now I hope to set 1 unit = 1 meter. for 3d coat.    then it is not reasoanble for me, but  3d coat measurement unit  means, actually  aprication 1 unit length.    so if I change 3d coat aprication unit as 1 cm, or 1 mm,, it means 3d coat change measurement unit. (of measure tool too) And  it is strange for me but,, if I hope to set voxel 1000 for 1 units ,with keep the length of the 1 unit, (my setting = meter) I need to set same value for  Unit scale.  About this case, I need to set 1000 for Unit scale.    Then grid size show Unit length correctly. with use measure tool. and when I import model which exported from 1 meter units world, it show correctly.  like this if you hope to use 100 as voxel per units, you need to set 100 for Unit scale. (it is strange but actually 3d coat need it to keep 1 grid length)  But as I said,   3d coat can not change mesaure unit as real meaning, eg when   I measure small mesh,, like  1.35 cm etc,,    I hope to see the length as  cm not Meter (my current unit length)  .     other aprication can change  measure "unit", without change length,  like  "0.0135  meter "   to 1.35 cm.. or if I set mesaure units as mm,, it may shown as 13.5 mm  But 3d coat do not offer way to change mesaurement units, but change real 1 unit length, so I can not change Meter to cm to measure length. (or it show wrong length because,, it change 1 unit length too. (About this case I keep scene scale as 1.00 ( I suppose digman way is actually multipe 100 for scene scale,  to adjust for cm)
    • I glanced at the thread again and if this is not what you are going for, sorry. I did some work on the uv wrapped sphere to remove a little more distortion.  The little hole in Antarctica is I need to get the hole vertices closer to zero. I used a normal map this time as well. Picture compares 3DC Antarctica to a map of Antarctica.  
    • Hello ! Should you have any purchasing-related questions or requests, address them to business@3dcoat.com Thanks !
    • I just went looking through the forum, but i couldn't find a concrete answer. At the 2021 announcement page, there was a line saying that the restrictions will be removed with the 2021 version, and that there will be a new student license. Are there any restrictions with it, if that's something that can be known before the official release? From some other softwares, such type of licenses usually don't get any more restrictions apart from not being commercial, while working fully. I was wondering if that is the case with 2021 student, since i couldn't find that specific specification.

    • Forgot to mention.  Set your color to white in your color palette to get the true colors of your image.
    • One way and as always might not meet your specific needs.  The below information should be enough to get you going in 3DC for the work. Once you get your UV sphere created and uv unwrapped. Good to go for multiple worlds, moons etc.. The first part has to be ouside 3DC.  Create a uv sphere as shown in this video. Follow along in what he does to the sphere and the unwrapping.  You can finish completely in Blender or do what I did. I cut out the hole, got my uv uwrapped and finished transforming the hole vertices to near zero in 3DC in the retopo room. I added a few edges loops too. Subdivide the model in 3DC if you need it but that would be according to the finished product needs. 3DC: Use the Spline image tool in the texture editor to apply the image. You might have to adjust the width of the image. adjusting the width does not appear to effect the image when it is applied to the model. Also you might need to flip your image before using in the spline tool. It takes a little  practice to get the hang of using the Spline Image tool in the texture editor.  Older Blender but can be done in the new version of course or other software. Picture shows the result.  In the texture editor, looks messy as I have applied the image to the model. The stretching of Alaska was in image itself I used.  Second image is how I exported from Blender then finished up in 3DC, transforming the hole vertices to almost zero. This is not necessary if you finish the process in Blender of another piece of software.
    • @Carlosan  Spherical Projection is just not the same as splitting the UVs into beach ball islands.. I've tried this... I am working with animations and spherical projection allows the textures to flow and tile smoothly as if looking through a lens whereas the beach ball slices make the textures appear as if they are coming out of individual pizza slices.  In Stephen's case you are probably correct unless he has some texture with spherical distortion/stretching. Even if you slice a sphere in half as two islands it's not a projection emulation. We would also need to orient the projection on YY or z axis on the model. Zbrush does this fairly well ignoring most of the topology but could maybe be improved as observed in the top and bottom. in this case texture stretching is required*  for optical effects.  I do have the latest beta of 3DCoat as of today but I don't see anything to do with spherical UV Projection. I'm not sure why the top and bottom didn't work but I would love to have a solution to fix this.