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  • Posts

    • Hi  Are you sending this bug reports to Andrew at support@3dcoat.com  ?
    • Sorry but still cant replicate. Please send support-related questions to Andrew Shpagin at support@3dcoat.com  Thx
    • tested on the same version too. I tried interpolated color, and each of the other kind of padding, same issue, halas. It's visible, of course, only when making the curvature map visible (only to check), but of wcourse it makes the smart materials, or any concave/convex condition painting practically unusable. I even uninstalled, deleted all prefs / documents folders, reinstalled with defaults. the same. 
    • Good question. Back years ago here I was pretty obsessed with CUDA but after much questioning around here the verdict was that while implemented it wasn't being updated and that Andrew didn't feel it was really that worthwhile for the performance it gave.   Now I  may be wrong on this, and the real experts here may come and give me a good slap for spreading misinformation but that's my own recollection (from a conversation years ago).   If the NAVI comes out soon enough and really is the equivalent of a RTX 2070 for half the price I am so there. Final rendering is best done by CPU's period.
    • I updated the first post. I added a manual to help to explain all the settings applink include. There is also a quick video about how to use it, but I will make better showcase video a little bit later.
    • Sorry but look as your comp specs are not enough to work with 70 layers at 4K. Try merging down some ones.  Keep open the Windows 10 Performance tab, it provides data and graphs that show you detailed information on the current activity of the CPU, memory, disks, and your Ethernet/Wi-Fi connections.
    • Hello  On latest version there is an issue importing fbx files (only fbx 2014 is working fine), please try exporting obj file format.
    • Hello  Using latest version 4.8.28A i cant replicate this issue, sorry. Edit > Preferences > General  Switch Realtime padding to interpolated, it will help.
    • Morning,  Thanks for the reply! I've installed the version from the link, I will be working on the file again today so i'll see if there is any difference. I'll report back my findings, thanks for that.  I have the GeForce GTX 1070, i believe it has 8gb of ram.
    • As another opiton: You might also give a try to the bake menu option: "name correspondence for baking", which would automate for you what you did, basically; in one baking pass not three. Mouseover this command to get the pop up tooltip, which explains everything, that should help.
    • Greetings, I have an issue when calculating  curvature, it shows artifacts on the default 3Dcoat tiling plane (new scene, Paint UV mapped mesh). These artifacts seem related to the tiling planes polygons (3Dcoat's default object, or imported one, same issue). https://imgur.com/UZJESMM https://imgur.com/dLARzKS Any suggestions?
    • I keep several versions too but if you do need to download an older one you can just copy the link into your address bar and change the number in the file name, then hit Enter. At least that has worked in the past.
    • I am getting no results from the import feature.  I've increased resolution in Voxel Mode and scaled up a few times both in the native app(Lightwave) and as I import.  I have reinstalled but not uninstalled the program both older and beta versions.  SOS
    • Hi Carlosan, thanks for helping. It wasnt an AO issue. I have found out that 3d coat treats baking separate objects differently despite they have similar outer "skins". Not sure if there was a quick setting to resolve this. So instead of baking twice : 1) bake the top (with the entire vase sculpt obj) 2) bake  the bottom ( with the broken vase sculpt obj)   I had to bake three times to resolve this : 1) bake the top (with the entire vase sculpt obj) 2) bake the bottom outer skin only ( with the entire vase sculpt obj) 3) bake  the bottom inner skin only ( with the broken vase sculpt obj)   Thanks for the help. Please mark this as solved.
    • Baking AO again (Textures > Calculate Occlusion) with separate objects option= off... helps ?