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    • Just came across on this on ASKNK youtube channel and thought I should share. HDRmaps has HDRI maps as a 3DCPACK and are free for downloading. https://hdrmaps.com/hdri-presets-for-3d-coat/ Cheers - take care & stay safe.... Kenmo
    • Chieftronic PowerPLAY Platinum 1050W Power Supply Unit Review - Nikk Tech. Creative Sound Blaster X3 Review - Amazing USB sound card - TechPowerUp. Lian Li Lancool II Mesh Case Review - Air Cooling PERFECTION - Hardware Canucks. Maingear Vybe 2020 (Core i9-10900K) PC Review- Quiet at 5.3 GHz - Tom's Hardware. OWC Mercury Electra 6G 2TB SATA SSD Review - TweakTown. TDBT SuperC M.2 NVMe USB-C SSD Enclosure Review - TechPowerUp.
    • Now that I figured out how to do the seven shapes on the table, I need to boolean out some of the parts off the edge of the upper level as seen on the reference. Any good way to do this?
    • UVset How many do you have? only need one. Same as retopo groups, only one is enough.
    • Try baking using this settings.  And turn off "show voxels... "
    • Hi. The way I would do it.  Position one desk divider where you want it to be  , put it on an axis will help, then use the axial tool.  It can always help if you make things like this on the 'origin' ( the point where all the axis meet,  0,0,0 cordinates ) Because then when you move gizmo to position the resulting meshes you can type in '0' . Have a play, and if I have confused you I will try and make it clearer with images . ( I f I get some time.)
    • I'm trying to sculpt the highlighted mesh as seen in the pictures above. I used the blob tool with radial symmetry, but the result gives a mesh that is offsetted on the X axis which can't be fixed no matter what I try. Is there a better way to do it?
    • Small fix for VerTextures applink.zip
    • Welding open points is currently only possible by bridging the gap first, then, weld. This however should be done with a single click. I would go even further. There are so many apps out there who have already invented the wheel and I don't see the need to re-invent it once again. Fusion 360's curves/drawing tools are fantastic. So my biggest problem with 3docat is that there are so many icons, buttons tools, all in a somewhat inconsistent design/size. The curve icons, the new activity icons, the primitive icons, the viewport icons, and the tools. They all have different sizes and are located somewhat arbitrary. As it was mentioned before, curve tools don't belong up there.    EXAMPLE: Lets take the welding, bridging, linking and splitting options. Do we really need 4 buttons for these? Sounds like 1994 to me :) Add point between points just by clicking on the spline. Bridging Gaps can be done by selecting two open points, then double clicking one of those points. Splitting /Breaking can be done in the very same fashion. Select a point, double click it to break it.  Linking point can be done in the same fashion. Select all points, whereas the one to be linked at will be selected last. Then double click. Many 3D applications do linking like this. Maya, Blender.   This is just an example on how 3Dcoat could be optimized so easily and made user friendly.     
    • This is the case with all models. When I change the resolution when baking, this bug occurs. For example, if I bake the model in 2K and then bake in 4K, or vice versa, then I can’t paint correctly. This error is on all versions of 3d coat and with all models. Help me please .
    • This bake is done assigning sharp edges, no problems found.  
    • The visualization may be different between programs, have you tried exporting the maps to compare if there are errors?
    • I am following same steps and cant replicate, sorry. Have you read the guide that left you in another thread where you ask the same thing ? As I said, try using another sculpt shader. Modify scan depth onside and inside. Use another baking method.  
    • Can you tell me the steps you follow in the process?
    • Yes. I have testes it with 2.90 too
    • Hi! @haikalle when you write 2.83=> does tha mean 2.83 and up? In essence could it work with 2.9 as well? Thanks for clarifying.
    • small video about verTexture feature using 3d-coat and applink. still in alpha. You can test this with the latest version. https://youtu.be/uaSc5oQ-MRg