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  • Posts

    • Awesome work guys! I'm really enjoying 3D Coat 2021, I continued to be impressed with your teams talent with 3d algorithms and 3d tool construction! BUG: In B43, in the modeling room the sculpt mesh is not updated when faces are modified on primitives. It appears to be correctly updated when vertices or edges are moved. Steps to recreate are to create a new primitive and select a single face and move it, the associated sculpt mesh is not updated.  FEATURE REQUESTS for the modeling room: 1. Can we get Boolean operations on the "3D Primitives" tool window, just like we have in the sculpting room? So that when we add a new 3d primitive we can choose to add, subtract,  intersect  and split? My use case is primarily that I want intersection and subtraction tools. 2. Can we get a video tutorial for how to use the modeling new room?  3. On the "Surface patch tool" it feels like it should default to at least having 1 curve selector opened vs having to hit the "+" button, when I first opened the tool it wasn't apparent to me that I needed to explicitly add a curve to it before I could use it. The loft surface tool feels like it has the same problem it opens but with no curve selectors to start with.  4. I have no idea how to get the "Loft tool" in the modeling room to do anything, I wish it had a diagram or something, or like the "Surface by two view" could create a default starting shape to play with. I really like the preview shape that is created with the curve tools in the modeling room, it's helpful to see what shape you're gonna get.    Thanks
    • 17.04.21 B43: - If you will provide a normal map for the Smart Material the 3D-Coat will offer to convert it to the bump-map because materials require bump. This is a non-trivial operation, so it may take some time to convert for big maps. - Draw with lines, spline chunk, curve segment, brush along curves work correctly. - Generate moulds fixed for transformed objects - Fixed problem when the user activates to the program by click and it triggers the random move. - Style of color reference over the layer changed to be more convenient (rectangle instead of transparent bar) - To Knife Added option Quadro.
    • Sorry for using the translator.. Because the Merge Sub-tree problem did not occur with simple shapes I just wrote down if there were any problems in the process I was working on.
    • I did not understand what the problem is.
    • Ohh OK I forgot that tool existed. Yeah, basically what I was saying with mirror or symmetry. That works better than symmetry even.
    • It's fine when testing with simple shapes...
      I will further write down the situation when I worked on it. 1. Ruffle(frills?) creates polygons with the Loft Surface tool 2. After copying the Poly Groups made with the Loft Surface, I flipped one.
      so i have two poly groups :
      - PolyGroups1 (forth)
      - PolyGroups2 (back)
      // To give the thickness back and forth individually as much as I want..
      // Shell or Extrude (one side) did not come out with the desired wrinkle thickness & shape, so I worked like this.. 3. After pulling out each of the desired thickness using Smart Extrude - ( Mode:Extrude Faces ), the two Poly Groups were merged
      ( Shift-Drag and Drop in Poly Groups panel ) and then the vertex was welded. 4. After performing Mesh-Make Sculpt Mesh in the top menu, I copied one sculpt object. 5. Arrange it in a circle in Sculpt-Room and touch the wrinkles with the Move tool (Through All Volumes ON). 6. I did a merge sub-tree. 7. And as stated above, things happened.
    • After Merge Subtree, the mash breaks abnormally. At first, I thought it was a problem with the Powerful Smoothing brush after performing Merge Subtree as in the video. To upload a file for testing here
      The result of saving and reopening the file check
      There seems to be a problem with the Merge Subtree itself. When it's running, it looks no problem, but after Merge Subtree, quit the program and open the file again, the mesh is broken.

      ▼ The file is here ▼
      After copying the backup layers, test the merge sub-tree. 2021 Ruffle.3b

      Edit 01 ) Merge Sub-tree test video has been added.
    • When I said Flip, I meant this...not turn the nut upside down. Flip Nut.mp4
    • The Modeling and Sculpt room geometry link, some further nitpicking - changes in a Modeling object do not automatically propagate onto a linked Sculpt object. Both the Make Sculpt Mesh (Modeling room) and Conform Retopo Mesh (Sculpt room) are selected.

      One has to hover over and click any of the drop-down menu tabs at the top of the UI in order for the changes to be updated.

      The reverse action - Sculpt room changes propagated to a linked Modeling room object - usually work fine, although at rare occasions the link breaks altogether (despite the Make Sculpt Mesh and Conform Retopo Mesh selected).
    • Hi ! I definitely agree with these, and would add these to the pile :

      1. Fixing overlap unrenderable pixel lines for curvature/AO (and depth painting in 2021 Beta version), probably the issue I've reported the most
      2. Bring the possibility to mask in cascade : If a layer is clipped by another, I can clip that other layer by another mask and this should affect the first layer, not only the second one
      3. "mesh" alphas can get corrupted and instead of a beautiful depth, you have one with stairs gradient artifacts. I happens regularly
      4. Import vertex normals when using a mesh as alpha, this would allow to use way lighter weight files
      5. When painting on overlapped areas, if stoke overlaps itself, you have tiny little squares artifacts on overlapped paint limits, which forces you to restrict both your brush size and your paint length (maybe this has something in common with my first point)
      6. Never leave grey pixels. Even if UVs are stretched or vertex normals hard, I want to feel I've brushed my model (you can try on shoulderpads of the test robot, these are impossible to paint (or fill) correctly)
    • Thank you.
      I think we will work more to simplify and improve the modeling tools.
      Wait for your offers.
    • You can assign a hot key
      For example, I have:
      Alt -1 -> Modeling Room
      Alt-2  -> Sculpt Room
    • Thank you Gorbatovsky!
      It’s not being controlled well as I want it to be,
      Now that I have a sense of what it is, I'll have to play around with it
    • I think it can be OK, if there were a pop-up marking menu to select which room we wanted. This way, it would be an improvement. For now, though, I just use hotkeys, anyway.
    • I must say. I really don't like the drop down box to change rooms. I'm often jumping around between rooms and having to click the box then find the one I want in a list is very annoying.
    • I made the nut with symmetry enabled. Now the 2 nuts have thread going in the opposite direction.
    • How about mirroring the nut? I think that should flip the direction of the threads.
    • On/Off state of 'Steady Stroke' in paint room is often ignored by Airbrush and Pen tools, acting like it's on even when it's not. Also ran into a weird bug with the user interface where when a menu was dropped onto some other they all went into sort of animation where they slowly move upward until they're all squished at the top of the screen. Resizing also doesn't always work and it seems to get confused if you want to widen a menu or move up/down within it.
    • These are all old feature requests / issues, but with the upcoming 2021 release I felt it might be time to bring them up again, and hopefully this time someone in a position to resolve them will take an interest: 1. Paint masks (that can actually be transferred between 3DC and Photoshop as masks, unlike the current 'clip mask' system)
      2. Layer thumbnails
      3. A blur brush that works on modern texture resolutions (current blur brush effect has diminishing strength the more pixels its applied to)
      4. Access to pressure curve for opacity
      5. Ability to rotate/flip 2D paint view ("texture UV Editor")
      6. Ability to paint outside UV shells/elements when in 2D view so we can fix seams ourselves when 3D-Coat padding messes up.
      7. Option to paint directly to the screen before projecting like Bodypaint/Mari/Toolbag4/etc.