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  • Posts

    • Yeah. Instant Meshes does a great job if you don't mind all the termination points/poles.
    • It's a good problem to have. I remember not having ANY real options to upgrade my CPU, for about 5yrs there, until AMD came out with the Ryzen chips. I really wish I had a pile of cash to invest in AMD when I first heard about the Ryzen series. I would be a rich man today, as their stock went up over something like a 1000% once it hit the market.
    • Got this with the simple expedient of increasing the faces.
    • You have it correct but do not extract the tar.gz file to your home folder. Put on the desktop. 3DCoat creates a separate settings folder under home when you first run the program or when it is extracted. 
    • Hi the guide how to create a shortcut is very useful to get 3DC up and running in Ubuntu based linux distros. Is there a guide where to install 3dc on linux. I mean which directories it should be installed to. When I unpack to Home or /opt I end up with 3 folders in my home directory 3D-CoatV3, 3D-CoatV4 & 3D-CoatV4.8. It seems kind of messy and clutters the home folder area or is that normal and how it is designed to be ?
    • And it looks like at least initially, the NAVI won't be rivaling the 7nm Vega architecture for high powered computing and desktop workstations. NAVI appears to be focused in the near future on gaming, specifically targeting the future consoles.   OTOH the new Ryzen X570 motherboards for Ryzen 3000 desktops will have PCIE gen 4.0 and   The 8 core models can sell for around $199-$299 while the 12 core parts can go for $399 and finally, the 16 core parts can end up around $499. The reason we will be looking at such good prices is that unlike Threadripper CPUs which use a bigger PCB and four dies (based on EPYC layout), the Ryzen CPUs will only be featuring 2 dies and that saves up space and design costs. Also, the 6 core and 4 core parts may end up under the $150-$200 US bracket which would make them an ideal choice for budget users.   https://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-3000-cpus-x570-motherboards-and-radeon-navi-gpus-7nm-launch-rumor/     You can never be up to the  moment very long in this technological race. At some point you just have to stop and say what do I need to do the job and then be happy with that.
    • The wording on the box explains what this card is, and what many Tech Reviewers miss. That this IS NOT aimed exclusively to gamers. It matches Nvidia's $800 card for gaming while providing twice the Memory for Content Creators. 
    • Very Churchilian classic mask and very well done!
    • Hi  Crash confirmed and reported -using offset = 800- Try not to exceed the value of offset = 50 as workaround Thx for point it up.
    • Hello guys , there is a bug ( among many others in this cool program ) with the vox extrude tool , whenever i use an offset value under 1200 /1100 , 3d coat crash instantly . Also , sometimes the number of undo stopped working ,and i have only let's say  3 undo .. or i have to press two times ctrl +z to undo , also sometimes the shortcuts stopped working , i don't know if it's hardaware related , or my wacom tablet driver etc ..but it happens only in 3d coat ..so it was just to let you know ! 
    • some practice ..
    • To Carlosan, Thank you  taking your time for this test.   So now I can confirm, small unit  mesh cause clipping issue when we set scene scale as 1.00, and at current 3d coat can not adjust it by "Near plane modulator", or orthographic view.  it need to report with other suggestion. To Digman Yes. of course your guide is correct. I know you mentioned, to keep obj untill import next one in paint room. I just hope to say, 3d coat need to be improved, even though your workflow and guide work well .Why I bother "import object" with keep one mesh in paintroom, I found another unvset  problem. it tend to cause wrong UVset name for UDIM UV . It  exchange UVtile number. 1001 to 1008 etc.  It seems not happen when I use "Import".  I happend to find it, when I need to import multiple UDIM object in paint room with use "import" option.  It need to be reported too. Anyway, I send report to support , . hope they have more  time to check these things with test.
    • Or you can download this pdf I made of the wiki. Good for off-line reading. Mostly well-written technical writing. Aspects are out of date.  Fast way of getting an initial overview and feel for what the product can do. Acquaints the reader with nomenclature and concepts. 3dcoat_wiki_collection.pdf
    • Wow, thanks, I guess.