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  • Posts

    • Welcome to the forums !
    • BaseBrush: I'm having some issues with the Curve controls that affect depth. 1.  The command to "Copy settings from the Regular" doesn't transfer a custom depth curve. 2.  I can't get my custom depth curves to stick on any of my BaseBrush presets. I reinstalled 4.9.20 and it still is a problem. "Update Preset" also doesn't work .
    • Downloaded free packs yesterday, its awesome and bit speed up my workflow. It would be awesome if the materials store is packed inside the main 3D Coat applications, so we could preview within our projects, and you need to buy to apply the material. It's kinda alright and cool.
    • Wow it's been a long time and it's been 10 years, but I don't think it's too late. I just joined here and really like the UV and Paint 3D Coat features. I am a 3D Model artist and currently studying UV and Texturing. Maybe after texturing can be mastered, I will continue to rigging and animation.
      My main 3D software is Cinema 4D, good at using Photoshop and now studying 3D Coat as my texturing workflow. Nice to meet you all. Nandur
    • Thank you @Carlosan, the reason why i want my thumbnail become cube because i create smart material for wall and plane textures. And its more accurate than default sphere. For now, i'll keep going created my own smart materials without questioning thumbnails. Hope there will be the feature in the future. 
    • Hi Carlosan I have, thank you for ur reply, however this did not help me out but I kinda figured out  that issue was not in 3dcoat but rather in zbrush. On import Zbrush somehow baked it's shaders onto my reference model and so I couldn't really get proper results in 3dcoat because of that, so I just exported my high poly ref from zbrush again but this turned off any ppaint visible/invisible on the model and it's worked flawlessly. However, I'm having really big issues with ver 4.9.19 and high poly references, earlier when I used 4.5 version 3dcoat was able to import pretty dense meshes ( up to 20 mil poly's ) in the scene and now, with 4.9.19 crashes even on 1 mil. so, y, I know it's a beta phase, i'll wait till devs pick up on this and fix it or revert it back ( or maybe even make it better then before ) we can dream can we thx man  
    • In ver 4.9.19 which I am currently testing out Ive noticed a really strange problem with layers within retopo room, both sculpttree and retopo objects layers are buged, and what I mean by that is if you try to hide / show particular layer in both of these panels they will hide every other layer ( NOT connected to them by any hierarchy, meaning this selected object that I am trying to hide is not parent to others, its single mesh totally unrelated ) . If you switch then all your layers in the panel on OR off several times 3dcoat will not hide selected layer sometimes, sometimes it will rename ALL existing layer with the same name as the layer you selected last...just, i cannot even explain the scope of these glitches, they are all random and they all have to do with hiding, naming and positioning of the existing layers, in other words....it's bad  
    • Hi Try importing the model as FBX (put the images inside the same folder)
    • I recently can across a issue where I heavy need to import a obj file with textures already applied. For context I have a model that had multiple texture sheets and UV'd pieces that have existing textures I need to edit. Problem is that when importing any type of geometry file the program does not apply textures automatically. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a issue as having only one or two texture sheets wouldn't take much time to import the textures manually. Thing is that this project has upwards of 12 separate UV'd pieces, each with around 4 textures. Meaning that I would need to manually apply 48 textures for this one model. If there are any tricks or ways around this problem please reply back, as I will even try external plugins a try for fixing this issue. This is urgent as the window on this project is closing quickly. Thank you for reading and hope to hear back soon.
    • 2 other longstanding bugs that I should mention. 1 - in the retopo room, when using the point, faces tool.  If you assign delete polygons, delete edges, or collapse to the CTRL or CTRL+SHIFT action, it will perform the action of that tool, but it does so as though you're pressing CTRL.  This isn't usually the desired outcome.  For example, if i want to delete one or two polygons, I will have to swith tools instead of using the modifier because the modifier will delete everything. 2 - If I do a smooth all immediately after extruding, the extrusion will be lost and the smooth all will happen on the un-extruded version of the mesh.
    • On Surface Mode ? Try separate command Hope it help  
    • How can I separate an object layer, for example, from a sphere? It’s something like a “fur coat” tool is obtained, only “inverted” and separating the desired piece of mesh.
    • In version 4.9.17 (marked as "stable") I can’t find the cube for zooming on the z axis, everything was fine in 4.9.05. What am I doing wrong?  It. Highly. It’s strange. I restarted the program and a square appeared. This seems to be some kind of error when the scaling square appears at a certain viewing angle (it seems that the viewing angle is too large).
    • I tried using that same alpha and it seemed to work OK here. Also though I don't see the texture on the model when I use the brush.
    • For the BaseBrush: I noticed that the right points in the Left/Right Falloff Window (Edit Brush Shape) seems to be really hard to move. Also, the Buildup option doesn't seem to have any effect.
    • Hi devs I am currently using 4.9.19 ver and off the bat i've noticed one serious problem with importing huge reference meshes using Voxel Sculpting option ( welcome screen ). Prior to this version It was possible to import really high ref meshes usually aroun 15 to 20 Mil poly's, but now this option is not possible anymore and If I try to import really low reference mesh, lets say 1 Mil 3DCoat will crash every time, no exceptions. I kinda hoped that with new updates 3DCoat would be able to handle even bigger reference object then 20 Mil, not loose this option in the process. Can anyone confirm this, any similar issues with heavy object handling ?  thank you  
    • SL includes Sculpt Layers, which is an experimental feature (at least for 4.9.05)
    • I tested it.
      When you select the CTRL Modifier, and add "effects or brushes" automatically what was added will appear in Regular and in CTRL Modifier nothing will appear.
      I don't know if the behavior would have independent effects for Regular and Ctrl, or if you have to press the Copy button from Regular in order for the CTRL Modifier to work.

      BUG: A strange thing that happened to me was the following:
      I just added the Brush "Average...", then I went to Ctrl Modifier and I pressed the button to Copy from Regular. The result was that... there were a lot of brushes in the listing and duplicates (for both Regular and Ctrl Modifier).
        *** Bug:
      The alpha of the TIF format I was using for testing was DELETED from the folder, leaving only the .mclp and .xml formats.
    • I think that all presets are valuable. Please, If you can prevent the Presets from breaking, it will be very important...
        I sent you email about Plane Offset:
      I would like to know about the function of BaseBrush's Plane Offset. I did not understand how it works.
      I thought it would work like the video I showed you.