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  • Posts

    • This problem with Cache Layer, I also had it and I talked to Andrew.
      I had lost important geometry and at the time I had not enabled for some reason the auto-save option.
      After I spoke with him, Andrew put a warning to everyone that there was a possibility of issues related to leaving a file cached.
      In all my works I use 3D-Coat, I have the auto-save option active and I make all possible backups. Just to make sure I'm never going to lose anything of my work again.

      You're right. In all my projects I do the following:
      - Auto-save (always)
      - Save geometries in Pallete Models
      - Save Hierarchies Different Geometries in Extension .3b
      - Save the project in different files 001, 002, ... etc (however there is the possibility of losing geometry)
      - Never save the file with Cached geometries. (Great possibility of corrupting the file or loss of geometry). This problem has happened to me several times.
      - Try to convert Voxels to Surface (when possible).

      This problem of geometry loss is complicated to repeat so Andrew can see.
      What I can say is that if you have a hierarchy in Voxels or geometries in Voxels when you open the file again you have the possibility of the hierarchy being maintained and the geometries deleted.
    • At the time when it happened to me a lot, I came to be convinced that it happened when I closed 3d-Coat after saving, and not waiting long enough.
      However, that was a long time ago, and now I think we have been told that 3dc continues saving in the background even when we close it, so, I don't know anymore.

      I had this problem a lot at one point, and there is a  reason why I did not point it out, or if I did, I forgot. (but I remember giving the solution to restore the voxels to some people, I don't know where, probably on the facebook group).

      It's a strange reason, probably.
      To me voxels have always had a magical quality to them. Strange and unexpected things happen with them. AND I LOVE THAT :)

      So... I did not want to draw attention to any problem with voxels, for fear that it would be fixed and lose its magic.

      Here is one such odd behaviour. In the video I dig into the cube with CTRL+ grow tool.
      Then... I grow it back
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tGAmzg8mHg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tGAmzg8mHg
    • Anyone.... I have altered a sculpt object then gone into retopo to change the retopo, add new faces etc, it is split into three different uv sets, when i try to add geometry it wont snap to the surface of the sculpt. Any reason why this is happening and how i can fix it please.
    • If there is any way to repeat the problem, Andrew can fix it. I've had some similar issues with opening older files, and finding that when I uncache a layer, the volume is missing. I reported this to Andrew, but he didn't know how it could happen. It's not a frequent problem, but one does need to use Auto-save, for sure, and when I have an object I want to make sure is preserved, I will either RMB click the VoxTree layer > Save as .3b file or drag and drop the layer into the MODELS pallet.
    • I *think* that if you don't notice the missing geometry when you open the file, then continue working as if nothing had happened (because you don't know it has), and then you save your file again... and close 3d-Coat....
      Then, I *think* that your geometry is lost forever.  
    • I did not know that this problem is old and happened to other people.
      Previously, I had thought of this also that this problem only happened with VOXELS.

      I use a lot more Surface Mode, so I was surprised when I saw my geometries erased and these geometries are Voxels. I think I'll convert to Surface Mode.
      The only problem with this is that if I need to return to voxels I will have to configure a geometry with more polygons so that I do not lose the details that I have already done in the part.
      I know that converting to Voxels is no problem, there is only the bad side of having more polygons in geometry if you still want the details that have already been made.

      You've drawn my attention to the geometries in Voxels.
      I saved my hierarchy in extension .3b.
      So far, even though it's in Voxels I have not lost any geometry in this extension, maybe it's because I saved in .3b.
      But I'll keep an eye out for that too.
      Thanks for the technique. This tip I had never seen before.
      If it happens again, I'll test your tip to see if it returns the two geometries that have disappeared.   Thank you
    • Yes I have seen this many times over the years.
      In my case it only happens with voxels.

      Strangely I have not been bothered with it for quite some time, but I know it still happens.  Nowadays I usually end in surface mode, that is why it has not bothered me so much I think.
      However, I sometimes notice that my voxel backup is gone.

      In the case that the vanished voxel layer is the only copy of your sculpt, I know I had a workaround that would restore the geometry. I don't know if it would still work, I don't have a case to test with at the moment, but you could try.

      You need to know where the geometry was in your scene.
      You need to place an object in relatively the same space on another layer.
      turn off auto pick
      select the vox layer that has the deleted geometry
      select the fill tool, and set depth to zero (so that it does nothing in normal circumstances).
      Finally start brushing the area of the lost voxels, using the second object as a base to start your brush strokes.
      The lost voxels should now reappear under the brush. You need to brush the whole outer surface of your object to make it reappear completely.
    • Hi,
      I'd like to report a problem that's been going on with me for a while. I do not know if someone else has already passed or goes through this same problem as me.
      In VoxTree, I created a hierarchy of a group called Cloth and Rock (empty) and inside it I have the Cloth and Rock geometries in their respective layers.

      Having said all that, as I am saving my progress, at a certain point the whole hierarchy is empty. As if I had erased my geometry.
      Because I have saved my progress, I was able to reimport again the geometries that the program deleted.

      Honestly, I do not know how this is possible in 3D-Coat, this problem of erasing geometries without the user realizing.
      Imagine a situation where you do not have a backup for some reason and when you open your project some created geometries are gone or have been deleted.
      Since I know that 3D-Coat has some weird insights I've been saving and making multiple backups of my objects and projects.
      I would just like to report this strange problem that has been happening to me in 3D-Coat 4.X SL (DX) if that helps anything. I also do not have the Reproject Tool ... It's gone!
    • Is there any work around for this, or a setting that can fix this issue? I am trying to use an On board Keyboard Instead of a physical keyboard, but when I go to type something on the on board keyboard, 3D Coat losses focus and you can't use the on board keyboard  
    • Please drop this dll to installation folder, will it work for you? OpenCL.dll
    • How do I fix corrupt looking shader materials/previews? Using "Refresh All Previews" doesn't work.  
    • How would you go about creating a surface which resembles crumpled aluminium foil, with all the little ridges and faces?
    • In both DX and GL builds I'm having a lot of atifacts,holes when using Soft Booleans and Cutoff tool. Especially when using it multiple times and having bevel subdivision level to anything but zero. It's easily reproducable using the E-panel circle and the Default 3Dcoat head bust. Im using the SL build,I will try the regular one and report.   EDIT:same results in regular build.
    • 4.8.44SL (GL) Seems to work fine...

      BUT..... the Reproject tool is still missing !!! Also I am not sure but I think the sphere tool is acting weird : when you start drawing, it seems to get lost and does not know where to start the stroke.
    • as others I'm looking forward for the updated Linux build - some of the features (like improved booleans) would come in handy in my workflow. If you can top it off with 3dConnexion support all the more awesome.