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  • Posts

    • Sorry, this seems to be an issue with the external program. Not of 3d coat issue as i have tried with a standard 2x2x2 m cube for verification in that external program.
    • Its assigned into RMB. Is that not good shortcut? I think i will fix that "ctrl delete all" bug. In my tests I like to use rmb and it feels natural, for me at least
    • This tool does not appear when using the Master tool. It is needed
    • Ok, so, an update on the CTRL "bug" :

      When you use points, if you press CTRL the points appear to be cleared, but in fact they are not. they simply become invisible. Which is definitely not desired.

      It is not really a big deal : I have been working with your tool all day and only notice this now at 2 AM, which means it has not caused any issues all day. I only noticed by chance.
    • When I test and asked here about png tiff PSD to making blush , there have been many infomation.  Then my conculusion of that time was, Tif 16bit only offer best quarity blush for 3d coat.  PSD can not offer same quarity as Tiff. The main problem for me is, I hope to make blush like smart material. that means, use different maps for each texture as I need. If your paint app can not manage Tif channells, there is no way to apply each texture for Color, height, alpha, specular, mask. As default usage, (simply sculpt with height map  and paint, as one color of current setting) I can use Tif format. With Gimp I can only use 2 channell. (or I do not know how export as 3d coat blush, with keep channell)   Though it is somehow greedy request, I really hope to see Blush editor, which can use each texure map, as same as material editor. (import each map as user need, then compose as one blush) ,  as same as PSD layer way.  
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    • The Unknown British Soldier, somewhere in the Western Desert in WW2... 
    • heh.. that's actually bug in my books.. it was unplanned  My plan was to use RMB to delete action.  I need to see how it behaves in long run and I might leave it like that if there is no other harm. Andrew liked this idea and Im starting to merging this tool into 2021 version.
    • I really like that pressing CTRL cancels anything, no need to reach for the escape key anymore, and it even deletes points.
    • Hi, i have a weird scale issue with a particular file. If i tried with new import in a new project either in 4.8.40 or 4.9.65, both will not have issues with scale. However, if i tried new import to an existing project, the scaling is off when i export to external program as seen in the image. work process : 1) import obj(female char) to current project. 2) use a box to cut off the shape of the obj (Female Char). 3) export box as retopo obj 4) import box to external program to match the obj. Failed as shown in the image!   So..... how to reset scale in a current project? or export scale correctly.          
    • thing is, when you mark seams with edge loops tool after autopo, you need to edit geometry, so you have to constantly change tools  
    • Thanks. now it's changed I think all the mark seams tools should be merged together. 
    • Love the fact that it is possible to hide the Brush Cursor (especially when working on a tablet). Would you please add an option to also hide the little Dot Icon that is always visible? If the "Shot Cental Dot" option would be the solution - it does not work in 4.9.55 DX64 Win10... 
    • I think there is a mistake, what you call "edge loops tool" is in fact "Split Rings".

      actually it would be nice to also have edge loops (marking seams)
    • Yeah, it might be tricky to have a bridge when they're on different devices though.
    • I found it would break symmetry when I deleted a polygon on one side of a symmetrical retopo.  It wouldn't only delete on one side...It might be because  I had a central strip of polygons in the middle of the mesh as opposed to an edge loop running along the center. I'll see if I can replicate and get back to you.
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    • Made new video for showing what all you can do with this single tool.