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    • Hello thanks for the response. So instead of the more common Right Hand threads, I simply need to specify Left Hand Reverse Threads on either a Bolt or in this case a Nut. Maybe if could somehow invert the Reset Posi function at bottom left within the thread properties? Any insight as to how to invert the direction of threading? Thanks!
    • Are the Linux and OSX builds coming soonish or are those builds expected not before some weeks or months yet? I don't particularly mind to wait, but I could skip keeping track of threads like this until we get them. It surely looks promising this new 3DCoat. Thanks in advance for any estimation given. :-)
    • Do you mean you have a bolt and want to make threads to match? In that case you could just subtract one from the other. Personally haven't tried making threads in 3DC. I would use a CAD program for that. However maybe there is an easy way that I'm not aware of.
    • I have searched and asked Andrew internally w/o any resolve... Anyone know-how to invoke and create Reverse Threads within a Nut or Fastener? This is a necessary and valuable function to prevent rotational fastener failure... Please advise?  Thank you...
    • Hi Try this command ImportUV  Hope it help  
    • Hello This are the specs needed to run 3DC. This changed for the new version, where many processes are performed by GPU. Only nVidia graphic Card are required. Please read this post
    • @Gorbatovsky Thanks! I will check that out. I think that was the only key I didn't hit. Many hugs.
    • If we click 'Snap to Low Poly Vertices' is it possible to get that to translate into all tools (brush won't snap to vertices when placing 3D primitives with 'Click to Place enabled) Also getting bizarre ghosted viewport geometry appearing while using the 'Cut' tool, which obscures the model - Rich  
    • Or maybe some info if laptops are able to run the software at all. That's under $1000 I would prefer a 2 in 1 style
    • Cant seem to add fbx models to the sculpt models. Only .obj files seem to import. (2021.B39)
    • More free glass materials: 3DCoat Materials Glass + Broken.zip 2 x Glass + 2 x Broken Glass. Have fun! [ Disable layer 0 ]  
    • I found a flaw in my UV layout that I overlooked, but due to the mirrored nature of my UV layout I cannot fix the flaw and unwrap the UV in 3D coat, so I thought I would fix the problem in Blender and then export it to 3D Coat using "replace geometry".   I was hoping this would allow me to keep my current paintwork, and have the current paint job remapped to the repaired UV layout.  However, I noticed 3D coat is keeping the old flawed UVs instead of replacing them, even though I have "Keep UVs" checked.   Is there any way I can import the new UV layout without affecting too much of the current paint work?
    • I'm wanting to get into 3d printing so I started looking at computers first. I'm looking at the Samsung - Galaxy Book Flex Alpha 2-in-1 13.3" QLED Touch-Screen Laptop and was wondering if its capable of running the programs I need for 3d modeling?
    • Does anyone know how to use the Cross Section of the Loft Surface tool in Modeling-Room? Even if I test it around, I'm not sure what this is or how it works..... If i move it after adding a curve to the cross section, only the polygons are twisted and destroyed...
    • Instead of having to hit the 'New Extrude' button you could press Enter
    • Hello I'm new to use 3D Coat.
      I would like to ask you two questions. 1. Question about the export function limit.
      I'm using the free trial version, but I've been using the export function well in the meantime, but it suddenly disabled.
      I want to re-enable the export function, what should I check? 2. Question about the product key.
      I've seen the message that exports are limited in the trial version, so I buy the amateur version.
      I understand that the product key is being sent by email, but a few days later I still haven't received any emails.
      I inquired about the related information by e-mail, but there is no response.
      Can you tell me how to receive the product key after purchasing the product?
    • Thanks for this clue.  After testing, I think it's affected by Windows UI scaling.  I've confirmed that I can get Wintab to work properly on my 4K monitor if I set the UI Scaling to 100% in the Windows Display settings.  When I had mine set to 200% it scaled the brush location from my cursor by 200% from the top left corner, causing the offset. @Andrew Shpagin hopefully this makes it easier to fix if you are still tracking this issue down.
    • Case: Thermaltake Tower 100 Mini ITX Case Review - Hardware Asylum. Gaming Chair: Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody gaming chair review - PC Gamer. Graphics Card: ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 3060 OC Edition Review - The FPS Review. Graphics Card: PowerColor Red Devil RX 6700 XT Review - Overclockers Club. Headset: Razer Kraken X USB - OverClocked Inside (German). Misc: Bitspower Summit M Silver Metal CPU Block Review - TechPowerUp. Motherboard: Biostar Z590 Valkyrie Review: Much Improved, But More to Do - Tom's Hardware. Mouse: Pulsar Xlite Review - TechPowerUp. RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL 3600 MHz 32GB review - Guru3D. RAM: Patriot Viper VP4300 M.2 NVMe SSD Review- Killer Looks, Fast Performance - Tom's Hardware. RAM: TeamGroup Xtreem ARGB White DDR4 Memory Review - PCTestBench.
    • Hi ! About 2021 development, please post any comment here. Thx