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    • Sorry but I'm not sure what you mean or what you are asking.
    • and UI also have ma ny glitches, like double clicks or self pressing menu. Some space between tools what gives you to highlight on two tools at the same time. It's all slowing down work.
      On hover glitch i clicked only two times on menu and on clear, but it opens menu on mouse hover itself
    • Super excited by the mould tool. Will take me a while before I'll be able to test it (as my main workstation is Linux only), but if it works as it should this will be a game changer. Had a chance to take a peek at new version - I was pleasantly surprised to see that default vp settings in sculpt room are better than before, better suited for sculpting. Not a fan of new icons and the interface still looks crowded and a tad messy. But I'm extremely happy to see that UI is much more customizable now - definitely a good direction and when final release is out I'll definitely spend some time working on my own "rooms".
      In general this quick peek I had was quite positive - didn't encounter any issues I got while using latest v4 builds.
    • chisel doesnt work properly ,in 4.9 it attacks the edges correctly, in latest build it just scoops out the whole mesh
    • I think it would be a great idea to add an edge weight slider for lines to the Modelling Room that affects the Sculpt Mesh. This would be so helpful (also a must-have tool in most low poly / sub d environments) // Rich 
    • Case Fan: Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Prismatic and SF120M ARGB Review - APH Networks. CPU: Intel 11th Generation Core Tiger Lake-H Performance Review- Fast and Power Hungry - AnandTech. Keyboard: Epomaker AK84S Review - Chocolate Switches, Silicone Keycaps - TechPowerUp. Laptop: Lenovo V17-IIL review- A quiet home office laptop with a good display - NotebookCheck.net Reviews. Thanks Neutronbeam. Monitor: MSI Optix MAG272CQR Review- Decent Speed, High Contrast - Tom's Hardware. Mouse: ROCCAT Kone Pro Air Wireless Gaming Mouse - Christ Centered Gamer. SSD: Crucial P2 2TB PCIe M.2 2280 SSD - Mad Shrimps. SSD: Intel Optane H20 1TB OEM M.2 SSD Review - TweakTown. SSD: Intel Optane Memory H20 M.2 NVMe SSD Review- Running Optane and Flash in Harmony - Tom's Hardware. SSD: Samsung SSD 980 NVMe Solid State Drive Review - ThinkComputers.org.
    • - Still not working...Sorry again this seems quite chaotic...If it's working over there could you show a grab of what should be happening? Thanks    // Rich  
    • Is there a way to mask out polygons from the smooth mesh subdivision operation? Currently using sharp edges but the polygons still try to snap to the reference mesh when applying the smooth operation, I also need some of the polygons to snap to the reference mesh so i cant turn snapping off    
    • For any apps please test responsive display speed.  I do not know why currently all actions have a delay when you press the mouse or use any command, until the action is performed. Fast responsive app experience is very needed to design.  
    • Gradient (Soft) Selection would be the first. It is to modeling tools what a Cordless Drill is to a Carpenter. Yes, you could work with a hand-held screw driver, but why (when it takes so much longer)? To model automobiles, gradient selection is an absolute "Must-Have." Booleans (Live) would be the next "Must-Have" for serious Low Poly modeling:  
    • Hey All, Does anyone know a way of getting quixel mixer downloaded materials (folders) into 3d coat. 3d coat requires a zip file and the only way i`ve found is to rezip the quixel folders. 
      I found an automated way of doing it but it also zips up the parent folder which 3d coat doesnt recognise.

      So here are locally downloaded quixel mixer materials.

      I tried this method.  How to create individual ZIP files from folders (itsupportguides.com)

      But it creates this as a zip for each folder, but 3d coat wont see the material as its in a sub folder called Concrete_Damaged....

      Anyone have an idea how it could zip up the folder but ignore the parent folder?

    • Speaking of car modeling. I've been starting to learn Gravity Sketch, which is apparently used by a lot of car designers in the automobile industry. Any thoughts on bringing 3DC to VR in some way? I'd love to see it on the Quest 2.
    • Yes, we have a lot of plans! What we could borrow from these applications,  for car modeling?
    • Will the new modeling tools in 3DCoat 2021 be of use for car modeling? Car modeling is something I really want to do more of. I've modeled some hot rods using Silo3D & Heagon3D. And started a few cars models in Blender. I can model spaceships in the present 3DC. But cars is another matter. Try modeling a 1957 Chevy BelAir or 1963 Corvette Sting Ray in 3DC 4.9 and you'll go insane. Any thoughts on 3DC 2021 for automotive modeling?
    • Пожалуйста помогите новичку. Как экспортировать хайпольную модель, созданную в коте и покрашенную в комнате рисования в блендер? Искал способ на форумах и ютубе, нигде не нашел. Пробовал разные варианты экспорта, но в блендере открывается не крашеная модель. Как экспортировать с информацией о цвете, может кто знает? На скрине видно, что пункт "ЭКСПОРТ В" отсутствует.
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    • https://www.youtube.com/c/АлександрГорбатовский/videos
    • Hi everyone! 1.The 'remeber Brush settings' are not stored in the new rooms. Example: If you change from Select-tool to Cap-tool in Modelling room, 3DCoat forgets that the selection mode was set to reqtangular. 2. There are a lot of Hotkeys now. What do you think about splitting up the Hotkeys per Room? This would also work for your own rooms when combinating Tools from differend Rooms. Greetings to all