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  • Posts

    • 3DC is very good in non-image shaders but there are always attached to mother program so no way to migrate it to blender etc (U can render it in 3d coat if u want) about importing, show screen with import options and how it looks after
    • Hi,the web installation also deletes the exe files for me (2022.33). But the manual installation was successful from development thread! Thx.  
    • I think this problem is somehow important (and maybe it is bug for 3d coat view port) 3d coat orthographic view seems have clear limit, to zoom in. usually with full size, 3d coat can zoom in almost 1 unit to 0.5 unit. we can not zoom in any more.  At same time blender applink keep unit size in blender, when import to 3d coat..  so measurement unit is not matter. (blender applink simply ignore all measument unit then export to 3d coat and import with keep the mesh Unit. That means, when user model 30 cm  =  blender 0.3 unit, when set  unit = 1m  then we export it to 3d coat, as 0.3 unit. see this pic please Then I export it to 3d coat with applink, (at current I only hope to paint , so I send it as per pixel painting) In 3d coat , which measurement unit is not matter for applink, so I set it as mm. but applink not care it.  just export mesh to 3d coat as 0.3 unit size.   like this. Though it show as 0.32 mm it is not matter, applink only check the unit size = 0.32. then can return as same as before to blender. but the real problem is, we can not zoom this mesh with orthographic, beyond the 3d coat 1unit or 0.5  limit in 3d ORTHO view. at same time in UV room, it have same limit for Ortho but with perspedtive, mesh disappear (need to zoom out more)  So I can not work any detail in UV room if I keep this size in blender.  it related this issue too. check this please.  To avoid this issue, I may need to change scale in blender, (so I may need to scale up this mesh in blender as 30 unit = 30M) etc. If it is really difficult  to remove 3d coat view port limit (Zoom in) with Ortho / and UV room perspective view bug,  At least blender applink may need to offer option, change import scale size .. (so auto scale up as user defiend value eg 1unit to 10unit  >> then when return it to blender with scale down as 0.1)  
    • 3d coat 2022.33 (recent stable) windows 10 ,  Near plane modulator in edit>preference as 0.001 I could see same issue in paint/UV room. Even though I change Clipping setting (aka Near plane modulator in edit>preference as 0.001) 1  In paint room with Ortho graphic view.  I can not zoom in much. if I use Perspective, I can zoom in easy.   2 In UV room  with ortho graphic view.  I can not zoom in much.  But Perspective view is more worse. because  3d coat simply hide all mesh, with zoom in.  So I just change room from paint room to UV room, now  mesh perfectly disable. then I need to zoom out >>> the mesh is too small to work.
    • Hi all,  I have a ring model with an engraving on the inside. The ring was modeled in Rhino and I use 3dCoat to smooth the edges. The problem is that when I render the ring in Blender the inside of the engraving is unrealistically smooth and shiny.  Is there anything I can do in 3dCoat that could roughen the surface of that engraving? 
    • Hi Carlosan, I'm running 4.5 and I don"t see these options. Are they available only in a later version? Thanks
    • 2022-06-26 21-21-41.mp4     I have a problem with the FOV setting. I can not set it anymore. Please see above video on how it behaves. Is it locked or something? It does not matter which file I work on. Fresh file with loading a mannequin behaves the same. I remember I never had problems with the setting in previous versions.
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