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    • Hello! I made this model highpoly in Blender, exported to 3DCoat, retopologised it, unwrapped it, and painted on it. But when I exported the obj back to Blender it had one problem: normal map is wierd with the seams showing, like if each island were recieving different lighting. And the normal map is the only texture that had this problem; albedo and roughness are working just fine. This may be something I am doing wrong, cause I am new to 3DC, so I would be very glad if anyone could help. Here are some screenshots: a. The model working fine on 3DC, with normals working. b. In Blender the normal is not good. And it is not related to the uv coordinates, because the seams are in the correct place, but each island is behaving differently to light. c. Here you can see how the map is on the surface. d. This is the normal map - world-space e. This is the normal map - tangent-space (both have the same problem) Thanks in advance!!
    • Hi everyone !
      I want to share with you my personal SmartMaterial's library I use everyday on 3DCoat. It's fully custom and made from scratch using fine tuned handmade noises which I called "Variants". They works better with a curvature that uses the same settings as shown in the screenshot. It's a really huge ressource, and I've achieved almost each 3D models posted on my Artstation/Sketchfab folios. I made and used them for more than 3 years, most of all on StarWars - Redemption, TheBurningDescent, Syblast, e-LysE...to name a few projects. You'll get 38 SmartMaterials + Documentation on how I use them + 58 textures, not only handmade noises (mostly 2k grayscale for each map), just try them your way !

    • I am trying to bake an object  in Retopo room. When I click Bake W / Normal Map, I can choose Scan Depth Inside and outside, for the cage.
      After I choose OK, I am prompted to choose Resolution. Normally I am asked to choose Scan Depth after adjusting cage. As a result, I am seeing "Transparent" areas in the bake.   Using 4.8.28 SL (64 bits). This used to work in this version before by the way. Any ideas how to enable that popup again?
    • Six years have passed, and in 2018 I still see no ways to chamfer the edges, otherwise working by hand with each edge, and as a result, spending a lot of time. This is true for voxels and surface modes. 
    • There is a Noise tool in the Sculpt room, in Surface mode, but it doesn't have a library of noise types like ZB has. I've asked Andrew for this a dozen times or more for the past 4 or 5yrs. Please send him an e-mail with this request. I told him that Sculpt Layers implemented really well and a nice library of different noise types would make V5 a game changer as those are the two big elements missing if people want to start doing production level sculpting. Granted, Mudbox doesn't have a noise generator either, AFAIK, but 3D Coat adding one puts it in the same conversation as ZBrush.
    • Hello,   everybody hows using ZBrush must know Noise generator plugin.... And sadly there is non of same tool here in the voxel room.. that would be super class 
    • Ow ♥ if this issue get fixed, 3DCoat could be even more the software of my dreams (it is already, I guess you know that ^^"). But being able to create tileable stuff without this overlapp issue could be so awesome, and will enable users to do all process inside 3DCoat. I'm so hyped ! More than Xmas ^^
    • Hello, Today i was working on an object using voxels, and while sitting all objects in place, i had some complications, because each time i switch to a primitive to another, the memory use the last one for each tool.
      wich can be great in many occasion but not this time.
      Because sometimes, an object is only composed by few primitives, like a cone with on top of it a sphere, with an extrusion somewhere and a hole inside ....   Each time i have to place the next object manually, i have to go back to origin, or reset the pivot from the previous use, and so, put it with a bit less of precision than espected especially when the objects are not center somewhere.   so, my idea about this is simple: just adding a copy button in the parameters to get position and rotation mainly, and a paste button to set it when needed.   maybe this parameters are already avaible somewhere, i'm not using voxels really often,  if so let me know.   thanks
    • I left for over 5 minutes and nothing,nothing seems to be happening in 3DC either. Sending now @Oleg_Shapo  
    • The process of saving the stl file takes some time.
      Please send a 3b file to the mail resell@3dcoat.com
    • Okay I'll try to reproduce the issue. I ended up deleting the layer I was trying to paint on and that fixed it, that may be helpful info? Just tried to reproduce the issue again in the beta version. Seems fine, but will keep you updated if I run into this again. Thanks as always Calrosan.
    • Sculpt layer, Paint Layers and... mask layers... must be separate, i agree. And sculpt layers will be assigned by mesh, not globally ?
    • 4.8.28A-SL Win10

      Amusing bug(?)... after you have figured out what is happening :

      In the paint room, set the active layer's Depth Opacity to Zero
      Go to the Sculpt room, and try to use Move tool or the Pose tool on any vox layer, be it in surface mode or in voxel mode : It does not work, it only produces a visual effect similar to that of a normal map.  
    • More vRam and more Cuda Cores always is better.   GTX 1080 Ti 11GB is an awesome card, sure.
    • Ah!  Now it's working!  Thank you very much.
    • Hi! Make sure that you have checked "update mesh" before pressing update.  By the default applink bring only textures but changing this setting update your mesh/uv too