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  • Posts

    • Hi, I'm using latest (4.9.17) and am seeing the same issue. If I choose paint mode I don't see any way to get back to a different mode type. Dropdown is gone.
    • Hi  To use the previous workflow, you can deactivate Curves Toolset on  Edit > Preferences > General Allow advanced curves toolset = off
    • Hello,

      I am a concept artist and a fairly new 3D Coat user and have been messing with the program for the past month or so. First off thanks a ton for creating such an amazing program. It really feels like I am sketching in 3D and is greatly benefiting the way I work.
      I started off with 4.7 but quickly moved on to 4.9 after its release, for it had some amazing curve functions which greatly improved speed for concept design.

      My query was regarding the new beta tools. Initially while using the sphere tool with a closed spline I could make a closedshape within the spline, however with the new beta tools activated the closed spline only creates a stroke along the curve. I hope the attached image clarifies it further. Image A is what happens when I enable the Curves Editor.
      Image B is how it usually happens.

      Let me know your thoughts
      Thank you
    • This is the first time that i have tried cloth. What worked were lowering the gravity and increasing subdivision in the tool options. Which also meant beefier machine is much preferred. Making coffee was faster than the cloth simulation. Here is a plate of imaginary noodles (virtual, not baked yet).  Looks like it does self "intersection".
    • It was turned off in paint room. Anyways i cant replicate the errors again by doing the same steps. Something that i have done earlier for that particular paint layer could have caused the issue.
    • Does it make sense to move Texture Editor in windows - panels? Also would be good to make this window without restriction to border window of 3dcoat so i can move it around on desktop.
    • i am doubt even in marvelous it is hard to make tie for example
    • Send this support-related questions at support@3dcoat.com (dont forget to attach the file)  
    • Yes, all of the drivers are up to date. I'm using an Intel(R) UHD Graphics 360 and a NVDIA Quadro P3200. I just find it odd that other files and methods are rendering fine and it's only the "Render Turntables w/ Post Process" with this specific mesh that doesn't work. If the file is just going to be difficult and this isn't an issue that anyone else is having I can live with the lower quality render and just hope it doesn't mess up for future things, but it would be nice to have it in 1080 instead of 720.
    • Try to turn off Edit > Show Displaced Mesh
    • Intel graphic driver is up to date ? Could you share the model to take a look ?
    • The cloth tool is pretty good, I tried draping a scarf into a heap, it was ok, but I dont think it has self collision with the thickness  so I got a lot of intersections. Self collision would take it to the next level! ( wonder if anyone is working on that ,or maybe I have missed a setting)  Imagine ...you could make a plate of spagetti just by dropping it . I wonder if the latest Blender could do it.. ( Not that I need a plate of imaginary spasgetti)
    • I have this strange mushroom issue. Please see the pic. Here was what had happened in sequence : - Baked mesh in retopo room. - show voxel in paint room = uncheck - painted the mesh in the paint room. - save and exit. - open the same project again, "view" starting in sculpt room with the voxel obj. The voxel obj would have this strange mushroom issue.   So if i uncheck the problematic paint layer in the paint room, the voxel obj would appear to be normal again. What is going on?          
    • That is awesome. Didnt notice the thickness option when importing retopo obj. That is also a good trick for the fingers pants. Thanks for sharing your tips.
    • I tried rendering it using version 4.9.25. I tried with GL and DX versions. As soon as it gets to the end of the first frame it crashes. How would the mesh being corrupted mess up the rendering? Would there be a way to fix it or another way to render it? Sorry I'm still new to this program. I just tried using the render to youtube setting and while it is working so far, I need it to be in 1920 x 1080 which I'm unable to get it to do that way.
    • I am a distinguished and highly experienced industry voice. I am an eager learner and am always excited to write about new and trending topics, but my field of expertise is 2D animation, app development, emerging tech like AI, Big Data, and the field of outsourcing for businesses.
    • Hi If you be able to render other files... that mesh could be corrupted ? Try opening it on another app. If you like try latest version 4.9.25.
    • I'm having an issue where 3d coat crashes every time I try to render. It will get about halfway through the first frame of the turntable and then crash. I thought it was because I was on demo mode, but when I opened the fully registered version I'm still having this issue. I also thought it was my graphics card, but it turns out it's not that too. I am able to render other files and importing this file to the working files does not fix it. I really hope someone here knows how to fix this. I've attached an image with the error message.
    • That is strange. I tried it too - in Blender and Maya - and no seams were showing. I'm not even sure if you can isolate different UV sets like you can in Max; they just show up overlapping each other. That fbx does show the unwraps properly in 3D Coat, though I'm not sure why my export doesn't, and yet an obj does.
    • Try importing this version At import i found fbx and obj without seams marked.   orc.fbx
    • Here is another way. You could use the new improved cloth. Take the hand to retopo, make a retopo mesh around the sculpt then import that back to the sculpt room onto the hand. You can adjust the thickness on the fly to suit. You wouldnt really have to run much of a simulation and you could massage a few creases on to it . ( not actually tried this, but made a decent pair of trouser in about 15 minutes! which I suppose is like two giant fingers ha ha )