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  • Posts

    • Recent 4.8.36 pose tools not offer way to color weight  with line transportation  (gradiant color weight) If I set Transpose mode as "Line" , and  click  to set  1st point ,  now it work as select full (and color all mesh with 100%) with other option (Ring, sphere) work as same as before. So I think it seems new bug ,,  No,, I seems  miss use this option usage ^^;  it need to keep hold and draw line,,then it work. 
    • @tokikake What i found while experimenting: one way to detach generated surface is obviously right click on the first curve (which was selected  to apply the modifier) and choose Detach Curve Modifier under the submenu with the name of modifier. Another way is just to duplicate generated surface and duplicated one will be detached. So you can have attached surface, that you can tweak, and detached surface, that independent of any curves.

    • druhOo thanks yes I see, maybe most of users may think same thing when use this rich tools  I understand, current varieties offer many possibility already.At same time we sometimes need more simple option. Then " just bridge 2 curves and generate  poligon"  seems  simple and still useful. (I suppose  blender user may remember  B-surface add on  etc,, though it is for polgion modeling) The curve "attached" or  "de-attached"  process, actually a little difficult for me. I hope there will detail tutorial from official for user..  (how mix use each options correctly, eg, once generate meshes with one curve option, then generate next, or add another primitive, then return which I generate before (with use curve options), and change curve options. At current, I think tool options sometimes confuse me,  the options are used for which curve etc..  and I do not know, about curve meshes (which generate by these new tools)when it is confirmed. . or as default, it belong to curve, then when delete curve, they shold disappear ?   I see, when I change layer as S(surface) to V (voxel), curve are auto rde-atacched, then mesh free from curve,, but with keep "Surface"  I still not clear, how I de-atttach curve, but remein generate meshes,, etc..  At current I think,  we need to decide one guide curve to use these tools , then we can  change other options, (2nd guide, profile etc) .  I expect developer offer way to easy exchange guide curves  as you menitoned,  or we can not exchange "guide curve1"  to " gudie curve2, profile 1, etc,,) because we can not change attached curve. I feel. (or I  seems not understand still,,  how de-atached and atached, and re-use option setting,,) So these are  really rich tools,, then hope to play with turoiall videos  (and reall ythanks developer and 3d coat teams  offer new intereting tools)
    • Deleting the voxel layers didn't help. But I figured it out.  Its a bug for sure.  If I start deleting paint objects (hidden paint objects) it will disappear.  Its not even on the layer that gets deleted because if I delete that layer first, it doesn't disappear.  However, if I delete a retopo quad that is closest to the object (totally different layer) the object goes away.  Then if I put the quad back, it is still gone?  I'm thinking its a bug related to remove edge/ring that could happen under certain conditions.
    • Try to hide voxlayer too.  Could you share the project to take a look ?
    • Hi This issue was reported, you're right. 2 parallel uv seams lines dont mean that need to be stripes all time. Meantime select the stripe, and apply another Unwrap method.  
    • Thank you for enriching the content of this topic with your comments and knowledge!

      Exactly what you said about the Rooms being good for some users I had already commented on and I had already noticed.

      This separation of Rooms made the 3D-Coat community also separate.
      I can tell you the reason later.
      The separation of Rooms led people wanting a Room to become more developed than the other Room. And if a particular Room did not develop these people would not mind for the simple reason of not using the Room (tools and features).

      I've always seen people on youtube (and elsewhere) saying they prefer to use ZBrush to sculpt and detail their sculptures than to use 3D-Coat. All of these people's work will be done using ZBrush for their personal reasons.
      Therefore, 3D-Coat only served only to be used to complete the work of these people using the Retopo Room, and perhaps the Paint Room.

      What does that mean?
      That means if these people use ZBrush, those same people will not care if the Sculpt Room develops. But of course, the Retopo Room must have priority or another Room that completes that person's workflow.

      I know you are free to use any program that you think fits best in your project, but at the same time for the evolution of 3D-Coat as a whole becomes complicated.

      We know the power that 3D-Coat has in each room. And when you realize that if a single Mesh could have the benefits of every Room in your favor, you begin to reflect on the numerous opportunities for workflow techniques you could perform within 3D-Coat.
      When I talked about Blender and the freedom the user has to use all the tools and features of the program anytime he wanted, this changes the game completely! And honestly I would like the same thing to happen with 3D-Coat.
    • It looks like its a voxel object,  to delete it you will have to make a new voxel layer with nothing in it then click on the layer with the ball and delete that layer. You cant just delete that layer straight away because I think you always have to have at least one layer on the go. edit. mind you it doesnt seem to be made of any triangles looking at the bottom info line.
    • Hello, how can I make it work as older versions? It is doing stripes when I don't need to and I can't find where to stop this feature.    
    • Thank you! Sorry, it's true, it's difficult if I do not demonstrate with examples and also with my project that I'm doing at the moment.
      I will try to make a video regarding Boolean operations.
      I can assure you that the "non-uniform" red icon is not present. I'm always careful with this "red icone" because I know this always causes problems at the time of the sculpting and probably should cause problems with boolean operation as well.

      Generally, I work with millions of polygons (between 600 thousand - 28 million - maybe even more). I know the amount of polygons in a mesh influences the time it takes for 3D-Coat to perform the Boolean operation calculations and other functions found in the Menu / Geometry.

      I wonder if the performance on your computer is fast to perform these calculations?
      Because even knowing that the computer I work with is old (CPU: Intel Core i7-2600 3.40 GHz / MotherBoard: Asus P8P67 LE / Memory: 32 GB DDR3 / Video Card: NVidia GeForce GTX 970), I always suffer from the delay that takes a lot of time to complete the operations.
      My question is whether the reason for calculations to perform a certain operation on Surface Mode is because of my PC or because of 3D-Coat?
      I ask this because on that same computer when I use other programs (even working with millions of polygons) I do not suffer from the time delay in performing boolean operations and etc ... I do not have that kind of problem. In other programs it may take a while because of the millions of polygons, but in 3D-Coat takes much longer even.
    • Hmm, that doesn't seem to be the case.  You can see the paint objects on my screen shot; all of them are disabled.
    • I am shotting in the dark. May be you have a model on Paint Room ? Windwos > popups > Paint Objects Delete it if any.
    • I tried that.  I don't think its a point, its way bigger.
    • Hi, i am testing it If i create a curve, change the brush size and add a point on the curve, brush cursor change automatically to curve size brush.  
    • And one more thing. As I can understand, right now Swept modifier is "attached" to the guide curve and then you can choose a profile curve. Is it possible to choose not only the profile, but the guide curve too? So you can easily swap them. Or just to choose another guide.