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  • Posts

    • I had it OFF, I have also tried to activate it and it has happened again. Then this message appeared to start again. I have tried to reproduce it in the previous version 2021.83 Mac. (shade debug mode OFF and ON) Does not appear.  
    • It's news to me too after six years.
    • Hi Brenner, Up to now I haven't found a brush that equals the Inflate brush of Blender and ZBrush, but you can import the attached presets to get a range of custom brushes in your Presets palette. Be aware though: a lot of those presets don't work anymore because they're referring to obsolete brush types since 3DC 2021. If you happen to find a better Inflate alternative, please let me know. I haven't fully explored the presets myself. Thanks! Carlosan Presets.3dcpack 3DCoat All.preset
    • I'm also used to ZBrush multi-level subdivision modeling, but I do have to say that I generally like the freedom of a dynamic workflow more, whether it's through revoxelization (3DC Voxel mode, ZBrush Dynamesh, Blender Voxel Remesh) or dynamic topology (3DC Surface mode, ZBrush Sculptris Pro, Blender Dyntopo). One of the real advantages of multi-level subdivision modeling is fully maintaining the low-poly UV mapping.
    • You, sir, are a life saver. Thank you! I would still like to add other functions to Ctrl+Shift, but this is an insanely powerful tool to learn about after what.... 7 years or so since I first got 3D Coat? I'm throwing a little party here. Thanks again.
    • Obviously. But that's not the point. The point of using the traditional subdiv levels is to not use any kind of dynamic subdivisions. Some people might prefer to work with dynamic subdivs all the time, and that's okay... but sometimes all you need is the fast and straight forward workflow of the traditional subdiv levels... and the way 3dcoat tries to achieve that with proxies etc seems a little cumbersome imo...  But thanks anyways for the answers..
    • Hi Metin, thank you for your brush comparison. I have a question, do you know how to get an inflate brush that feels similar to Blender and Zbrush's inflate brush? The Expand brush doesn't feel similar and neither does the Clay/Draw brush. I've tried different things but I can't find any brush/setting that feels like how an inflate brush should feel (to me.)
    • ....Sorry for a few typos, by the way. 
    • 3DCoat is far less hassle is it's Proxy approach is more elegant than ZBrush's, in my opinion. Voxels don't care about your polygons (topology) and you never have to worry about topology when working with Voxels, or even in Surface Mode, because every brush has built-in dynamic subdivision. These two are the future of digital sculpting, because they solve problems traditional quad-based, subD sculpting inherently has, and they now offer a refined level of sculpting that matches ZBrush and Mudbox. Andrew is doing things in 3DCoat I never thought was possible...such as being able to use dynamic subdivision or booleans without losing Sculpt Layers, like you do in ZBrush. I never thought Voxel Brushes would be able to rival Surface brushes or offer the performance and nuanced control that Zbrush has...but Andrew is proving me wrong. Try them out and compare them fairly and objectively with similar brushes in Zbrush + use Proxy Mode to step down to different resolution levels. I think you will really like the workflow. 
    • It's no more convoluted than having to jump through all the hoops one has to in ZBrush, once you use Dynamesh or Sculptris Pro at any point. YOU LOSE YOUR SUBDIVISION LEVELS (and Sculpt Layers) IN ZBRUSH! In 3DCoat, you NEVERE lose it. You can simply step up or down to a lower resolution at any time. The user has a dynamic subdivision mesh and a voxel object, therefore the mesh/object changes it's topology/structure quite often. This is why the traditional SubD method don't work on these dynamic objects. Not in 3DCoat, and not in ZBrush, either.  
    • Hi, So finally got Windows 11 set up on my new rig so I've been out of the loop for a little while.  So I'm at SLACK chatting with a friend, she basically tells me she can't live without Substance Painter so after some hemming and hawing about it I give in and get a sub for it.  Well it's not as intuitive as one might think.  Baking is a nightmare if you don't know what your doing (raises hand) and setting up the various layers to get anything done is really confusing at times.  So I THINK I'm ready to dive back into 3DCoat but I'd rather stick with just the painting program "Textura" as that's all I really need.   Honestly, I'm not sure if setting up the model went sideways or what but if I'm going to get my head around all this I need help from someone that knows the ins and outs of importing in a model with UDIM's and getting the existing textures in and wondering if I use the baking tool will that generate normals, SSS and Bump maps from the Diffuse?  Supposedly I can do that in SP but I never got there and the Adobe forums for SP are .... just no one is helping there, it's like a deserted town there most of the time.  As someone that needs a community to help out I just can't put my faith in Adobe at this point, it's literally pointless.  So if this community is up for the task then I'll jump into the buying a copy of Textura and moving forward in this arena.   Please let me know if you work with humanoid figures and know how to set things up properly and can teach me to import, apply the textures and if baking can generate the needed "internal" maps like Normals.. et all. Thanks so much Richard   
    • @AbnRanger Thanks for sharing this video.. But unfortunately this is a very convoluted and complicated way of trying to do the same thing, hence my request... If the goal of this workflow is to mimic the traditional subdivision levels, then why not do it properly?
    • You can assign a hotkey to the Freeze brush (like F for example) by hovering over the tool and hitting the END key > make the assignment. Not only can you invoke it at any time with the hotkey, but you have Sticky Key Functionality, which can make it even more useful. Let's say you are using a Clay Brush and suddenly want to freeze mask an area around the eye...you can hold the assigned hotkey for the Freeze tool and paint that mask....let up when you are done an 3DCoat immediately switches back to the brush you were using.
    • can 3d coat set up a giving page or subscription to help with development costs... seeing as we get perpetual licenses and that money only goes so far... maybe if we all give 5 a month you could have enough to hire more staff and take the pressure off of the team
    • Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce RTX 3050 XC BLACK Review - TweakTown. Graphics Card: Overclockersclub checks out the new MSI RTX 3050 Gaming X (video). Headset: Jabra Elite 4 Active review - TechRadar. Headset: Monolith by Monoprice M1570C review - SoundGuys. Misc: Oura Ring 3 Review- A Missed Opportunity for Wearable Tech - The New York Times (may require registration or subscription). Motherboard: ASRock Z690 Extreme Intel LGA1700 Motherboard - OCinside. Motherboard: MSI X570S Carbon EK X Review- Carbon under Water - Tom's Hardware. SSD: Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus B47R 1TB SSD Review - PS5 Speed Test Debut - TweakTown.
    • Thank you.  I reached out today.
    • This question doesn't really matter anymore, as I've just discovered the Axial tool. Perhaps that's the successor to the Radial Array layer menu item?
    • Thank you !  this is exactly what i was trying to understand in addition to the previous videos  Will try that soon   
    • Bake Menu 3DC upon importing into the sculpt room does not automatically create a low polygon retopo mesh for baking. You either import one, autopo or create a low polygon retopo mesh by hand in the retopo room.  Once you have the retopo mesh completed in the retopo room, you create the uv seams. Then you unwrapped the model to create the uv set islands.  Next you choose the various baking methods. Your model will be baked to the paint room for texturing. Here is a video series, that will help you understand 3DC not only the baking and texturing part.  For now though start with video number 14...  This is about autopo. The next is manual retopo and he goes all the way through to baking, texturing and exporting. He does not cover importing of retopo meshes but I give you a tip about it at the bottom of this post.   The author here does not import the model but sculpts it in the sculpt room but the rest applies to you.  Over time you will learn what method of importing your model works for the current model you are working on.  Example of one Workflow: It is just an example that is all, as I said there are several methods. I have a hard surface high polygon model created in Blender and plus have the low polygon model of the same model created in Blender. I would import the high polygon model into surface mode, not voxel mode. Not explaining here about surface mode or the reason of using it in this example. Next I would import the low polygon model into the retopo room for my retopo mesh, then create my uv seams and uv set. Bake to the paint room to create the normal map details from the high polygon model in the sculpt room. Texture in the paint room and export. Source...  
    • @Carlosan @AbnRanger thanks guys  But i should have done that before i started. and i will next time.  i have already finished with the sculpting process,  Now I have 2 fbx, one low and one high, hot to bake high to low ? ty
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