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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! Sorry for my English. There is a problem when importing models (m4a1-s, ak47, Glock, etc.). Cannot draw on the model due to invisible elements. I read the forum (LINK) - they fixed it through Blender. How to do it? Without affecting UV or 3DCoat itself. Thx all <3
  2. Can anyone help? I used the stroke tool to make loops around the arm and waist, then drew intersecting lines. When I press enter nothing shows up around the arm. When I draw strokes on a flat surface, like the stomach, the polygons show up. A video and screenshots are below. I'm new to 3Dcoat, so my terminology probably is not perfect. comp-polygonsnotshowing.mp4
  3. Hi everyone! When I uvmap, sometimes certain meshes are doing this strange thing of having one or more polygons plain grey. They also don't show on the UV map islands! I've encountered this problem twice before: once, I solved it splitting a polygon that had several vertices in more, simpler polygons; and the other time it was a rectangle and I just couldn't get what was going wrong. I've no idea on why this is happening (in this specific case is also a triangle, so it's clearly not a matter of complexity) and I'm attaching a screenshot to show you the situation! Thank you for your support!
  4. Poly Remove sometimes fails to remove some polygons although they appear to be selected(sometimes it fails to select too). Cut Out while it usually works, I later found out was cutting not only forwards into the background, but also backwards behind the camera where I later noticed I'd damaged the mesh quite badly(I've tried playing with settings here but not had much luck). So far the best way I've found is to use freeze tool to select polygons and hide them, then "Geometry->Delete hidden" Is there a better way?
  5. I am looking for some help and advice on where to start to retopologize a model I have completed in 3D - Coat. I haven't tried Autopo just yet as I don't really fully understand the options and methods I should be using. Here is my model: Any advice on where to start when retopologizing this model would be appreciated. I don't know if there is quicker ways to do this, the model isn't all that complex either. I am hoping to get really clean topology for this model as it is going to be a previewer mesh for a game engine (as you might have guess from the logo in the middle of the model xD). Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm having trouble adding Polygons during Retopology. I created a .obj file in ZBrush, then imported it as a Reference Mesh for Retopology. Using the Points and Faces tool, I added points and successfully created a few Polygons. However, as soon as I turn on X-Symmetry, the Polygons disappear. I'm new to 3D Coat, so your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. My Setup: 4.0.04A trial (GL64) 2013 Macbook Pro, Quad Core, 16G RAM. OSX v 10.8.4 Rajnesh
  7. how would further reduce the poly-count of an already textured and retopoed mesh? its already quite low poly, but how can i make it even more low poly? can i perhaps do a kind of 2nd retopo? if so, how? ty
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