Appeal to the citizens of the Russian Federation


(This is an updated version, including mobilization in Russia, there is important information, please read to the end)


We mainly live and work in Ukraine, and most part of the team is in the city of Kyiv. On February 24 our country was attacked by Russia. It is an indisputable fact that a military act of aggression by Russia was committed against a sovereign state, which contradicts the constitution of Russia itself (Article 353). Peaceful cities are being bombed and many peaceful people are being killed. These facts cannot be disputed, this is what we see and hear. This war is not provoked by anything, from beginning to end based on lies from propagandists and officials of the Russian Federation. What kind of denazification can we talk about? Most of the team is Russian-speaking, Andrey Shpagin was born in Mariupol. And we have never encountered discrimination or humiliation against Russian speakers. Lies kill. There are no Nazis here. Free people live here who respect and love each other regardless of nationality or language. In this hour of danger, all of Ukraine has rallied, everyone supports each other and the government out of sincere conviction, and not out of fear. We are all categorically against any Russian influence on us, a dictatorial regime has been established in Russia, freedom of speech is completely absent, unprecedented repressions are being carried out against dissidents. Under no circumstances do we want to live in such a society.


This is a brutal, criminal war. It seems impossible that a war of conquest is being waged in the center of Europe in the 21st century. But it's happening right now. There is a bombardment of peaceful cities. Women, children, civilians are dying. Soldiers who did not attack the neighboring state are dying. They bombed the maternity hospital in Mariupol, where Andrei Shpagin was born. Everyone who supports, justifies, or tacitly agrees with Russia's actions in Ukraine is participating in these barbaric murders.

 We don't know how this war will end. Russia now controls one Ukrainian nuclear power plant. A huge risk is to conduct military operations near nuclear power plants. There may be a man-made disaster that will hit the whole of Europe.


You know that partial mobilization has been announced in Russia. In fact, it seems that no one knows how many people are being taken away. Why is it announced? If the losses of the Russian army, announced by Sergei Shoigu on the morning of September 21, amount to 5937 dead. Obviously, this is a lie. According to the official data of Ukraine, as of September 30, 2022, the total losses of the aggressor army in terms of those killed alone amount to 59,080 people. Apparently, the casualties are several times higher, that is, the total losses are apparently more than 150,000 people. This is one of the real reasons for mobilization. 


You can believe us or not, but somehow you must explain to yourself why the mobilization began. Why did the Russian troops leave the territory of the Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, and Poltava regions, and they were almost gone in the Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions? Why is this all happening? Here is a map of the fighting.


Deliveries of precision-guided weapons to Ukraine have only increased: HIMARS and 155-mm M982 Excalibur precision-guided projectiles. Not so long ago, Ukraine bought access to the ICEYE satellite, which uses Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology and sees equipment in all weather conditions. Data from this satellite began to be used quite recently. During the first two days of its work, the Russian troops lost more armored vehicles than the sum of the entire project. In addition, Ukraine is provided with intelligence by NATO countries with their satellites.


Thus, the number of victims and the rate of their increase will only grow. According to the statistics of this conflict, the cause of 95-97% of the losses is artillery fragments, and not bullet wounds. Many targets will be destroyed before approaching the front line. This is the war of the 21st century.


You or your friends can personally replenish the number of victims if they come to fight in Ukraine.


Watch this video by Russian Maxim Katz on how to avoid mobilization. If you were given a summons, just do not go to the military enlistment office - this is only administrative responsibility. Criminal liability comes after you have been assigned the status of a serviceman in the military registration and enlistment office. Read more here.



Perhaps you or your friends will find this document useful: How to surrender: a step-by-step guide for Russians and forcibly mobilized Ukrainians.


It describes not only how to surrender, but also how to evade mobilization.


Attention! For the military of the Russian Federation who want to surrender, there is a round-the-clock hotline of the Coordination Headquarters on the treatment of prisoners of war. The military themselves, as well as their relatives, can apply - +38 066 580 34 98 and +38 093 119 29 84 (round the clock). The information is also available in the Telegram chat bot “I want to live”.


Ukraine complies with the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War (if this were not the case, the West would not provide such a volume of military assistance).


We appeal to you: by all means, refrain from mobilizing yourself and dissuade your acquaintances (even prison is better than death or severe disability).


If you still got on the territory of Ukraine, it is better to surrender.



Of course, we will not sell 3DCoat in the Russian Federation until the end of the war and the settlement of the situation, as the whole civilized world does. We do not blame or judge the entire Russian people.  We simply do not want our software to be used to make money and then through taxes in Russia to finance the killing of our people and possibly killing of us. But we urge those who want to do this to honestly deal with this war. Do not believe the propaganda media, look for truthful information. Below is a list of resources that we offer you for your reference. Check everything you read or hear! Lies kill as much as guns! Tell the truth to your neighbors or friends, in the end, show your colleagues this page.




Maksim Kats




Telephone interceptions of the security service of Ukraine


Kalush Orchestra - Stefania


Юрий Шевчук, Дмитрий Емельянов — Родина, вернись домой


Press conference of Russian pilots, recognition of the bombing of peaceful cities


Anton Ptushkin - Where have I been these 8 years.




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