3DCoat 2021 Released!



Pilgway studio are happy to announce the long-awaited 3DCoat 2021 has been officially released! This next-gen version of 3DCoat features a huge amount of improvements and new tools, all to make 3DCoat a versatile professional toolset for the creation of 3D Art. 


3DCoat 2021 Key New Features include: 

  • New Brush Engine
  • Rich Curves Toolset
  • Low-poly Modeling
  • Smart Retopo
  • New GUI
  • Sculpt Layers


That’s not all the news we have, however. On top of 3DCoat 2021, Pilgway have also introduced a completely Free library of high-quality PBR Scans, Samples, Masks and Reliefs (of aprox 2500 files in total), downloadable in portions every month.


We also hope you will appreciate a completely redesigned website, providing ample information on all Pilgway’s product range, as well as Articles and Tutorials, detailed information on the Licensing Policies, Forums, Gallery, Questions & Answers and the new Store with improved functionality and expanded purchasing options, of course! 


The licensing policies on 3DCoat have been updated, as we have introduced dedicated licenses for Individual and Company customers, as well as new 3DCoat 2021 licenses for Universities and Students that are now available under special pricing and renting plans. Speaking about the Purchasing options, we’d like to draw your attention to a unique Rent-to-Own plan, where we offer the customers to buy their permanent license through renting and paying out the license by installments. This is a great way to get a permanent license without the need to pay a sizeable amount of money at once!


Last but not least, we encourage everyone who is not yet familiar with 3DCoat 2021 to download our fully functional 30-Day trial and test all the toolset for free. An interesting point to mention is the Unlimited Free Learning Mode we introduced in 3DCoat 2021 – once your 30-Day trial expires, you can continue practicing your 3DCoat free-of-charge, and you can even export your files with certain limitations FOR FREE! 


Those who already own a previous version of 3DCoat (V2-V4) are welcome to upgrade to 3DCoat 2021. With the upgrade you will receive 12 months of free program updates. 


We hope you will enjoy the new 3DCoat 2021. As always, you are welcome to leave your feedback about the program on our Forum or by dropping us a message to

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