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  1. i found my problem, this not because graphics driver or directx, it's a problem with graphics tablet, i don't know why, if i plug in my graphics tablet, 3dcoat not work, just close when start, but when i don't plug in my graphic tablet, it work again., my graphics tablet is genius i608
  2. i have same prolem with 3dcoat3.7, 3dcoat 3.5 is good
  3. this is my system: os: win7 64bit. cpu e6300 ram 4GB graphics card: radeon hd 4770. i installed 3dcoat 3.7.10a or 3dcoat 3.7. 08b, and nothing work. i just open 3dcoat and it auto close immediately, i can't use it, anybody can help me, thanks. sory for my english