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  1. Hello all, Although I have been using the Poser application for many years, I'm totally new to modelling applications. I'm hoping to use 3dc to help make morph targets in Poser, and perhaps eventually even model simple figures. I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem. I have the trial version of 3D Coat. I have a grouped obj that I exported from Poser 2012. I want to smooth parts on the mesh in 3dc. I import the obj into 3dc using the 'Reference Mesh' option. Here is the problem. When I apply the smoothing brush, the mesh tears apart at the group boundaries. Even if I use UV Mapper to assign all the mesh to one group, it still tears apart where the boundaries used to be. Presumably this is because those facets are not welded. If I weld the mesh, I can smooth it in 3dc, but it will no longer function as a morph in Poser. Is there a way I can use 3dc to smooth the mesh, and still end up with the same vertice count, winding order, and mesh groups? Please remember that I am new to all this, and need the steps spelled out.