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  1. EDIT: Ops, I wasn't sure if this was a bug report or a feature request - duplicate post. Hello there, When merging / voxelizing in perfect 90degrees angles then the surface created is perfect; however, just tilting the object a tiny bit in an axis creates very noisy and undesired surfaces. To demonstrate the problem, here is an image comparing a 90deg merge and a tilted merge: The way that I'm working right now is by making everything in 90deg angles then taking it into surface mode to distort it in different angles. It is a very cumbersome way of working and very limiting to what is possible to make. Perhaps you could look into it ?
  2. That happened to me as well, since i have several different versions of zbrush i just extracted to C:\zapplink\ and copied the files to zbrushXX\ZStartup\ZPlugs and it worked like a charm
  3. Combine volumes?

    Hello, this is one thing I've always wanted since I first saw 3D Coat, I have been off 3d coat a while and i'm hoping this feature has been added lately. Basically, I'd like to merge/combine two volumes while keeping the volumes seperate, is this possible? Example:
  4. Draw beard on face while on its own layer?

    For whatever reason I'm not allowed to see AbnRanger's posts on this tread, are the posts deleted or just hidden?
  5. Painting with an Object

    Hello, when selecting the On Pen tool all the transformations i made to it are lost, is it possible to keep/change the transformations with On Pen? thanks
  6. Draw beard on face while on its own layer?

    Hello, did you get an answer to this? I'm also wondering about the same thing! When merging into a new layer/instance/volume, it does not voxelize onto the main layer. and its driving me crazy Thanks for any help!