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  1. Thanks Carlosan for taking the trouble to ask in that thread.

    With the speed of blender development [and 3D Coat development!] I'm sure that soon all these sorts of things will be possible.

    I'm currently very encouraged about the speed increase Ive found using Blender cycles GPU rendering. As a result, I am shifting from Cinema4D towards Blender.

    But 3D Coat is my 'staple diet' for modelling/sculpting/texturing.

    Again, thanks for the help! :)

    And if you ever hear of this becoming possible - I'd love to know!!

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  2. It's not so much about seeing it correctly in the viewport, but about rendering the model in Cycles correctly - purely from the vertex colour info, possibly with gloss values etc, (possibly even from the new pbr shaders.) I'm just wondering how possible this is, or how far off it is, if it's not possible yet?

    What colour info is saved when you export the high poly sculpt model? Is any of the shader colour info saved, along side info that might be on vertex colour 'layers' that you deliberately paint with the brush?

    Am I making any sense? :)

  3. Does anyone know how to export your medium-high poly voxel/surface model with vertex colour info intact - and render this model within Blender, with as near to identical results as you would find in your 3D Coat viewport? [ PBR Materials/ Colors / bump info / gloss info etc etc ]


    This would be great if possible - in many situations I dont need to rig or animate a model, so low poly version is unnecessary - this would speed up modelling/painting/rendering process massively!

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  4. Does anyone know if it is possible to import a high poly voxel mesh WITH vertex paint into Cinema4D?

    I have tried without success so far.  Is it possible ? Are there any Cinema users out there that have done this successfully?  Vertex colour info on a model in C4d?


    I'm drawing a blank when I search on google as to how to do this?


    Help!  ....please.... :wacko:         :)    thanks :)