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  1. Can't figure out how to turn of camera rotation when you click near the edge of the view port. I've managed to turn the frame on the view port off but the the rotation when clicking near the edge is still present. Just trying to get more room to sculpt in and it hell annoying.
  2. Yes and no. It happens because of the type on shader applied to the mesh. Change the shader to a different type
  3. Figured it out. Skip to 5:40 to see the menu, then at the very bottom uncheck Display Nav Zone and change Navi Zone Width to 0.
  4. FYI this is what it does when you smooth
  5. Hi, trying to figure out how to stop tools from affecting both sides of the symmetry plane when your close to the symmetry plan. Example: Move tool. Say I've got two spheres close to the symmetry plane. I want to move/stretch the left edge of the right sphere, left towards the symmetry plane. But since the brush also goes over the opposite sphere it also affects it and the move tool essentially moves/stretches left and right at the same time due to the move tool and symmetry with nothing really happening.
  6. Thanks all. From the advice given I figured a good work around With symmetry off cut out one side with Cut Off tool. Do your sculpting Turn symmetry on Use Clone tool, select mesh and apply Done
  7. Didn't even see that. It fixed my mesh but not the issue i'm having with the tools and brushes. Thanks for the suggestion though