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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm currently considering buying an amateur licence but I want to know that if I purchase the licence can I use that licence on more than one device? For example, if I bought a new PC in the future would I have to purchase a new licence for that PC?
  2. Hello. I'm contemplating about buying an amateur license or zbrushcore. I spent almost the entire afternoon watching Michael Pavlovich showing core what it can and cannot do, and for a newbie, I'm not really missing anything yet from what I've seen so far. I do however know that with 3DC, I will get a complete package, from sculpting all the way to assigning materials and render. The latter two can also be done in core, but I assume it's more complete in 3DC, as it's an integral part of the package. The questions I have regarding the Amateur license: 1. for non-commercial use What exactly does this means? Does it mean, I can't export a model, put it in a game, and sell the game? Or is it even more strict as in, I can't render an image, put it in Photoshop, finish the image in there, and then sell the image (without the actual model)? 2. max 7 layers On what occasions could I need more than 7? It's nice to know where I'm kinda will be hitting that quota in the process. The question from a different angle: if I like to render an awesome image like those in the gallery, aside from skill, will I be able to with solely the (limitations) of the Amateur license? 3. Can you point me to art pieces in the gallery that were made within the technical boundaries of the Amateur license? It's nice to see where the bar is of the license. Thanks.