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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have a quick question that I am hoping to get some help with...does 3D Coat Textura automatically add gamma to exported images? I am looking for a way to keep a strictly Linear Workflow going into Unity, by keeping all my images with gamma not being applied (good for data files, like metalness/roughness, etc.), then I would add a post-processing at the very end to gamma correct everything. I am assuming a 16-bit/32-bit format like a Tiff or EXR would be best so the color gamut doesn't get clamped by 8-bit (prevents "Banding" in Linear workplace). If there is no option, or workaround, then I might just stick with TGA files and convert sRGB in Unity, or at least that is my thought process. If anyone has any ideas that would be much appreciated. I may also be thinking about this way too deep than what is actually needed. Thank You, Rudy Edit: I addition, my Preferences in Textura are set to use ACES Color Management, and the line above, the gamma correction is set to 1.00 for the red/green/blue channels. I am assuming then that Textura runs in a Linear mode already? However, in Unity, when I uncheck the sRGB Texture box to take the gamma conversion away, the texture becomes washed out. Trying to figure out where the issue may be - could be in Unity. (Project is set to Linear within Unity too.) Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I've read through many posts already made on this topic, but i'm struggling to find a definitive answer. Is it possible to paint and view in true sRGB space? Maybe there is a button i've not checked to make this happen? I've read about and tested : Textures > Adjust > Gamma correction - but sadly this is only a clever hack that crushes down the 1.0 Gamma, it doesn't allow me to work in Real-Time true sRGB / 2.2 Gamma space. For Gloss / Roughness / Specular textures true working sRGB space is very important to create an accurate read. Any info on this would most welcome, i'm a big fan of 3d coat, loved it from the first moment i started using it. Personally i don't want to move to the likes of Mari or Substance painter. Thanks for reading! Alex
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