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Found 5 results

  1. I've been trying out 3Dcoat today and have spent most of my time trawling through menus and forums lookng for a way to change the "invert" (subtract?) mode from holding "Ctrl" to holding "alt" like in zbrush. I thought that I was looking in the wrong place as it seems like everything else is customizable (which is great by the way) however I can't to find a way to change this one hotkey! I would love to give 3dcoat a proper go, to see if it would be a good addition into my workflow, but this one tiny thing is a bit of a dealbreaker unfortunately (thank you muscle memory ) any help would be appreciated! (also if it's not possible then I might have to go and submit a suggestion)
  2. There appears to be no way to invert the cutoff tool, except by pressing shift. However, that also makes it draw a perfect circle (if you're using a circle spline) and I would rather use an oblong, inverted cutoff. How do you do this?
  3. So, when I use 3D coat sometimes the topology keeps using the command "invert mirror" sometimes when I do something. Is there a way to fix this? Why does it happens? Any turn around the issue?
  4. Is there a way i can use one object as a sort of mask for another, I know the "subtract from" does this essentially, but I want to use one object as a selection tool to freeze an area of another. Also, Does 3dcoat have an invert selection function for the freeze tool?
  5. I was working on a character's lips and moving a reasonable amount of data when 3DC froze and for a split second. While 3DC was frozen I "zoomed" out, 3DC jumped backwards and my viewport cursor, Y movement and voxel space got inverted vertically. This has happened multiple times already on my computer it didnt bother me then since I was only testing around. It would be helpfull if somone knew a "bugfix". Thanks in advance and I'm sorry If I missed anything, First time posting. Oh the visuals wouldn't really mattern its just the inverted movement. ~Note" I didnt know how to show my cursor using the snipping tool to take my screenshot.
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