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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all.. mediocre texturerer here so somewhat on the amateur side.. As you can see the attached image is a part to a model I've downloaded. Its triangulated to which I've unwrapped it myself in 3ds Max, though when imported into 3D Coat & apply a preset texture, the curvature map, calculates every triangulated edge & not just the physical corner edges. I have considered retopology but then I'd have to re-unwrap again which is more time consuming.. Is retopology the only solution around this?.. Thanks in advance...
  2. So Im getting this weird issue. When I hit the subdivide button either through surface tools, commands, geometry menu or even below voxtree, my model gets subdivided but like if I imported a triangulated model so quads arent splited into 4 quads like it should and instead triangles are splited into several triangles. This is totally messing my model making it full of knots and vertex stars. The thing is that I never had this problem before and I have been working with 3D Coat quite for long time. I didnt change either update 3D Coat recently so I have no idea what have changed since the last time I used the application. I have though that maybe I have exported my model wrongly form 3D Max but thats not the case. The model have been exported to FBX and OBJ but that doesnt make any difference. In fact, if I subdivide the model through the import tool (both with normal and flat subdivision) it gets properly subdivided into quads. I have tried with older models that I have sculpted before and these arent working either. Am I missing something? Its there any option to control how 3DC subdivides the models that I coul have accidentally changed? I didnt include any screenshot as I find it irrelevant. I can tell that the same happens with the included models library too and that I am using 3DC 4.5.23. The models are, of course, in surface mode. Any help would be greatly apreciated, thanks.
  3. Hi, new meshing software for conversion of triangular mesh into quadrilateral (or quad-dominant) is available for free on www.topologica.org ArtMesh application is at the stage of beta testing now. Software uses another approach than RETOPO or similar. Resulting mesh's topology is not as good as after RETOPO but all hard edges are saved in mesh. OBJ files are used for input/output. Edges with splitted normals and edges between different groups and textures are saved after remeshing. The remesher was initially developed for engineering applications, so for some models result will be a bit unexpected. Images with input discrete geometry and resulting quad mesh are attached to the post. I am one of the developers of ArtMesh and I will try to answer any questions ... Thanks
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