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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I wrote a Blender Add-On to import materials exported from 3D Coat into Blender using the new Principled BSDF shader. Help me test it I updated the script to V 0.7 I just updated the script to V 0.7, it now supports Eevee in Blender V 2.8 (Blender Dev build, can be found here: https://builder.blender.org/download/ ) I used Windows 64 bit (not the new compiler one). I guess it should work with any of these. Since Blender 2.8 is still in development, I can't guarantee the Add-on to be working forever. Add-on download link: https://irrgeist.de/blender-3d-coat-pbr-import-add-on/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes: Metallic now connects to the correct slot Metttalic, Roughness and NMap are now set to Non-Color If AppLink is present, new toolbar option available (WIP, not working for now) It should now find .tga, .png and .bmp files. Make sure to give each map the same extension in 3D Coat. Don't mix it How to install Copy the script content and paste it into a new file, named '3dCoatPBRImporter.py' In Blender: Open File User Preferences ... Open the "Add-ons" tab Click on the "Install Add-on from File..." button at the bottom Choose the .py file Activate the newly added plugin (filter for 'coat' if you can't find it) How to use Export your model from 3D Coat like so: 'File' => 'Export Objects & Textures Check the following ONLY (and select the Blender Export Preset): Export Color Export Roughness Export Metalness Export Tangent Normal Map ExportAO ExportCurvature Screenshot: Make sure you use Cycles Renderer After installation you will find a new menu entry under 'File' => 'Import' => '3D Coat PBR material First select your object(s) you want to import the new material to. Then click the new menu entry. This will open a file explorer in Blender. Select the .OBJ or .FBX file. If all your textures/maps are in the same folder as your model (it should be, by default), then the plugin will create a new material for your selected object(s). That's it. It's beta. Let me know if you encounter any bugs. If so, post your Blender Console output here (Window => Toggle System Console => Execute the Add-on => mark all text in the console and RIGHT click to copy) Thanks to digman for the advice on how to setup the nodes. Regards, Haunted P.S. Updates will be posted in this thread. If there's a need and it seems to be stable, I will commit the Add-On to the official Blender Add-on page.
  2. I am trying to export a model and it's texture/material and import it to blender 2.79 and rebuild the material with Blender's new Principled BSDF shader. I exported the Model and Texture with File => Export Objects & Textures and got these files: model.obj model_diffuse.tga model_emissive.tga model_normal_map.tga model_reflection.tga model_roughness.tga This is how it looks like: And this is my Blender setup: I really don't know if it's corret and what to do with the green ones. This are my export settings:
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