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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am new here to the forums. I am really hoping someone may be able to help me. I created a model using Zbrush, it was of course high poly so I used auto-retopology in 3D coat because I thought it would be easiest. What became of it was a model with clean topology, but way too much of it! Way too many polys than are necessary. I could have easily chopped down on them had I done it myself. So anyway, I chose to stick with the auto topo and try to edit it by removing highly retopologized areas with a lot of polys like the arms and legs. But the model was initially so small when it was retopologized that when I zoom in too closely the polys start to disapear. And it is near impossible to do from a distance. So auto did not work, I did it myself using the strokes and quads tool. Very clean and low poly, looked perfect. BUT!!!!!!!! When I smooth it in Maya LT, the skin looks horrible, tons of dimply areas, not totally awful but not preferable. So I decided to keep a low poly look with the edges. And of course, what happens!? When I animate my character, because of the sharp edges, black faces sporadically apear. So now I have no choice but to smooth my mesh. I want it low poly but I cannot live with how horrible it looks after I smooth it. PS sorry for the change in font. Also I have already tried adding edge loops in maya where I want to retain the detailed edges but still the eye sockets are the biggest issue I have.