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Found 1 result

  1. ooky

    Full V4 Workflow Request

    Hi I've been watching tonnes of tutorials. The mouse one, the pirate one, and seemingly hundreds of others. But I still get pretty confused by the overall workflow. Is there a video that goes from: Voxels > retopo/Autopo .(both options would be handy) > UV > Paint > Export. If not, it would be amazing if someone fancied doing one. I think it's the main stumbling block for people migrating. A lot of tutorials spend too much time on people sculpting away, which is only so useful (there's tonnes of tool vids out there), and not enough time explaining the workflow and all the various options. It would also be useful to see how to use only parts of the pipeline, like bringing in sculpts from elsewhere and retopologising then exporting... Although I guess the overview vid could cover that. Here's an example of my confusion (which I admit exists on many levels) V4 may have changed this, but if you create a voxel sculpt, and you're going to do microvertex painting. Does that mean that once the mid-level mesh is created you've effectively finished with the voxel sculpt? So it would be best to roughly sculpt the form in voxels, then do all the detail on the mid-level mesh created for painting on? Any de-confusing advice welcome cheers Olly