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Found 1 result

  1. Bloodsong

    Fingerprints in the Clay

    okay, this is making me nuts. i'm sculpting along, doing fine. now look at the cheeks on this head. do you see all those little lumps, bumps, waves in the surface? i want all those GONE and for the cheeks to be SMOOTH. i have tried every flipping thing i can think of. i use the smooth (shift) on my move tool, which is usually subtle. it doesn't do crap. i use the smooth on my build tool, which usually does the trick to melt the voxels away. doesn't do crap. i use the actual smooth tool, which can be turned up to 700+ "depth" or strength or whatever... doesn't do ANYTHING. i use BIG brush, i use tiny brush, i sit there and brushbrushbrush for two minutes straight, in straight lines over the lumps, in circles around the lumps, long strokes, short strokes.... nothing gets rid of these lumps. now, i figure... okay, you retopo this thing, the mesh won't follow all the little dips and waves THAT closely. it'll come out smooth. (won't it??? haven't tried yet.) but looking at it is driving me nuts! i want to SEE smooth, not imagine that it is. what is the secret voodoo trick???