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ORTHOGRAPHIC and PERSPECTIVE projection...question

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...If I were to make a 3D Print of a Model I made in 3DCOAT,

which projection in 3DCOAT represents the way that model would actually look like

in "real" life as a physical Model you could hold in your hand?


I'm fairly certain it is the PERSPECTIVE projection, but not sure.


Not sure if things are somehow different when doing 3D printing of Models...


I just want to be sure which projection shows the Model as it would appear in "real" life.


Thanks for your help.   :)

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Perspective is more world-real as it gives a slight (or big) distorsions depending on focal length. You can change the focal length via FOV icon (it's on the right to zoom icon in navigation panel). I'm not sure about numeric meaning of it, but default value should +/- match the focal length on a human eye. so better stick with default (50) value of FOV in Perspective view :)


P.S. Size of the model also matters a bit. The smaller the model (1-2 inches) the bigger the distorsions would be with wider lenses (bigger FOV value in our case) if you are close enough to the subject.


Good Luck

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Thanks Daniel.    :)


PERSPECTIVE projection does seem the most natural.  


I notice ORTHOGRAPHIC is good for "getting you bearings" if need be.


I saw the FOV, but didn't really notice what it did.

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