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Just wanting to get the word out there that I've recently produced an animation kit that lets you create re-targetable Humanoid (Biped) animations inside of blender using Inverse Kinematics and easily convert them into Forward Kinematics on a Mecanim ready humanoid Avatar.


Depending on which engine you are working with, other engines also allow retargeting animations so it isn't strictly speaking limited to use with Unity, however it is designed for Unity as the primary engine with respect to compatibility.


It's currently being offered at a 50% off discount from the standard $30 price by entering the promo code FIRST2WEEKS, but this expires on the 17th October 2013 so I'm just putting the word out here before the discount period runs out for anyone who may want to grab it cheap.


For more information, please feel free to check it out over at the Unity forums :





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