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  1. Ah! I think I figured it out. I have to break the closed spline where I want to add the point(s) and extend one of the open ends, then I can close it again. I wish I could simply click on the spline while holding a key to add the point--that would be much easier.
  2. The manual and tutorial videos describe how to delete points from an Autopo stroke but can you also add points to a stroke? Specifically, a closed stroke? I've basically been deleting entire strokes and recreating them from scratch to sometimes add just a single point to the spline path, which of course is pretty inefficient. I was wondering if there was a hot key or some command I'm missing out on. Thanks in advance for any helpful info. G.
  3. Thanks for the video. I will watch it as soon as I finish posting this message. I was just dropping in to thank you for the suggestion because I tried the Spline Stroke tool on my character this morning and it seems to do exactly what I need. In fact, it's working much better than the Spline tool does, at least in this situation. G.
  4. Okay thanks! I'll check out Spline Stroke mode this evening. G,
  5. Yeah, confirmed. When I use the older build on a different computer, it works exactly as you describe. It's only acting weird with the beta here on my laptop. I'll do a few more tests to see if this is repeatable on other comptuers or if it only happens on my laptop. G.
  6. Okay, it seems to be working better now though it's still not fully right. I can insert points on some segments using LMB but not all segments. (Ignore the Shift Cntrl comment above--I think it was just a coincidence that it started working when I did this combo.) I'm not sure what's changed that's allowing me to do this much now--it just started happening. Strange that it's still being 'fussy' about which segments I can insert points in. At the moment, I'm just using a default sphere to test this with and getting this result. In other words, I'm not doing anything 'fancy'. Maybe it's a beta issue...will compare this on the other computer with the older build now. G.
  7. Using the latest beta, btw. I'll compare this to an older install I have on another computer.
  8. Thanks...that at least tells me how it should work. I managed to get a new point to insert on one segment of the spline but for some reason, I can't get it to do this on other segments of the spline. At least it's working...sort of. Also I have to hold down Shift and Control--then I will see a green highlight on the spline where it will let me insert a point, but this isn't happening consistently. Very strange because using this key combo apparently isn't how it's supposed to work. Will poke around this some more to see what I'm doing differently to make it work like you described. G.
  9. Hi, I've been working with the Spline tool in the Paint Room today and I want to insert a few points within an existing spline. On-screen help says "Use RMB to resize points, and to insert new points with an interpolated radius," but when I click on a segment of the spline using the RMB, a point is not created there. I also tried different modifer key combos but no luck so far. Thanks in advance for any useful tips. G.
  10. Thanks for working on the Hide/Unhide issues in the UV Room I was running into. I'm downloading the latest build now...will test it tonight. G.
  11. Can't do that but the object is a multilayer .lwo modeled in LightWave, otherwise nothing unusual about it. I'm noticing other weird things when using the HIde command while in the UV room, especially after disabling/enabling layers under Materials--3D Coat seems to get very confused about what's supposed to be hidden and seen. As mentioned previously, this only happens after using Subdivision on import. Straight import with Subdivision set to None appears to work fine. That was on the computer with the GTX 470--will check this on the other computer with the ATI later tonight. I guess it's good that nobody else is seeing this weirdness--maybe I just need to update my graphics drivers. G.
  12. Okay, I figured out the cause, at least in this case. When I import the object and use Set Subdivision, I get the crash in the UV room when using Hide. If I import the object with Subdivision set to None, Hide works fine in the UV Room. I guess this is a bug but at least I can finish working on the UV map now. Will try Hide in the UV room with different geometry later today to see if this crash is repeatable with other 'complex' objects. G.
  13. A little more info: apparently, this only happens here with certain geometry. No crashes when I use Hide for selections on simple meshes in the UV room, but I get repeatable crashes on a more complicated mesh I'm working with today. I'm not yet sure what it is about the mesh that causes the crash. I tried regressing to the stable version of 3DC but same results. Will post again if I figure out why this is happening with this mesh. G.
  14. I installed the latest beta today and I'm finding that when I try to use the Hide tool while in the UV room, 3D Coat will crash. I've been able to repeat this consistently and on two different computers, one with nvidia and the other with an ATI card. Running Windows 7 Pro x64 on both systems. Anybody else? G.
  15. Yes, never mind. Using the Pose tool, I set it to Object mode and it works as expected. I was just using the wrong tool.