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  1. Figured out a temporary solution. See the thead above for info.
  2. I updated to 16C...problem exists there too. Will post this into to the beta thread. G.
  3. Hi, Are the options in the Spherical Settings panel currently broken? I'm having a problem with changes made to the Pivot offset not sticking--the values keep reverting to 0. Changing any other parameters or options resets the Pivot position to 0 and simply closing the panel resets the position to 0. Here's more information about the problem: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=15859&p=106265 I tried this on two different computers and got the same results. I'm thinking of regressing to an earlier version of 3DC but I'm not sure which version to fall back to. I'm currently running with 3DC version 4.0.16, Windows 7. Thanks in advance for any helpful info. G.
  4. Thanks! This had been making me nuts for some time now because I've been using undo to remove them, and if I happen to miss one and moved on, it sometimes caused a problem for me later down the line. As far as I know (and I might be wrong) the instructions for removing the blue dots isn't in the manual--maybe it should be? It should at least be mentioned in the Retopo section or described in the hints for the Points / Faces tool. Just a thought. G.
  5. I'm running into this problem this week--there must be something about the 3DC TIFF file header that Photoshop does not like because I keep getting the 'Not the right type of document' warning. To be clear, this is for exported displacement maps. What I've been doing is opening the TIFFs in Fusion and resaving it using ZIP compression. (I'm using Fusion to preserve the high bit depth.) The result is a smaller file size and it opens in Photoshop just fine. Of course, using Fusion as a file conversion program isn't a practical solution for many users so hopefully this problem gets fixed. In the meantime, does anybody know of a free or cheap image conversion program that will do the above? Just looking for something that users who don't have Fusion can use. G.
  6. Hi, I've been using 3CC for a while now but I have what seems like a 'newbie' question anyway: How do I reduce existing specularity in a layer? I know there's a command in Adjustments to remove it entirely but I just want to reduce the strength of the effect, not remove it. Thanks in advance for any helpful info. G. Edit: I figured out a workaround: Export the spec map, reduce the intensity in Photoshop, and then import the altered image to the layer as a spec map. I don't know if this is official way to do this but it works. Still, it would be nice to have layer adjustment controls for spec from within 3DC so I could see the changes interactively. (If this feature exists, please tell!.)