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  1. I've used zBrush over the years and so I'm accustomed to some things I want to translate over to 3D Coat. One I want to learn is smoothing. I have tried various things, but can't get smoothing to actually remove (erase) like real clay would. What could I be doing wrong? Better yet, how can I get the best out of smoothing, so I can completely erase the sculpting or, if I want, to just touch it up with a little smoothing. I know this is maybe very basic, but I hope someone can give me an idea or two.
  2. Javis - Thanks for the idea about moving from 3DC to Modo! It's so simple and yet I hadn't thought about it. Cool! And I can't wait to see what's next in 3D Coat. My biggest problem is prioritizing time to just get to know 3D Coat.
  3. Here's the thing. I'll mention it, of course (today). But, Allegorithmic just announced Substance Painter, which will (in my guess of guesses) probably be integrated into Modo someday. Have you thought about that instead - a connection with Substance Designer or the upcoming Substance Painter?
  4. I understand. Business decisions take wisdom. As for Fori, I've never completely understood what he's doing being so isolated, etc. Messiah Studio is such a cool program and I see its potential. It even has a reworked Arnold renderer. GEEZ. The possibilities for animated film seems to possible. And yet he seems happy doing what he's doing. So, onto better possibilities. I still think the GroBoto guys and Andrew might be amazing together.
  5. @polyxo - Hey, I think you're right! However, it's possible Darrel and / or Boris together with Andrew could come up with even cooler stuff in 3D Coat, since Andrew's mind is already in that place of the power of boolean and dynamic tesselation and voxels. Really, I'm an amateur outside the realm of a true grasp of what might be done, but it seems logical enough to me that these three people together could do some amazing things.
  6. From what I've seen, the creators of GroBoto might change how we look at a lot of things from a modeling perspective. I've owned GroBoto from the beginning and have really appreciated the creativity. A step further in a practical sense, in my opinion (and others), and we could really have some actual fun. It'll be great, really.
  7. If it works, great and I'm really glad to hear this. But, I think we're about to see some drastic changes in 3D modeling as Boris and Darrel burst out onto the world with this beautiful way to model. I'm hoping 3D Coat will be in on it.
  8. I'm not sure this should go here, so please move it if it doesn't fit. I've been thinking how much a union between 3D Coat's creators and Mesh Fusion's creators would make a fabulous and hopeful dent in the world of 3D. Anyone here ever give thought to contacting Boris and Darrel at Braid Art to find out about infusing GroBoto ideas into the end product? Seems like a good idea to me, though technically I'm not sure. That said, I believe these three people - Andrew, Boris and Darrel have potential to revolutionize 3D like never before.
  9. AWESOME. Going to check the new videos out now!
  10. Some other observations about 3D Coat - the cost is better than zBrush, the community here seems overall great, the tools and interface are easier to understand and implement in 3D Coat than zBrush and many of the tools in 3D Coat are actually better. For example, autotopology works better than zMesher (for me, at least) and the 3D Coat painting tools are brilliant. I've actually compared Mari's painting tools and 3D Coat's painting tools (just for painting, mind you) and found 3D Coat's tools are just as useful in many aspects. Nothing to complain about, really, except most of us do not need to use the more expensive Mari. Mari is great, nevertheless. Another plus for 3D Coat is its excellent sculpting tools and use of voxels - it's very impressive. I like sculpting in zBrush, because I've done it for years and am accustomed to zBrush by way of practice. At the same time, 3D Coat is worth my time and I want to spend a lot more time learning it.
  11. Thanks Carlosan! I'll do this tonight!
  12. type in 8x? Where do I add more subdivision? And thanks!
  13. AGREED!
  14. I would like to make an ear on a male figure using voxels, but it seems like the mesh I'm working with is crumbly. What am I doing wrong?
  15. I'm a little slow on the draw here, but thank you so much for explaining. You've been very helpful over the months as I learn 3D Coat.