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  1. I'm not heavily stressing the latest build..but I don't seem to get crashes so far doing what I do In that sense it feels stable. on another topic: Is there any plan to bring back Antialiasing in new Render engine?
  2. 4.9.09 DX Ok, after further testing with CutOff tool and SoftBooleans I found out that if user define depth by picking from planes using "on plane" mesh corruption and holes are very rare. The issue really rises when user is selecting depth from "depth limit" slider in the E panel. Maybe "Depth limit" should be greyed out when softbooleans are active and "on plane" be activated by default.
  3. 4.9.08 DX/GL Still heavy corruption when using cutoff tool with Softbooleans,I'm not sure if it was under the critical fixes that were adressed so I'm reporting.
  4. still artifacts,holes and mesh corruption when using SoftBooleans with Cutoff tool. Super easy to reproduce just use circle a few times on default sphere. If you are unable to fix I would recommend not including this feature when you release the official build .
  5. Andrew,are you able to reproduce mesh corruption issues with cutoff tool+Soft booleans?
  6. Artifacts/holes issue with Cutoff tool + Soft Booleans, 4.9.01 DX not beta Holes and
  7. In both DX and GL builds I'm having a lot of atifacts,holes when using Soft Booleans and Cutoff tool. Especially when using it multiple times and having bevel subdivision level to anything but zero. It's easily reproducable using the E-panel circle and the Default 3Dcoat head bust. Im using the SL build,I will try the regular one and report. EDIT:same results in regular build.
  8. v4.8.40 SL Soft Booleans from voxtree rmb menu only works if user do booleans using the picker. It does not work using the booleans shortcut while draging volume layers (ctrl,shift ect..) and it does not work when selecting the volume in the list.Actually I thought it didn't work at all until I tried the picker. Btw its really,really cool...especially when combined with the VoxLayer tool and curves. Great addition.
  9. Andrew, there seeem to be extremely messy results when using soft booleans (and maybe booleans in general,I haven't tested) when user is not working on Layer 0. By messy I mean holes and heavy artifacting,remaining chunks of mesh ect... I don't think its necessary for Soft booleans to be compatible with sculpt layers but if it can generate problems when working on anything but layer 0 then it should work on Layer 0 by default. Im using latest SL build.
  10. Those are my sci-ifi brushes.:) Hope you like them. To use them using splines disable "Steady stroke".
  11. There is a gradient mode inside Fill tool. Linear ,Spherical and using custom points.
  12. it seems to only work with a limited amount of primitives (I haven't tested all of them) The button to access the Soft booleans parameters is the little box that looks like a checkbox and has nothing written on it.
  13. Ok,I managed to get Soft booleans working it seems it does not work with the Freeform Primitives and the one that are in the models tabs.only the other kinds. It's very powerfull and fun to use ,is there any plan to add this to all booleans ?(model tab,curves(mesh curves) or even general booleans from voxtree objects) .
  14. Andrew can you briefly explain how Soft booleans work? None of the parameters seems to have any effect when applying operations.Im just testing using default primitives. Also,I found source of camera jump when using Run brush along curve, the issue happens when user(like me) have set camera navigation to "Rotate around last draw point" or "rotate around custom point"
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