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  1. +colour spec would be very very usefull
  2. Emissive Materials in UDK looks like: usefull for mechanic things - about two year ago i created a prop object and the result with emessive map the two flashing lights ^^ yeah its can be animated as well
  3. agree, it also would be great as far i noticed the paint room do not get enough attention in the development because the most changes/updates or plus features for the voxel sculpting and impurve the over all stability. anyway i'm sure that the paint room also will get more focus soon
  4. 77 topic views and zero reply :/
  5. i would like to see the real time preview of "paint with splines" tool in painting room. Would be great as a tool option or something to see how its will be look like with the current profile settings,depth,width so on.. [currently i use]
  6. i'm a game artist and would like to create more complex&final materials by colored specular and gloss maybe reflection map in 3d coat of course