Basic principles of low poly modeling


3D modeling is the process of creating a 3D object with the help of various programs designed for it. 3D model consists of triangles that define the shape of the object. For easy operation, triangles are combined into squares. In the process of modeling 3D modeler using various functions and tools using squares (polygons) makes forms of any complexity (3D model).

There are so many modeling programs available, but we'll talk about low poly modeling in 3DCoat.

There are 2 main types of detailing a polygonal object: Low Poly, High Poly.

Low Poly is an object with a minimum number of polygons. They may not look very smooth, but they are well suited to projects with a real time renderer, such as games, as they require little video card resources.

High Poly models have no limit on the number of polygons. They look smooth and used in cartoons, movies, architectural visualization, concept art and more.



So, to start making low poly models you need an initial model. There is a Primitive tool for this.

In this series of GIFs we will show you the creation of not complicated low poly 3D model.



One of the very important modeling tools is Extrude. There are many variations of the extrude tool in the 3DCoat.

  • Extrude Faces
  • Extrude Vertex
  • Extrude Normal
  • Intrude
  • Shell



Symmetry is a very important and convenient tool. There are several types of symmetry this is:

  • x, y, z mirror
  • Radial symmetry
  • Radial mirror

On the gif you can see the work of Radial symmetry.

With this tool you can make complex objects very fast. When the object is ready you need to apply symmetry. To do this, in the Retopo - Apply Symmetry to all layers or Apply Symmetry to Current Layer



In many cases, it is first created the low poly model, and then a high poly model is created using the Subdivide and Relax function.

In order for the model to not deform after the application of the Subdivide and Relax tools and look correct, it is necessary to create its correct topology.

So on the model at all acute angles there should be at least 3 polygons so that after smoothing the angle remains as it was.

There is a tool like this for Bevel that splits edges. With the Split or Point Faces tool you can add new edges.


3DCoat has many different tools for creating Low Poly and High Poly 3D Models. You can also create a UV Map for the model right away in this program. To learn about all the tools you can try the program right now.

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