Functions in 3DCoat that you might not know about. Modeling


When working, it is very important to have a quick access to all the necessary tools. Hotkeys can help with that. 3DCoat has developed a convenient system for the hotkeys setup and use.

We will now describe some of the important hotkeys that you can use to speed up your workflow.

Space bar.



With this key you can call all the tools that are available and you do not need to select them in the left pane.

At the top of the "Space panel" you can also find the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, ... Just move the mouse where you need the tool to be and now you can access them using the appropriate keys on the keyboard.

Now simply press the combination: space and the number on which the tool stands to quickly select the tool.


The advantage of this method is that you can customize this panel as you like and quickly change the tools in it.



The Points/Faces tool is designed for retopology. Use that tool to conveniently create and modify polygons.

But it can also be useful when you do 3D modeling.

The following useful features make it particularly convenient: 

1. You can move vertices much easier.

Just hover your mouse over the landfill you want and drag it in any direction with the right mouse button. Depending on the position of the camera, the point will move. So you can quickly give the right shape to the models and modify them.

You can also move segments this way using the Tweak section tools.

2. You can add ring edges. To do this, simply hold down the CTRL key and the left mouse button and you will see a preview of the edges ring.

Therefore, this tool can perform several functions conveniently.


Selection is also a very important element of 3D modeling.

We will show some life hacks that will help you speed up the work at home.

If you select the edges and press the 'R' key, you select the edge circle as follows:



If you select the edges and press SHIFT, you can select as follows:



If you need to select a number of polygons, you can use the following way:



One of the advantages of 3DCoat is that you can do a lot of work in this program at once:

Texturing, Retopo, Modeling, UV Mapping, Sculpting and Rendering.

Use sculpting room to create complex shapes with voxels in a much faster way than with a polygonal method. Once you’re finished with your sculpting, you can import your shape into the Retopo room and retopologize it there. Do the retopology faster because you have the shape and proportions. All you have to do is to build a low-poly mesh.

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