3DCoat 2022 Officially Released!

Pilgway, the developers behind 3DCoat, are happy to announce the 2022 lineup of products, including the new 3DCoat 2022 and the updated 3DCoatTextura 2022. The new versions contain multiple innovative tools and performance improvements compared to the last year's release.

The list of the key new features includes:

  • Much Faster Voxel and Surface Sculpting to work with scenes of millions of triangles
  • Auto-Retopo Improved - Better quality for organic and hard-surface models
  • New Voxel Brush Engine Added - New paradigm with voxel brushes
  • New Alphas Collection - More convenient to create complex surfaces and reliefs
  • New Core API - Provides deep access to the 3DCoat's core at the full native C++ speed
  • Node System for Shaders Improved - Helps creating complex shaders and textures
  • Bevel Tool - A new tool to work with edges and corners on the model
  • New Curves Tools - New principles of low-poly modeling
  • Export .GLTF Format

See our official 2022 release video highlighting the key changes introduced:

As always, we provide a variety of flexible license purchasing options as well subscription plans for any type of customers - individuals, businesses, as well as students and Universities. The options include permanent license with 12 months the of free updates, industry-unique rent-to-own (for individuals), as well as monthly subscription and 1-year rent. Check out all the options available at our website's Store:

All 3DCoat 2021 owners can make a FREE upgrade to 3DCoat 2022.16. If you already have a valid 3DCoat V4 license, you can get it upgraded to 3DCoat 2022 via your account at our website

If you have no experience with 3DCoat or 3DCoatTextura yet, we encourage you to download our 30-day trials and check those out, it is free! Please, note that unlike in many other applications, your access to the program isn't blocked after the trial expires - you can continue practicing your 3DCoat in the Free Learning mode for as long as you wish!

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