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  1. 4.9.09 DX

    Ok, after further testing with CutOff tool and SoftBooleans I found out that if user define depth by picking from planes using "on plane" mesh corruption and holes are very rare.

    The issue really rises when user is selecting depth from "depth limit" slider in the E panel. Maybe "Depth limit" should be greyed out when softbooleans are active and "on plane" be activated by default.



  2. v4.8.40 SL 

    Soft Booleans from voxtree rmb menu only works if user do booleans using the picker. 

    It does not work using the booleans shortcut while draging volume  layers (ctrl,shift ect..)

    and it does not work when selecting the volume in the list.Actually I thought it didn't work at all until I tried the picker.

    Btw its really,really cool...especially when combined with the VoxLayer tool and curves. Great addition.


  3. Andrew, there seeem to be extremely messy results when using soft booleans (and maybe booleans in general,I haven't tested) when user is not working on Layer 0.

    By messy I mean holes and heavy artifacting,remaining chunks of mesh ect... I don't think its necessary for Soft booleans to be compatible with sculpt layers but if it can generate problems when working on anything but layer 0 then it should work on Layer 0 by default. Im using latest SL build.

  4. On 5/29/2019 at 2:21 PM, Skye said:

    I am using 4.8.37 and seems like the problem is occurring when selecting liveclay preset brush, in my case it was amScifi A,B and C. When switching to other live clay tool and switching back to live clay with same preset selected, issue is gone. But always occurring when going right away using preset and closed stroke.

    Those are my sci-ifi brushes.:) Hope you like them. To use them using splines disable "Steady stroke".

  5. Does anybody knows how the new Soft booleans mode in Primitive tool works? "Apply soft Booleans is checked but any of the Bevel parameters have no effects on applied operation(substract). Btw the soft Booleans button is really hidden it needs to be much more obvious,it looks like a checkbox but it's a button...and there is nothing written on it ;).  (im using latest SL beta build 4.8.39)

  6. 1 hour ago, AbnRanger said:

    1) If there is a low-poly mesh to "preserve vertex order and leave all quads," that is what the Retopo room + Conform Retopo Mesh is there for.

    The whole point of a triangulated mesh is to accommodate the conversion between voxels and surface mode, and of course integrate LiveClay. Yes, I know you are fully aware of this, and that is why I am puzzled to hear you make the same argument a ZBrush user (new to 3DCoat) would typically make.

    The fact that even ZBrush is also triangulating their meshes, now, with Sculptris mode, illustrates that this objection has little merit. Yes, you can reproject Sculptris Pro detail back onto the original quad mesh (not in every case, though) or get quads again by using Dynamesh, but these are still countermeasures...the same as "Conform Retopo Mesh" is. I fail to see why there is so much insistence on quads, when it doesn't afford any tangible benefit (that I can tell) over tri's, when sculpting. My guess is that people are just used to working with quads and thus working with all tris is a bit foreign to them. That doesn't mean quads are any better. In fact, in the earliest stages of a sculpt, they kind of look like garbage as you block out your forms.

    2) Again, UV's don't matter on the high poly sculpt. They matter on the low-poly retopo or baking target mesh. Importing the base model into the Retopo room (to conform to the sculpt) and Sculpt room, solves this issue.

    3) You and I both know that Proxy Meshes are a different approach to the same task. Again, it doesn't need to preserve topology. Does Dynamesh preserve topology? No, it doesn't. It trashes it. Yes, again, you can use countermeasures to get the detail back onto the original mesh, but if ZBrush is allowed to use countermeasures to solve the same issue, why isn't 3DCoat allowed to?

    We both know that what you are asking is for a total re-write of the Sculpt Workspace, and for what....a few minimal benefits, if any? I have a license of ZBrush, and I use it from time to time, so I'm not totally one-sided on this. I just don't see the advantages of trying to force all quads on Andrew. 3DCoat is just a different animal, and it has a different way of doing the same task.

    If you want to bake all your detail down to the original low poly quad mesh, you have a means to do that.

    If you want that original to conform to the sculpting changes, you have a means to do that.

    If you want to step down to lower levels of subdivision, you have a means to do that.

    If you want to preserve UV's, you have a means to do that.

    3DCoat does NOT need to do everything the ZBrush way in order to be "used in the Industry." The lack of Sculpt Layers and a Noise Generator (with a library of procedural noises) were/are the major hurdles to overcome, IMHO...not go all quads.

    lol no I never talked about going" all quads" I Im talking about importing a mesh to sculpt and preserve its original topology.

    For animation where you've decided you wanted tris and where you wanted quads is  important .

    By "used in the industry" I mean to sculpt layers to import  blendshapes and morphs in your animation software on your original rig.....you need to preserve vertex order to do that.

    Also conforming when changes are big IS a nightmare. (ex:poses with changed finger positions).

    As I first said the artistic/designing aspect of what sculpt layers are used for is very solid :). 



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  7. Wow,it really works well !!!  :)The "artistic" aspect of it for sculpting is solid but the "pipeline" aspect of what sculpt layers are mostly used in the industry even in 2018 is not usable right now because

    1) 3coat does not preserve vertex order and triangulate  the whole mesh on import in Surface mode

    2)it destroy UVS

    3)there is not way to go up and down subdivision levels (proxy mode changes topology we need basic up/down catmull subd)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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  8. 1 hour ago, mkdm said:

    Hi artman and thanks a lot for your suggestions!

    Just two more questions :

    1) When you say "decimated or degraded proxy mode (4x)" what do you mean ?
    Do you mean the "Downgrade volume" command accessible in the VoxTree ?

    Here's a video capture of 3D-Coat http://take.ms/DtepM
    Where is the "decimate" command ?

    2) How can I do this type of macro operations without stretching the topology ?
    Is it possible ? I have noticed, for example, that while in proxy mode, the Move tool does not have the "Remove stretching" option.
    That is, after doing the macro operation which is a good way to relax the streched area ?


    Thanks and have a nice day.

    - Marco (mkdm)

    1)Geometry menu-Proxy Method-Decimate 4X

    2)RemoveStretching is for building up your volume (in  my workflow it almost completely replace Voxel usage.)

    You dont need it to make macrochanges ,your 1.3 million poly sculpt can probably be posed/ tweaked alright unless your are planning some extreme changes like using the Move tool to stretch some giant appendage out of your character. Playing with proportions is not really destructive to details ...

  9. 1 hour ago, mkdm said:

    Hi Carlosan,

    and thanks a lot for your reply.

    I asked that questions because I'm wondering how can I handle a common situation that occurs during modelling in 3D-Coat :

    1) Start sculpting with low density voxel object

    2) Increase, when needed, the voxel density during the modelling process

    3) Transform the final voxel into a surface object. Let's say that the final voxel is about 1M triangles.

    4) Working in surface mode to add very detailed features to a restricted area of the object.
    Let's say that this restricted area covers about 1/10 of the entire object, and after using some live clay brush, it's composed by 300,000 triangles.
    So, the total amount of triangles of the whole object is about 1,300,000

    5) Now I need to transform the surface object into a voxel for some macro modifications.

    If I need to preserve the details present only in the small 1/10 portion of the entire object,
    I MUST work on a voxel object made by some millions of triangles, let's say 7-8 M,
    that is MUCH MUCH more  than I needed.

    Am I wrong with this thinking ?
    What is the correct way, if it exists, to tackle this problem ?



    - Marco (mkdm)

    Do your macro modifications in proxy mode...you will have access to all surface mode tools on a lower-resolution proxy model ,all your changes are gonna be transferred to your 1.3 mill mesh without loss of details in the Liveclay areas. Do not convert a Liveclay detailed models back to voxels.

    Voxels are to build the global form of your sculpt and do your booleans and stuff like that..(although you can do booleans in surface mode without altering your Liveclay detailing but generally SF mode booleans are more heavy calculation)

    What are the macro modifications you have in mind? Im pretty sure you can do them in SF mode, most voxels tools have SF/Liveclay counterparts...

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  10. Andrew would it be possible to have the Lamblight shader back in latest builds even tough it is a new shader system or is it vey hard to convert?

    New shaders are very good for texturing I think but I have a hard time making even one good shader for rendering unpainted sculpts.

    I tried various matcaps based on Lamblight or just fiddling around the clay and skin shaders to get the same look but it never really reach that look/finish.

    Lamblight looks very special with Light scattering when tweaked properly....





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  11. On 7/16/2016 at 7:13 PM, grfxman said:

    So I was wondering if these brushes are more current in the default install now. I'm asking because most of the posts seem to be from last year.

    Thanks in advance . :)

    actually the ones in the default install are mostly older...or seem mixed with older ones.I always remove them anyway as Im still using only the ones attached  here..

    I dont really need to update them for the same reasons DamStandard brush in Zb is the same since like 5 years.... 

    What I could do tough is make new ones for different purposes/effects but I do better work when not bouncing between a gazillion brushes and I dont really want to spend time making new ones as it was a pretty tedious process....what is truly missing is Fx brushes like cracks and stiches ect...and anyone can make those with a few good alphas and fiddling with spacing values...I just wanted to have good core brushes for flattening/polishing/blocking and sharpening.