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  1. artman's post in Downgraded volume not restoring fully was marked as the answer   
    no merging,cutting operations ect should ever be done in proxy mode.
    Proxy mode is mostly to use Pose tool or Move tool with larger brush radius(or other SF brushes) without the inherent slowdown associated with high polycounts and big brush radius.
    Im surprised the program even allowed you to try that actually....
  2. artman's post in Physically Based Rendering in 3DC? was marked as the answer   
    What is coming in 3Dcoat is not just PBR display/support but true pbr painting as well.
    The materials are just painted/projected multilayered ,multichannels stamps (that were called before "materials" in 3Dcoat)
    Additional channels and painting conditions were added to the old spec,Depth,Color you will be able to paint metalness channel and masks the same time .
    The exported maps (metalness,Glossness/rougness,Diffuse, normal) will replicate the same painted look in other pbr renderer/engine like 
    Unreal4 and Marmoset Toolbag2 ect...
  3. artman's post in [SOLVED] Applying Symmetry to a single Retopo group was marked as the answer   
    Use "Apply Symmetry to current Layer" Instead of "Apply Symmetry to all Layers".
    You should see both in retopo menu...unless you have a pretty old build of 3DCoat.