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  1. I get this error message when launching 3DCoat. "3Dcoat unable to write to the folder" I have tried all the solutions suggested in the message but I still get the error message and I can't save the app settings. I turned off onedrive and anti-virus software, but it did not help. Installing 3DCoat on different drives did not help neither. I have noticed that it works fine with V4.9.65, but latest V4.9.67 gives me this message. I tried 4.9.68, but it it did not help. I'm assuming something have changed between 4.9.65 and 67. I'm using latest version of Windows 10 (20H2) Thank you.
  2. Shunke

    Retopo room - move tool

    Thank you. Glad that it's not a bug. Yes, an option to switch the red dot on and off could have made more people happy.
  3. Shunke

    Retopo room - move tool

    When using move tool in retopo room, I think it used to show a red dot if it's merging verts when they get close to each others. I'm using 3D-COAT 4.7 now and it doesn't show me the red dot. I still works fine and merges the verts, but red dot was useful since it tells if it's merging the verts or not. Is this a bug? Or it has been changed some where in updates. Thank you.