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    Voxel Toolbox View

    Good news, I tried registering 3d Coat v3.7.18F this morning and it worked like a charm. Perhaps the 3d coat servers took a while to fully unregister my old license, or (more likely) I needed to reboot.
  2. JVin

    Voxel Toolbox View

    @digman I have no idea why the above image shows (demo) in the title bar. Usually 3d Coat (or at least v3.7.08B) says (demo) while it is opening, but then switches to say (educational). @carlosa Yes I am connected to the internet. Windows 7 even popped a window when I started 3d coat for the first time requesting that the program be allowed to pass through the firewall; to which I answered yes.
  3. JVin

    Voxel Toolbox View

    Thanks. Both 3.7.18H works, but now it won't let me activate the software. Every time I enter my key, and press "Ok", the program re-opens and complains about being in demo mode.
  4. JVin

    Voxel Toolbox View

    Sorry for the delay. I'm currently running version 3.7.08B. Where can I download the V4 beta?
  5. JVin

    Voxel Toolbox View

    Surprisingly, when I look at the screenshot .jpg's created along with the .3b's, the option for resizing the toolbox appears in the picture. However, I have still been unable to get it to show up within the software.
  6. JVin

    Preview Jpeg images work for you ?

    I've got simmilar problems with the ".jpg"s not showing properly (using Windows 7, x64, CUDA, Open GL) and I was wondering, how can I go about disabling this feature?
  7. JVin

    Voxel Toolbox View

    @carlosa Unfortunately I get the same issue on both of my computers whether using GL or Dx. Also, I just thought I'd mention I am currently running the x64 version (with CUDA) on my tower and the x64 version (non-Cuda) on my laptop.
  8. JVin

    Voxel Toolbox View

    @AbnRanger Thanks, but it didn't do the trick. Strangely enough, both my laptop and tower have this issue.
  9. JVin

    Moving 3D Coat Instalation

    Ok thanks! But to be on the safe side, I'll boot from my old drive and choose "Help">"Uninstall Liscence" first.
  10. JVin

    Voxel Toolbox View

    @Javis According to 3d Coat, I already have the latest version for my system. @stusutcliffe Sadly, enablng Beta Tools didn't seem to make the "view button" (what should be within the red border) show up. Any more ideas?
  11. Yesterday, I decided to make better use of my new (faster) drive by moving Windows 7 (along with my programs) onto it. For this, I used Acronis True image Home 2011. Everythying seemed to work great until I tried to launch 3D Coat (Student), at whichpoint, I was greeted by the following message: I still have my original windows drive atm, but I intend to format it and continue to use the new drive. How do I deactivate 3D Coat on my old drive, so that I can continue using it with my new(ish) setup? I intend to change in my laptop (with my other student 3D Coat install) in the next week or two, so any help woul be appreciated.
  12. JVin

    Voxel Toolbox View

    Ok so I bought the student (windows) version about a week ago and have been very happy with the software thus far. I'm not sure If this has already been asked or if I'm using the correct terminology, but here it goes. While I was re-arranging the interface in the Voxels room, I noticed that the view icon at the top of the toolbox (and beside the Brush pressure sub-menu) is missing. I have used the Mac version before (which does have this option), so I am curious why it isn't showing up. Any tips?