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  1. rendaridra

    [Solved] Files Don't Show Up

    th ank you for your help, but after much fiddling and searching I found that it was an actual permissions problem because it works when I open it as an administrator.
  2. rendaridra

    [Solved] Files Don't Show Up

    Yes I am using 4.8.25
  3. rendaridra

    [Solved] Files Don't Show Up

    Yes I get that option...and saving it to the desktop didn't work unfortunately
  4. rendaridra

    [Solved] Files Don't Show Up

    file > export > export selected objects
  5. When I save a file in 3b I am able to see the file and open it. When I export the file in any other format, it doesn't show up at all, not for 3d-coat or any other programme. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, reset the settings, and am using v. 4.8.23. I have searched the whole computer in case it saved elsewhere but this is not the case. I am at my wits end as I need to save files in obj and stl formats
  6. I have two problems. First one is as I add layers of paint to my model or even just paint for a long time, the screen and light effects become lighter and lighter until I can hardly see the colour of the paint on the object. Any ideas what is causing this? Ambient Occlusion - when I move the light sources or even the intensity, i cannot get the light in the right position over the object no matter how hard I try. Any tips for that? I am using the new beta version. thank you
  7. Thank you very much that worked. What causes this?
  8. I have been using the new beta with pbr support successfully however today when i try to do something in it, I cannot paint, I cannot sculpt. All that happens is it moves the model around like it does when you want to move the object. At one point the PBRs totally disappeared and were replaced by materials. I have uninstalled and installed it many times but just the same. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. rendaridra

    Error message every time

    Thank you turning it off in preferences worked...I have no idea how it got turned on but anyway thank you.
  10. I use version 4 with no problems but today every time I open a file, any file I keep getting Unable to compile shader shader:Custom.antique bronze/mcubes defines: compiling log: I have done three clean uninstalls and reinstalls and still nothing has cured it. I am running windows 7 x64. As I said it has worked fine until today.
  11. rendaridra

    How Do I Get Rid Of This Shininess

    Unfortunately turning off highlight makes no difference. And forgive my ignorance but in answer to the first poster, what settings are you talking about.
  12. I have recently started making my own shaders however, for some reason when making my own they always turn out be shiny or metallic in look even if they are matte shaders. Yet when I use similar shaders for other programmes like zbrush in 3d coat they come out looking as they should. I am at my wits end as to how I should make the shader look so that the programme processes it correctly and makes it matte etc. Any tips are most welcome. I enclose an image of a shader that comes out shiny and metallic for your reference when it should be matte