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  1. shedman1983

    3d coat fundamentals book

    I have been in contact with Andrew Shpagin (support@3d-coat.com) and he said There are no books about 3D-Coat because program evolves so quickly that any book will be not actual in 1 or 1.5 years I recommend you our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/PILGWAY3DCoat and tutorials section - http://3d-coat.com/tutorial/free-tutorial/ You may also use V4 manual - http://3d-coat.com/files/manual_4.0.pdf Hope this helps anyone looking for books
  2. shedman1983

    3d coat fundamentals book

    someone with a good reputation needs to make a request to Pilgway to make some or make some sort of petition on this site to have them made.
  3. shedman1983

    3d coat fundamentals book

    Hello Is there any 3d coat fundamentals book, I am using video tutorials at the moment, I find books one of the best ways to learn but I cannot find any to buy. can anyone help thanks
  4. shedman1983

    Qustions for importing to TF2

    thanks, i will have a look
  5. shedman1983

    retopology - edge faces

    To anyone else having this problem, try starting the program in a different setting, the settings: 3D-Coat DirectX 3D-Coat OpenGL CUBA 3D-Coat DirectX CUBA 3D-Coat 64 bit OpenGL 3D-Coat 64 bit DirectX 3D-Coat 64 bit OpenGL CUBA 3D-Coat 64 bit DirectX CUBA i was using a 3D-Coat 64 bit DirectX bit but i tryed 3D-Coat DirectX and i works. if you are using steam you may have to go into the steam LIBRARY and right click on on the program to get the settings options hope this is helpful
  6. shedman1983

    Saw something about upgrades on Steam forums?

    hello i have the upgrade but it is just the latest version of the software, it does not transfer the builtin importing tools for TF2 and is not part of steam at the moment, i hope they fix this problem when and if it is upgraded on steam. hope this helped
  7. shedman1983

    Qustions for importing to TF2

    yes the function for importing into TF2 is in 3.7 paint room but i downloaded it from steam, i belive that is the reason it built in thanks for information, i will be testing assets asap but i still need to learn a bit more on how to use 3D Coat before that happens
  8. shedman1983

    Qustions for importing to TF2

    hello all I got 3D coat with the intention of creating assets/weapons for TF2 and for other projects, I had a problem with retopology in 3.7 the version i got with steam which was resolved by upgrading to version 4.0 but all the functions for testing an importing into TF2 are in 3.7, is there a was to transfer the testing and installation function to 4.0 or is it possible for me to create what assets i want in 4.0 and then transfer them to 3.7 to get them installed into TF2, if i can do this what file types should i use for my models and texture files? I also what to create weapons for TF2 but i am not a programmer, is this function built into 3D Coat or do i need to use another program? thank you for your time
  9. shedman1983

    retopology - edge faces

    Big thank you, it works
  10. shedman1983

    retopology - edge faces

    Hello all Im new to 3D Coat but have been using 3DS Max for several years, so i have a good understanding of 3D. I can not see the edges faces in retopology on any model i have made so far, "see attached image" Im thinking it something as simple as a setting i have missed or pressed/clicked by mistake, Can anyone help me fix this problem so i can get back to studying the program. Thank you for your time
  11. shedman1983

    3D-Coat From Scratch (Video Training)

    Nice tutorials