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  1. what about the import to 3ds max? howw to import the texture so it will look the same as in 3d coat?
  2. P.S about last picture, on final render we can see slight mud texture on the top but still this is not even near enough to 3d coat look Thank you
  3. Alraight so for example I created very easy model 1. Sculpted it 2. Did the retopo to reduce the poly count There is question straight away, how to do the proper baking and why such cracks ( image N3 ) appear??? 3. Than after baking I paint the textures Question is, do I have to do local oclusion second time from texture menu as it seems that the one which 3d coat does when it does baking is not enough to apply smart material in paint room. So should i keep both of the layers in that case ( of local oclusion)? Should i even try to calculate oclussion while doing baking process? ( photo N4 ) Because we can see big difference between photo N4 and N5 where in N4 both oclussions from baking and texture menu were calculated, but in photo N5 only while baking. 4. With smart materials i create mud like texture which we can see on photo N6 on horns ( excuse my english and knowledge i am not sure how to call this kind of map ) So question is how to import it to another 3d software, 3ds max in my case so it will look exactly like in 3d coat, because as we can see on last photo when i render the 3d model it lacks the texture and only transfares colour ( i tried to use applink v1.7 and normal method but I don"t understand what do I miss up ) Thanks for response .
  4. Hi guys I really had an idea of creating something for Dota 2 workshop and I decided on a courier. I am familiar with softwares like 3ds max and 3d coat but I am a casual user and i don't understand some parts to do it till the end. Q1: How should character look? Should i split the parts of body of courier (legs, hands etc...) or I keep it as one part? Q2: What is the workflow? Dota 2 courier asks for max 3000 polygons model which is very low. I just don't understand how can you keep the details of the courier, but guys on workshop somehow does. When i try to retopo my high poly model into fewer polygons i just can't menage the details. Q3: I know that you somehow have to apply texture from high poly to low poly mesh but I don't understand how and there is not enough information online? Q4: I want to export model from 3d coat to 3ds max to animate, but when I do that materials dont apeear to be right, how to adjust it inside? I hope you guys can help and others who has similar ideas to create something for workshop can learn, feel free to send any links that might help, but personally I didn't find any real source of info that really explains everything step by step ( for dummies ) Thanks a lot!!!
  5. Извините не импортировать а экспортировать.
  6. Я значит сделал модель, разукрасил её все дела и теперь хочу перенести в cinema 4d r14 чтобы сделать анимацию и рендер. Но при переносе сама модель переносится а цвет нет. Что я делаю не так? Как закрепить текстуру на модели? Или там с UV map что-то сделать надо? Помогите пожалуйста!
  7. Hello, i bought 3d coat v4 on steam and i wanted to connect it with applink to my Cheetah 3d. But i found that my 3d coat is only for windows system but my cheetah 3d is only for mac ios. So what are the problem with steam?? Why there are no mac version of 3DC on steam and when it will be relesed??? And also i wanted to know is it possible to use my product key of steam of 3DC to use it to download version for mac, without steam?