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  1. Hi,


    I found 2 threads here about installing 3dpacks, tried and tried and tried :) But it looks like as 100% newbie I'm missing something. I run V4 -O15B last version.

    - Downloaded the 21 3d packs (brushes, masks, materials, shaders and other)
    - Run 3Dc-> File -> Install extension -> select one 3dpack in my downloads -> Exit/quit->   21 times
    - Click everywhere I can in the little arrow in the top right corner -> folder : Nothing new.(see pic attached)

    I noticed that when 3Dc has been authorized, then 2 folders have created in /users/My name:   3D- coat V4 and 3D- coat V3.
    The size of these folders is bigger after installing the 3dpacks so obviously something happened :) 
    I tried to locate some files by name research, "Tinker" for instance and only found the 3dpack


    Any help is very welcomed



    I run a Mac pro 2008. The undo shortcut has no effect here  ( CMD +Z   or CTRL +Z).  The redo shortcuts works fine and both using file menu
    Same issue with Shift +A and Shift +Z for "Frame " and "Focus on pen"


    My mac 2008 is intel xeon 8 cores, 32 Go ram with an..ATI Radeon HD 5870 (No cuda there if I'm not wrong). The ATI replaced a Nvidia GTX285 still here in a box.
    Should i have the Nvidia back or is this ok with ATI ?

    Thank you for your help.

    i am very impressed  by 3Dcoat, all its ressources, tuto, wiki etc... Very happy to be here :)

  2. Hi all,

    My name is Marc Saunier and I live in Provence, south of France. 
    My road to 3Dcoat started when I wanted to put some image of my music. 2D and then 3D, mainly with Vue/poser/Daz to slowly come to the idea of creating my own models.
    I am 52, have two daughters, a former wife since 14 years. I'm a newbie at sculpting. Tried sculptris and just discovered that I loved to "sculpt", had a look a Zbrush which looks great indeed and fortunately talked to a 3Dcoat/Vue user friend of mine. That's how I heard about it. Installed the trial version, tried and here i am.